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Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Workshop taught me about all the options I have for studying in different countries. I really want to look into to studying abroad and this workshop helped me learn about what it entails.

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Gallery Tour

The gallery tour was a nice experience but I was very upset with how it was organized.  I went the week before and it was too crowded so I left.  The next week, I went back and had to wait over 40 minutes for my tour.  I liked the tour overall, but I think it needs to be organized differently.

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Academic Enrichment

On October 20, I went the Using and Evaluating the Web workshop for Research. It was at the Library. The librarian was the presenter. He took about using Google and how to use it for research papers. He said the most reliable sources tend to end with .edu or .gov. Those sites have the most accurate information. Using quotation marks and key words and phrases, using Google made it easier to find information on the internet. This information was very helpful with my English research paper. I hand the librarian my book to sign and he said someone signed in for academic enrichment. Apparently, the lady from the student service fair signed in the wrong spot. He signed it anyway and told me not to worry about it. Hopefully, this mishap determine if I pass freshmen seminar or not.

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Personal Enrichment

On November 13, I went to the Mediating and Resolving Conflicts workshop. It was pretty crowded because some people didn’t sign up for that workshop. Luckily, I did. I learned that most conflicts start because people don’t listen to each other and are unwilling to accept other people’s opinions. The answer would be to have an open mind about a person’s belief. In addition, I learned men are always wrong and women are always right

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Stress and Anxiety Reduction

On November 13th I attended this workshop  expecting to hear a bunch of things about how college is stressful and that it is very had to manage the workload as a freshman in college.  What I in fact learned from this workshop is how to deal with these stresses.  They taught me how to reduce my stress levels when I am feeling overworked or just stressed out about school.  I thought that this workshop was one of the more helpful as it taught something that I will use when I am stressed over my amounts of work or tests in school.

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Gallery Tour Mercedes Matter

On December 1, I went on the Gallery Tour. The tour guide showed us painting that Mercedes created. She is a unconventional artist. One of painting, the tour guide said there were red apples but I looked to me as if they were just red rectangles. Her paintings remind me of kids drawing outside the lines. The tour was very informative.

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Blood Drive

On December 2, I participated in the Holiday Blood Drive. It was in the Multi- Purpose Room. They gave me a form  and told me to check off everything relating to my medical history. When I was done with the form, they checked my blood pressure. When I was cleared to give blood, I sit there and waited. They inserted a big needle into my arm. After donating blood, they gave me cookies and apple juice.

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Freshman Reception

On September 17th I attended the Freshman Reception workshop because I had received a postcard in the mail the previous day inviting me.  This workshop ended up being overcrowded and unhelpful to me.  All of the things discussed at this workshop such as the requirements of how to get into Zicklin and the other schools, I felt as if I had heard before or could hear somewhere else with much less distraction.  However, I thought that this workshop was a good opportunity to meet new people and discuss our new lives as students at Baruch with other people who are in the same position as me.

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Study Abroad Fair

On September 17th I attended the study abroad fair in the multipurpose room in the NVC. I attended this workshop because I have always been curious about studying abroad and I didnt know much about how the process works or where to go. This workshop brought in many different schools from abroad to promote their programs and it helped me decided that I might possibly want to study abroad one semester in London. This workshop was informative as well as helpful to anybody with questions about studying abroad.

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The Nature of Photograph and Landscapes

In October, I had the attended the The Nature of Photograph and Landscapes Workshop. I liked this workshop because I have a special interest for photos and natural scenes. The workshop did seem a little biased and trying to force into an arts major which is particuarly out of place since we go to a college primarily for business. But the workshop was good one. As I entered the workshop, there were pictures of landscapes all over the walls. These were well done pictures and not just random pictures taken of landscapes.  I could see the effort put into them to makes picture so interesting. Even though my interest of photography has died since I started my hobby, this workshop defintely boosted my interest in photography as well as landscape.

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