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I wish everyone alot of luck with their finals! study hard its very imporatant everyone does well. I just got back my grade from public speaking and im really happy with my grade!

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it’s the end of the semester and it really went by sooooo quick. I feel liek yesterday i just graduated highschool. It’s crazy how fast time flies by.

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My last final is on monday. I am so excited. The thing is I dnt have alot of notes on philosphy and iwish i payed more attention. Irealized its very important to pay attention in class.

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i went to the personal enrichment workshop. They told us how to deal with relationships and help improve. Wow nothing we didnt know.

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the semester is over and finals are coming up goood luck every1!!!!

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Last ONee!!

Wow…our semesterr has come to a closeee and now we’re bombardedd with finals! I hope that we will do well on them….i wishh you all good luck!

I also hope that you all will have an amazing 5-6 weeks vacation!! Make it the besttt!!

I will miss you all! I hope to see some of you in theatree class! Cant wait!!..[actuallyy..i can!! =]

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last one !

Well, now that the semester’s coming to an end, I feel relieved. It’s so great being a college student, sure we work hard during the semester and probably in teh future, the break should be for internships and stuff like that..but for now, its quite enjoyable. Let’s just hope we all enjoy th

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Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet but I am not stressing about finals. Probably because it didn’t hit so close yet. But trying to space out the studying and the workload now. I’m probably not gonan be able to get the straight A’s my parents want haha it’s pretty hard. I literally have to study 2 days and a night to a decent A in classes at first. Now I’m over it lol I just want to take the test and get it over with !

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end of semesterrr

Enough about workshoppss..

It’s the end of the semester and wow, it def. flew by like nothing. It’s crazy, doing all that work for so long. It’s just like you come home, do work, get rest, so work and you do it so routinely and before you knew it, you’re done ! no more work. I feel like I need to start getting more involved in school hehe

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Another workshop was the arts at baruch workshop…it was kind of boringg. I like art but I tend to get bored studying it.

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