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Who do you trust ?

By Sofia Mogliazzi


Ruthie Pitio, age 19 poses with no makeup and natural hair

Seven billion dollars. Women spend seven billion dollars a year in makeup. Now if you’re not quite blown away by that number let me put it into perspective…That’s enough money to give every human being on the planet a dollar! With unemployment at an all time high and wages sparse, it’s surprising that national makeup sales remain the same, and in certain years of economic strife…have increased. The question is why? What is this obsession with using your face as a canvas and spending your rent money on concealer and lip-gloss?

Im ready for my close up

A woman who goes out without cosmetics is seen as “letting herself go” in our culture. A woman who goes to a job interview with a bare face is seen as sloppy. Many bars and restaurants actually give their female employees the title of “working model” so that they can legally be fired for not wearing makeup.

Scientific studies done by cosmetic researchers from the University of Indanapolis show that makeup makes a woman appear more trustworthy, confident and competent. So wait a minute…my shade of blush determines if I’m a more competent female? And me putting on a fake face makes me more trustworthy? Now there’s something not quite right there. However, it is strangely true and the more put together a woman is the more trust you bestow onto her…and makeup plays a huge part in that. So tell me…who do you trust?

Ruthie Pitio, age 19 poses after spending two hours in hair and makeup


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“Please Don’t”

“Please Don’t”

by Sofia Mogliazzi

Girls that cannot be trusted: Girls that look a guy in the eye as they eat a banana. OK first off…EW. Seriously, that is probably the weirdest sexual innuendo known to man and it’s not even sexual! You honestly think a man wants to see you bite, chew and digest something that looks like his member? Rhetorical question because the answer is a NO. Sweetie that would be terribly painful and most likely land you with a black eye and a restraining order. You probably would never do it, so why, oh, why would you suggest that you would by caressing a yellow Dole product? I mean unless your man is rolled in nuts, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled in coconut flakes (which I’m sure you can find on the Internet these days), please just don’t be that creep. It’s not hot.


Now I feel like this applies to more than just bananas. I would definitely say this for foods in general. Why on earth are you staring at someone while you consume your meal??? I consider mealtime a very sacred hour of indulgence…that means private!! I swear, If you make me feel uncomfortable by staring at me while you eat, I will get up, backhand you, and take my sandwich elsewhere. This rule may or may not apply to children depending on their stage or level of intelligence…

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Golden Key Game Day This Thursday!

Hi all!

As I’ve informed you through E-Mail, Golden Key is having a great event this Thursday during club hours (12:30 – 2:30 PM) called Golden Key Game Day.

There will be games of all kind which everyone can enjoy, while having FREE ICE CREAM FLOATS AND REFRESHMENTS! :)!

I’m sure that you guys can’t resist the temptation of an event that’s made solely for entertainment AND offers free refreshments, can you?

The event is also gathering a lot of freshman and sophomore students, so it is a great place to socialize and meet new people! And if you haven’t had the opportunity to socialize as much as you’ve wanted to, this event is a great opportunity to do so!

I look forward to seeing many of you there!

~~ Salman!

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student fair

going to the different tables was very helpful.  Learning about the writing center, registering area, going abroad was interesting.  I didnt know in the writing center you could just walk in, I learned where the health center and learned more about the athletics in the school.  I thought this was very helpful.

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creating a major

I thought this workshop was interesting.  I did not know you were able to create a major.  This opens up many new options that I did not have before.  I’m glad I attended the workshop.

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how school has been soo far….

The transittion from high school to college hasn’t been that easy becos there is great difference between the two.Am really doing my very best becos am not failing any of my classes. Although I don’t know how the GPA is scored I know failing in class wouldn’t do it any good!!

We have psychology test on Tuesday and an in class presentation on Wednesdayfor Anthropology.

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So far classes are going pretty well. We have an English paper due this coming Thursday October 1st on cause and effect. Next week we have a Psychology test on Tues. October 6.

So far so good but I have to say that I am a little anxious because this is a huge transition from high school to college and I am looking forward to overcome so many obstacles at Baruch College.

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Club Fair

I thought the club fair was very crowded, but it was nice catching up with people that I don’t really have a chance to see. As far as the clubs, everyone seemed very nice, and the red velvet cake was awesome!!! So far I think I might join BSU and the hip hop club .

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(2) Most difficult challenge of being a college student…

High school and College are like two different worlds to me. In high school you are guided through everything, and if you happen to slack off there would be people there to help you. Whereas in college on the other hand, you’re on your own, and if you slack off no one really cares or has the time to help you, and of course you would lose your money. Its funny you’re paying all that money, and to me I feel like all college is is reading. I feel like I’m teaching myself the basic concepts when I read, and the professor just adds their insight, and some interesting facts. So if you don’t do the reading assignments your kind of missing out on the learning experience. Hey reading is fundamental!! (in my sarcastic voice lol)

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club fair

I loved this workshop. I signed up for a couple of clubs and enjoyed watching all the people dance and perform. I learned about many clubs i didn’t know Baruch had. I realized Baruch can be more fun that it seems :0.

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