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heyyy guys if anyone wants to let me know what classes and at what time there taking there classes that would be great that way i can know if were in any of the same classes together!

feel free to let me know!

you guys are the best

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personal enrichment

what i did for this was have a math tutor every thursday from 1 30 till 2 30 in the disability center because i have a learning disability. it defientely helped me alot and i am not ashamed of this. im doing pretty well in math and this just proves you should never be scared to ask for help.

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academic enrichment

i know this has been a while back and i dont quite remember what i did at my academic enrichment but from i remember but i had attended a “fair” where there were tables set up with different things shown about baruch. They had information for us to to be more familiar with the school and get to know the different organization as Starr or team baruch. I had no real reason to choose this workshop but my friend dragged me along so i went with her and learned quite a bit about the school even though i had been there since the summer.

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The Final Blog

So first semester is finally over and all of us are happy that after finals next week, we are done for 5 weeks. i cant wait for break to come. i know i made lasting friends my first semester and it would be cool to keep in touch with everybody. if any of you ever need me dont hesitate to ask. i would put my number up but i dont think i could. lol. anyway just add me on facebook and good luck to all of you on your finals!!!

*Eugene out*

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Personal Enrichment

This workshop was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, I was finally done with all my requirements. On the other, it was our last day with Emily. Damn… Emily probably never did or will ever remember my name, but she was so sweet & caring. She reminded me of my guidance counselor; very easy going, non-judgemental. Anyhow, Emily decided us to enlighten us with a Diversity workshop. It basically tested the willingness  to respond to personal questions while other students were watching you. It was a good workshop. You got to see some of the effects of peer pressure and how it can reflect your decisions. Aside from this, thank you Emily for the cookies & pastries, but most importantly thank you for your guidance & grace.

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Final Blog

Dropping down my last blog here.. Can’t believe that the semester was actually over.  It was crazy fast, seriously!!

Most importantly,  GOOD LUCK to all of us on our finals!!!!! Also, for the coming break, hope all of you can have a great time and vacation! Since I am leaving on this Thursday, so  I wanna say early Merry Xmas to all of you guys.

Hope to see you guys around next semester!!!! =)

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Personal enrichment: Dealing with relationships

For my personal enrichment workshop, i went to the one dealing with relationships. I find it pretty interesting because the speaker spoke a lot about how to deal with relationships in terms of many aspects such as friendship, dealing with school work, and having an intimate relationships. The speaker also talked about time management, such how to find time to do study while sustaining a social life. Some people find this workshop to be helpful while others feel the opposite. I personally think that this workshop is pretty interesting, but a little long since most people lost their concentration after the first thirty minutes.

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Student Life

Hey, my name is Jose, and I’m one of Sasha’s guinea pigs. For the Student Life requirement, I attended the Golden Buddy “Game Day” event. With the exception of playing basketball, I never had so much fun during club hours. The ice cream was delicious (I should have tipped the designated ice cream man) & the people were charming. Usually people try so hard trying to welcome newcomers, but Sasha’s posse had more of a genuine approach. And thank you, because sometimes I’ll just purposely become self-conscious. Anyways, after the brief orientation, we played sharades. I never played the game before, but I soon learned that it’s the same concept as pictionary. I disappointed my team in the beginning, causing us to fall behind throughout most of the game. But I managed to keep my composure and stay resilient. In the end, I came through in the clutch; “BANANA-SPLIT”. So yeah, I put an end to Herby’s triumph and led my team to victory. MUAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Just joking. Nothing better than some friendly competition. Like they say, winning isn’t everything but Golden Buddies probably is. It’s like this exclusive society for smart people, who can only join via invitation. Not quite like Skulls & Bones, but you get the picture. So I encourage all of you to do your best and try your best to be selected. The people are pretty cool and have not made a recruitment error thus far.

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For community awareness, i went to the first women’s volley ball competition of the year. I was part of the cheerleading squad (as the mascot) and we the Thriller by Micheal Jackson. We practiced for a long time before the event, and it was very interesting. A lot people went to the event and it was a great experience because it involved group work and cooperation. I was a little disappointed because we made some errors during the dance (especially me, since i had the head on) but it went pretty good overall. I was really glad that people enjoyed and Beacon won at the end!

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Career Exploration

To complete my Career Exploration requirement, I attended the Career Planning, Internship & Goals workshop. Despite the fact that this workshop was the longest and most grueling, it probably was the most helpful. We probably envision our college tenures to be filled with diverting experiences, but little do we know the importance of marketing oneself. This workshop was a rude awakening by the corporate world. When I say rude, I don’t mean it in a negative way; rude as in urgent. Urgent because we need to be. We need to inquire and be opportunistic of all the internships available. And there was no better way to initiate this than a well needed introduction. I still have the workbook the facilitator handed out, filled with tons of notes. Great way to get your feet wet. By the way, the facilitator was a complete turn off. She was so fake & and her attempts of trying to generate energy from the audience was a complete failure. Better luck next time.

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