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Impression Management Workshop

On November 5th I attended an Impression Management Workshop with two other classmates. The man speaking interacted with the present students which I found useful to keep the audience attentive. He went on to elaborate on how to present yourself at job interviews including clothing, introductions and speech. I found it kind of ironic that I was in an impression workshop while wearing my PJs. I see no problem with this as I was not attempting to impress anyone. ^_^

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Mercedes Matter: Art Gallery Tour

I attended Mercedes Matter: Art Gallery Tour at the Mishkin Art Gallery at 22nd street. There was limited entrance and so had to wait until the session afterward. Upon entering we were told to sit on the floor as the woman told us history behind the artwork and the artist. The lecture consisted of informing us of her art as her life went through different stages. As her emotions changed so did her abstract pieces of art, becoming more chaotic. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the exhibit as I prefer observing artworks on my own and seeing it in my own perspective.

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Ok I cut it close but here is my last blog… for personal enrichment. It by far was the most helpful workshop because it discussed time management. It helped me to look at things and prioritize them accordingly. It helped me because I am a really big procrastinator and will leave things to the last minute, but  the workshop helped me to understand (I mean I already knew this) but to do the most important things first and get it out of the way. I guess I will put this into affect next semester because it was pretty hard to manage my time this semester, kind of found it hard to adjust to the work load from school, from work itself, and then home.

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Art tour!

This I heard about from a friend and ended up attending the next day because i was free. I think it was the last Thursday in November because I dont have that sheet anymore.  Anyway i went because one not only did it fufill the last event for Fro, but I could also use it for my Art History class for my final paper. I did not end up using it in the end though went to the Moma instead 🙂 Anyway this exhibit was on the 22nd st building of Baruch. I remember a little long wait because the people I was with and I missed the first tour because theres a limit to the number of people allowed in and we didn’t want to separate.  Anyway the tour was on a female artist Mercedes Matter. It was just a collection of the art shes done through the ages. I didn’t really enjoy it too much because i wanted to spend a little more time in there checking out the images and writing stuff down to include it in my final art history paper, but whatever.  Her art is abstract which also kind of turned me away from the exhibit because I dont really enjoy looking at abstract art, but i mean if your into by all means attend a tour you might enjoy it.

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Blood Drive

Good thing i checked my email about these blogs 🙂 Uhh blood drive was soooo long ago. If i remember correctly it was early october  the first tuesday soooo thats October 6th during the start of my break. I mean theres not really much to say about this. You go in fill some sheets out give blood and terdaa your on your way. I guess it helps knowing that the blood you donate could quite possibly save someones life someday so thats always cool.  From what I remember i guess is being kinda nervous about passing out after. I mean needles and stuff dont bug me seeing as how im a big boy! 😀 Workshop was simple enough though no passing out for me at least. I would probrably donate blood again in the future because its so simple and can have a big impact on someone else’s life someday

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The Freshmen Reception

On September 17th, i attended the freshmen reception workshop. I was rather appalled on the disorganization of the staff and administrators and how they wouldnt deal with us individually. I believe that they should have organized two sessions so that the proper amount of people may be assembled to advoid the chaos. Working with a lesser group would have been beneficial for myself and my peers understanding of the seminar.

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The Freshmen Reception

On September 17th, i attended the freshmen reception workshop. This was probably one of the worst workshops i attended because it was so unorganized and the room was overloaded with people. Its not a workshop i would recommend to other students to attend. There isn’t much experience to be taken out of this workshop really, but if was more organized with less people i think i could have left with something.

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Student Club Fair

I attended the first seminar with an unknown perspective on what to anticipate for the first semester. We were sat down as the administrators were frantically trying to get our attention to tell us essential details about what to expect for the first semester. Everyone including me attempted to get the signatures promptly so that we can move on throughout the day. I first realized how diverse the school really is with the many different ethnic backgrounds assembled in one room.

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Building and Managing Relationships

On November 8th i attended the “Building and Managing Relationships” workshops located in room 1107 in the vertical campus at 12:30 PM. I had the chance to speak to a few of the administrators who offered me guidance on how to cope with your peers and school. Consequently, I comprehended the fact that one must manage their time between their peers and school. This important lesson should be valued by all college students alike on how to transition from high school to college.

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Pursuing your Passion: Choosing Your Major

On november 3rd, at 12:30 PM i attended the career exploration workshop of “pursuing your passion”, in the vertical campus room 5-213. I attended this with an idea that i would like to major in the field of finance because of my interest. I ve been interested in the stock market since the 10th grade and have a certain grasp for it. I know many people that have the pleasure to work on Wall Street and I hope that one day i can become a prime prospect for a major corporation or bank. I would undenialbly suggest that one would attend this event to further their aquaintance of their career.

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