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Perspective on Immigration (December 1st @ 4 – 5pm)

This workshop was about immigration in 2009-2010 held in VC 8-210. It talked about various types of immigration such as Mexico and Asia. They told us about various immigration laws and the national quotas set on various countries and what it is like for people and the hardships they go through. We saw a timeline of the various events and situations of immigration to the US.

At first I was not excited about going to this workshop because I was afraid that it would be really boring, but I soon learned that it was quite exciting and interesting to learn all these new facts. I know how difficult it can be to bring family over from another country, and how long the process can be.

This workshop took me out of my comfort zone. Normally I would not appreciate workshops like this but because I could relate to it through friends and family in similar situations, I felt like it made me more interested in it. I would reccomend people to go to this workshop and experience it. You make believe it is another boring history lesson, but I can honestly saw that I haven’t ever learned about this in a classroom.

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Does anyone know where we can check our grades for the MTH2207 final? I got an e-mail from him saying it’s posted, but I don’t know where. It’s not on Blackboard. :/

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Library Workshop

One of the greatest aspects of Baruch that I discovered has to be it colossal library. Therefore, I decided to take a library workshop (9/17) to take advantage of all the resources the library has to offer. A librarian led the workshop. I derived a lot of verbatim from the librarian about the Baruch Library Website. Fascinatingly, the website is extremely organized and valuable. I discovered that you can access thousands of databases which are essential to composing a good research paper. When I majored in Social Science Research in Brooklyn Tech, it was extremely difficult to perform research due to the limited amount of databases I had access to. Another interesting aspect of the website is that you can engage in a live chat session with a librarian. Therefore, you can instantly resolve any questions or concerns. The librarian also informed us about the book system. You can actually borrow books from other CUNY libraries and renew or request books online. The library workshop concentrated mostly on the Baruch Library website. The librarian mentioned little about borrowing textbooks and laptops. However, these services are self-explanatory. In conclusion, the workshop is perfectly recommendable since a majority of Baruch students must compose a research paper in later classes.

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I never really understood the idea of sharing blood. It always seemed like some sort of Satanic thing to do. Also i didn’t even know my blood type. I believe I’m a type B but nothing is confirmed. This blood drive was no different from any other blood drive that i have seen. They take alot of your blood and tell you to eat a bagel to make up for it. I don’t think i will ever donate my blood unless it’s for a family member.

My old school host several of these a year. They asked all the good questions like STDs? Homo-sexual activities?  if i were the recipient i want the blood i get to be CLEAN. remember, your blood might save someone else’s life

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Art’s Gallery

Art’s at baruch. What art? Oh, the Sidney Mishkin gallery. Now that was art. I had no idea angry splotches of semi-controlled lines of colored paint could be art. In the beginning it was fine but as the years progressed, the art got more and more abstract. It was something about portraying still life yet at the same time trying to make it abstract. the reason for this is because Photography made still life paintings obsolete. If you are interested in the paintings i saw, google Mercedes Matter. I got a nice post card with a painting on it for going.

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Arts at Baruch

This was the most argumentative workshop I ever attended.  Throughout the entire workshop my friend and I argued over what each picture meant.  This was only because the artists wanted the audience to interpret their paintings.  First I would like to say that the Mishkin gallery is really hard to find.  Second, I would like to say that the tour was horrible. The presenter who walked us through the tour talked too much and rushed through everything.  Even though she rushed through it, the lines were rediculously long.  As a person who loves art I would say this was a disppoinment.  I wish I could have had time to move through the gallery at my own pace.  Maybe the workshop should of been at the Museum of Modern Art.

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Global-Community Awareness

Although I attended another global awareness workshop, I decided to give blood also.  The only reason I decided to give blood was because in high school I always helped run the blood drives.  In order to give blood you have to weigh more than 110 pounds, high iron count, and not a high blood pressure.  Before you are able to give blood they give you hemoglobin test. My results was 10 and in order to give blood it has to be between 9 and 15.  I was a little nervous before they stuck the needle in because I saw how much blood they needed to take out.  But as soon as they started to draw blood I wasn’t nervous anymore.  When everything was over I got cookies and Juice which was good.  The best part of the blood drive was not fainting.  People who are afraid to give blood need to suck it up and just do it because you can save 3 lives.

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Career Exploration

I attended a very informative and helpful workshop for career exploration.  Resume writing workshop is definitely what every college person should Attend.  I never wrote a resume before so everything I learned was definitely important.  I learned certain information such as how to list experiences, previous jobs, education, gpa, extracurricular activities, and community service.  I also learned that the most important part of a resume is the cover letter.  The cover letter allows the employer to get a personal feel for the candidate.  I never made a resume for a job before so I exuded to make one just in case I ever need it.  They told us that it is good to always update our resume everytime we do community service or at the end of every semester.  My resume skills are great!

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Academic Advisement: Student Services Fair

This took place on October 13th of 2009 from 12:30 to 2:30 and in VC 1-107 (Multipurpose Room)  and fulfilled the Student Life Requirement. It consisted of a bunch of desks, each with its own subject/department. I visited the Study Abroad, Financial Aid, Academic Advisement, and 7 others. For the study abroad one, I found it very interesting that I could opt to study in Odesa or Israel if I will want to.  For the financial aid, I realized that I needed at least 24to 30 credits to get financial aid, but that a 4.0 wasn’t necessary so that’s definitely good news. =) Also, I got a bunch of sheets from the Academic Advisement section that advised me what courses to take, but it was helpful since I hadn’t yet visited the fifth floor office at the time and so it helped me see what courses I could (and which I had to) take in the future. I was also curious about the option of taking classes in another college (viz. Brooklyn College) and was glad to find that it wasn’t that hard (though of course an ePermit) is still necessary. I was not so interested in the others, but that’s because I don’t feel like I would join any teams in Baruch or would need other services. The fair was very informative though and even though it was way too crowded I would recommend it to others. I can’t say if it was inside or outside my comfort zone because it wasn’t that type of workshop, but it was definitely worth the time.

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Strategic Reading with the Writing Center

This was an academic enrichment workshop, but I’m hoping that it will count as a Personal Enrichment one for me because it’s my second in the category. I took place on October 20th (2009 obviously) in VC 3-190 from 1 to 2 PM. At first, I thought that it would be boring, but it turned out to be rather enlightening. The subject was Strategic Reading and it definitely highlighted points to think about when reading something rather than just read it head-on. The second question one must ask him or herself before reading something is why they are reading it (that is, “I will read this text in order to…”) — the purpose. The first is “What am I reading.” The what, where, and when of the text perhaps. Together these two, the subject of the reading and the reader’s prupose make the “How” of reading it or, put otherwise, determine how one reads the text. However, the workshop taught much more than this. One must also consider who the authors of the piece are and their purpose in writing it. Are they writing it purely factually or perhaps to persuade. Also what is the intended readership of the text — what kind of audience that they are trying to reach. It was a comfortable setting with only four students present and we were each given a different article to read and answer questions based on it. Then we discussed it. The professor also brought up different things to look at to get a sense of the piece without actually having to read the piece itself — namely, the Title, author (as mentioned), abstract, introduction, short biographical information, summary on the back (if present), etc. This was also, like most of my other workshops, outside of my comfort zone, but I would nonetheless recommend it to others because it was relatively short, but very educating and thought-provoking.

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