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My life at Baruch

So far out of high school, I love the transition. I hated the way high school was set up, especially in New York , you do not get that “movie high school” experience. I used to watch those movies and think wow can’t wait to go to highschool but in NY it was just a routine, from one class to the next in busy over crowed hallways.

Now in college, I love making my own schedule, picking my classes, and professors. I have been very happy with the way the college system runs. As far as classes go, I love all my classes, because I get to choose them.

As far as Baruch school, its a wonderful school and I like going to school in the city, its not for me. I am looking forward to my transfer to brooklyn college to continue on becoming a speech pathologist.

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My experience so far.

The transition between high school and college has been easier than I expected and so far, I’ve enjoyed all my classes, made new friends and learned a lot of new and interesting things.   In high school, we had teachers chasing us around for homework assignments but at Baruch everyone is on their own; which is good because that is how you become independent.

Psychology class was the most interesting but since I was still adjusting to class at 4 PM, I found myself fast asleep for one or two lectures.  Math class was sort of difficult and the short length of the semester didn’t help either because the professor breezed through most topics and I had to learn some of them on my own.  I think most people in the same block as me would agree that English with professor Riley was the best class because he linked the things he taught in the classroom to the outside world and made everything a lot more interesting than it should be.

I attended six freshman workshops and found the career exploration workshop to be the most helpful because they discussed things about the real world and expectations of you out there.  That is something you won’t learn in any classroom and their information will probably be very helpful in the future.  The other workshops didn’t do much else than introduce us new students to different things at Baruch which was helpful but not too necessary.

Now, I’m eagerly looking forward the new semester when I will start off knowing my responsibilities and making the most out of my time here at Baruch.

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Career Exploration

The internship and career planning workshop was by far the most helpful of the workshops I have attended. The information given out help me to understand the types of internships out there and when I can try to get one. This was one of my greatest interest coming into college.

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film series

So i went to this film series workshop to watch My beautiful Laundrette. But they never showed up. And they still signed my book. I think it was a waste of my time. And it was very unproffesional for them to not show up to one of these events if they are the ones organizing it.

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Personal Enrichment Workshop

Personal Enrichment Workshop: Building/Managing Relationships

I think that this workshop was okay. The information that was given to us was a little boring and I find that it was explained a little in one of our seminar classes. The only interesting thing out of that workshop was introducing ourselves to other people. That I can say was an experience for meeting new people to network and build relationships but I’m sure that I might never come into contact with those people again.

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Student Life

Student Life: Club Fair

I really enjoyed this workshop. The club fair was an amazing experience. I think that they should have more of these types of workshops because it helps build school spirit and a positive environment. I really enjoyed the entertainment, especially the dancing (although there were some technical difficulties). I got some more and useful information on the clubs here in school. Also I joined some but sometimes I am occupied with other tasks and do not go to their meetings.

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Arts at Baruch

Arts at Baruch: The Nature of Landscape

This was one of the most boring workshops ever! At least it was not that long. All we did was walk around and view some paintings, portraits, and other forms of art on the wall. It’s probably because I am not really interested in that type of art that I didn’t bother to find the meaning or interpret any illustrations.

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Career Exploration

Career Exploration: Career Planning – Impression Management

This workshop was okay. It had some very useful information but it was very long and mundane. I was informed of the many resources I can use with the STARR Career Center but it could have been done in a more exciting way. I nearly fell asleep because it was so boring. Other than those factors, this workshop was very useful in helping me understand ways to progress in my career options.

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Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment: The Freshman Reception

This was a workshop that I can say I didn’t learn much from. Originally, it was stated that this workshop was mandatory, but I guess they didn’t specify that this type of workshop was necessary. Since they did not expect that many students, they did not have many materials but basically it reiterated what was said in previous freshman gatherings.

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Community-Global Awareness

Community-Global Awareness: Blood Drive

I think that donating blood is for a very good cause and everyone should try to partake in this at least once in their lives. I chose to attend this workshop because back in high school, I was in charge of running the blood drive but I was not able to donate blood because my iron was too low. Unfortunately, my iron was too low in this case as well. The fact is, at least I attempted to donate to save someone’s life.

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