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Counsel man speech

I attended the workshop held by a council man on November 12th, thursday. This workshop is basically a speech of the council man about the organization about gay right. He courageously introduced himself as gay. He told us that he had volunteered in the White House, and was worked as a secretary. He also said that he helped the candidate of the Presidential Election in 2008, John McCain for the campaign. However, he failed a lot of things, such as losing McCain’s campaign. He honestly admit that he is gay, and is not afraid to accept people’s ideas. He knows the people he had worked with had bias about him being gay. However, he still worked hard to prove that he has the ability to work as well. Being gay does not affect him being hard working and helpful. He said he was so excited of being selected to volunteer of working in the White House. He felt it was a great honor to be one because afterwards other people like him do not have the opportunity to do so. When he described his position, he said he was the only male one in the office he worked at. When telling about his experience of helping John McCain. He told us that he went to different states of the America to promote and advertise about McCain. He failed to meet the requirement, but is happy to have this unremarkable memory. Talking about gay’s rights, he is very active of speaking for people who are gay, lesibian, or bisexual. I personally have no problem about these people. However, I know that they are being sterotyped as abnormal or immoral. And some employees tend to not hire people from this area. In my opinion, the ability of working does not depend on his sexual relationships. A person could be gay but works hard as well. The people of this organization should really start to do something to solve this problem. In addition, the government now prohibits employees from not hiring these people. In a company or cooperation, people should be judged by whether they are homosexual. It is something that adds on it, not am impotant thing to determine if a person is able to help the industry to make the most profit. There are currently some states allow gay marriage. However, only a few seem to contimue. People should do something to change it if they are really concerned about it.

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Last post!

    On November 12th, I went to the freshmen workshop Global Community Awareness with my classmates. This workshop hold during the lunch hours, so we were unwilling to go to this workshop. But the host of workshop gaves us sandwichs and soda. This workshop was about a man who is a gay talk about his personal experiences. At first, he talked about his specially work experience at white house. When he knew he get the chance to work at there, he was so excited about that. He went to there, and began to work for the first lady. Later, he talked about his political views and his thoughts. He said he wants to be an actor and do something about media. But he becoame interested in political later. He talked about how he get out, and the views of different people around him. How his family and friends feel about him. He said he try his best to do everything, and he thought everyone is equal. We should believe ourselves can do thing better than others, and then try our best to do it. Through this workshop, i learn many things from that man’s speech. I’d like to say this is great workshop to let you know you can do everything you want if you put really hard work on it. I would recommend this workshop to everyone!


Really happy to have a great semester with you guys!~

Happy to see Alex and Run!!!

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6th. Community-Global Awareness.

i attended this Community-Global Awareness workshop on november 12th during 12:30PM to 2:30PM in the VC building room 215. the workshop was about a former councilman Alfonso Quiroz, as he sheds light on the issue of being an openly gay man while holding political power. i found the workshop was quite interesting, considering how the speaker talked about how great he felt when he first came out. He spoke with experience even though he just came out 6years ago ( he’s currently 33 years old). he was a great speaker, talked non-stop with information concerning gay people and their actions and rights in their jobs. he said most people he worked with are fine with him being gay. according psychology, people who acts extremely harsh on gay people are trying to express their forbidden feelings.  they are either didn’t come out yet, or just trying to fit the society. because not everyone is happy with gay people, that is why people are afraid to come out and they behave aggressive towards gay people. the speaker spoke with ethusiam, but most people asked questions unrelated to the subject. they just asked about his past life he talked about, like working as a intern in the White House and his experience as a councilman. the workshop provided light refreshment, they were great. some people just came for the free food and soda. Overall, the workshop was quite fun, and it gave me an idea of how gay people would be in the society and their position in the world. i would recommend this workshop to everyone who wants to attend a Community-Global awareness workshop. the speaker was great, he spoke clearly and undoubt, informational.

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career exploration workshop

i attend a career planning workshop called impression management. it was in room 3-215 which is located in newman vertical campus.
I went there earlier and this workshop is majorly a powerpoint presentation. i was so upset. cuz i felt alone over there. i putted suit on myself. meanwhile, others just cusually dressed.
i remembered that Run sent us an e-mail said that we have to wear business format to enter this workshop. but actually they don’t really require for that.
in this workshop, i was almost felt asleep. it’s so boring. the representation was not as good as others workshops i’d attended. the instructor of the workshop just ask people to indentify people we know in the room. and he ask people to stand up and called people they knew to stand up also.
i think the only valuable words i heard was ” knowing six people = knowing the whole world.” ” sixty percent of the jobs are abtained by social networks.:
i think this workshop was encouraging people to develop their social networks wisely and be ready for the future jobs.
i know it’s very important to abtain a good social network. as more people we know, there are more jobs available for us. and there are also more colorful life for us. and always armed ourself with knowledge.

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community-global awareness workshop

I attended a community-global awareness workshop called holiday blood drive on December 2, 2009. it started at 11am at the new men vertical campus 1-107. I went there around 11:30, when I got there. There was a long line. Everybody seemed to be excited and most of them went by groups. But I was there by myself. Blood drive is always good activity to go. But I felt so sorry for myself, because I waited there for 15 minutes; I filled but the donation forms, and do the blood test. I couldn’t donate my blood. Because my body weight!! I don’t have enough body weight to do it!! But any way, at least I was trying to do it.
I think donating blood is a way to help others from dangerous. It’s very meaningful. And we should have more and more people attend this kind of workshop. How amazing is that, donating your blood can safe a person’s life. And someday we may be saved by some other people’s blood. I think I will try to gain some more weight and be ready to donate my blood as soon as possible. And I will file a tissue-donation paper in few days I think. I hope my tissues can help others if I die. And I believe as more and more people knowing the meaning of donations, the world will be more beautiful.
I love this workshop. People!!! let’s donate our blood and help ourselves in someday.

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career exploration- basic interviewinng pre

i had a workshop about basic interviewing pre at 10/29/09. i went this workshop with my three friends. this workshop talked a lot of information and tips about the interviewing.  such as interships, writing a resume  and creating a account at facebook or linked. it was very useful for every students. for example, internships are way to gaining the experience you need in order to a  job for highly competitive employment opportunity. many companies hire employees basic on their experience and intership mostly. also, this workshop teached us how to write a resume. there were some tips for writing a good resume. such as write information which can connect to a job. don’t writing any small grammar error at a resume. etc. also, we can use internet for connect with people, who can rise a chance for get a job. facebook and linked is very useful and popular for connect to the people. in addition, they teached use how to shake hand, how to addres .many tips and information provide for student to get a concept of interview. it would help us to find a job in the future.

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community global awareness

i visited Community-Global awareness about 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall at 11/5/09. they talked about the backgournd and history of the berlin wall. but i wasn’t interseting in this topic, i didn’t pay much attention at it, one reason was it took too much time to talk about that. but generally it  talked about the berlin wall separated west berlin from east germany, berlin wall was a concrete barrier, it was very long at wide concrete wall. it separated east germany and west german. after berlin wall was made, many east german wanted to escape to the west berlin. they dug cuniculus, jumped over the wall, or swam, all of ways were for escaped from east germany to the west berlin. there were many people successfully escaped to the west berlin. the berlin wall falled in 1989.there were thousands upon thousands people went to the each side.they pulled down the wall, every one was exctied about it. this workshop let me understood the history of berlin wall, even though i didn’t understood clearly, but i had do some search about backgound and history about berlin wall

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community global awareness: Changing America Judge Sonia Sotomayor

The community global awareness workshop took place on September 22nd in room 7150. The workshop was about the new associate justice of the supreme court of the United States appointed by President Obama, Sonia Sotomayor.

In the workshop, I learned that Judge Sotomayor was born in the Bronx, NY, to her Puerto Rican parents. She is the court’s 111th justice and the first Hispanic justice. Sotomayor attended Princeton University and Yale law school to obtain her law degree. In the workshop, there were few speakers talk about the different aspect of the election of Judge Sotomayor and the change of America.

The first speaker gave an overview of Judge Sotomayor’s life. Her father died when she was nine year old. Sotomayor’s mother was the one who lead through her education.

The second speaker talked about Judge Sotomayor’s achievement as attorney, judge and assistance justice of the Supreme Court. Sotomayor was first appointed by former president, George H. W. Bush, then by former President Bill Clinton and recently as assistance justice by President Barack Obama.

The last speaker spoke about the changes Judge Sotomayor bring to the Americans. Judge Sotomayor was involved in the cases about employment discrimination, business, abortion, property rights and so on. She brings justic to the society by solving the tremendous problems.

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Student Service Fair

I attended the academic enrichment workshop on October 13th. The workshop was to give student a brief review of all the services Baruch provide.

First, I walked to the honors program table and found out that current Baruch students can apply for the honors program. In order to be inducted to the honors program, students have to have a 3.2 GPA for the fist 12 credit classes, 3.4 GPA for the following 30 credit classes.

Next, I was attached by the study aboard table; students can study aboard such as South Korea, New England, Spain, Japan, and China, German, Italy and lots of interesting places without losing credits from Baruch. Students can choose to take classes aboard and the credit will count toward to the graduation requirement.

Then, I found the writing center and the SACC center useful because I always needed someone to proof read my essay to correct grammar mistakes and the structure of the paper. The SACC center not only can help me on writing but also lots of other subjects. In addition, I found out that Baruch has lots of sports team from the sports team table.

Moreover, the Baruch Starr search center will provide information about internships and jobs that will provide students with resources when they need to find jobs.

This workshop had given me an idea of where to seek help when I needed.

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career planning: resume writing

I attended the career exploration workshop on November 17th in room 3-125. I found this workshop useful because I do not know how to write a college resume.

First, the mentor told us that the format of the résumé should be as clear as possible. The best way to emphasize points is to bullet the list and start with verbs. The resume paper should be white and the margin should be one inch only. The font of the text can be Times New Roman or Arial and should be larger than 10, readable to the employers.

Then, the mentor told us what are needed on the resume: name, contact information, education, work experience, volunteer work, and awards. In addition to the basic information, language and computer skills are required.

On top of the paper, full name should be in bold. Under the full name, there should be few contact information such as address, home phone number and cell phone number.

Next is education, what degree one had obtain or in the process of perusing. In addition to degree, graduation date should be written as well.

After education, follow by work experiences, volunteer work and work. The order of the work experiences and volunteer work is to put the most recent job and volunteer on top and so on. The job description should start with a verb to emphasis the job’s responsibility.

Language and computer skill follow after award. One should explain how well one knows the language, rather fluently speaking, reading or writing. Computer skills such as one know how to process Microsoft word, power point and excel and so on. Most importantly, resume should be only one page, one sided.

Lastly, after the interview, one should email or mail a thank you note to the interviewers.

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