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King Corn

Steven Walcott

Blog post 1- King Corn

In the film king corn, Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney were intrigued with the connection between corn and the life span of the current generation.  What started as an innocent investigation led to the discovery that changed their perception of corn and its impact on lager situations. Through various experiments, research and exploration Aaron and Ian were able to answer their query.  Along the way, they also found a correlation between corn and the obesity rate that has skyrocketed over the past years.

What sprouted Curt and Ian’s curiosity was when they visited a scientist in order to figure out what their bodies consisted of. To their surprise, DNA of corn was found in their hair. Fascinated with this discovery, the men hypothesized the current generation will not live as long as their parents did.  To prove the theory, the men decided to grow a corn field for a year in Iowa.  Known for their corn fields, Iowa would be the perfect candidate.  One obvious obstacle was the field.  Aaron and Ian did not have a place to farm. To solve their dilemma they asked one of the local farmers to use one of his many fields.

As a farmer would do, the men grew corn over a period of months until ready to pick. Within the first bite they realized the corn was not edible and not appetizing for human consumption.  This rose the question of why corn cannot be eaten right after it is picked. Through research they realized that the corn had to be modified to be edible. Both guys interview many farmers asking if they support the way corn is distributed. Many answered no. some would not eat the corn that they have grown. This led to the pathway of their question being answered.

Most of the corn was made into corn syrup. The syrup is a sweetener to sweeten foods. Many foods today contain high fructose corn syrup. Curious about the process of how the syrup is made curt and Ian called the factory that created it; still no answers. To handle this issue they guys decided to make their corn syrup. The sweet taste of the syrup was ideal to put in sodas and many soft drinks. Because corn is grown at a low cost meant the syrup was cheap to make. Natural sugar is more expensive, therefore desired to grow.

Curt and Ian visited Brooklyn, New York to examine the connection between corn and the obesity rate. After inspecting the content labels of many soft drinks such a Pepsi and Coco-cola, they soon realized that the common ingredient was corn syrup. The cheap price of corn was ideal for big corporation’s hence mass production of goods containing corn syrup. Many health risks including diabetes are common because of large consumption of corn syrup.  One man that Curt and Ian interviewed explained that every day he would drink soda. As a result, he weighted over 400 pounds and diagnosed with diabetes. This evidence helped support the theory of why the present generation would not live as long as previous generations.

Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis answer their question through various problem solving techniques. Experimentation and numerous interviews helped answer the connection between corn and future health problems.  This gave both men an insight of how corn is being used in today’s society in comparison to previous generations.

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i went to the MASK festivity

So, I went to the Return of the Mask thing, hosted by Relay for Life in the multipurpose room. It was yesterday, December 10th, 2009, from 7-11, i stayed untill 9. That’s 2 hours. Yep. Actually Ally and Jenny went with me. What nice girls.

It was LAME. Lol ok it wasnt THAT bad. um. It was school party. ehem. Like…. there was a DJ guy whom Ally apparently knew… there was food that I didn’t eat… and beads were given out.. and I bought a mask for $2.. and I auctioned myself off for a slow dance but I left before that went on.

I guess there was really no point to it besides passing freshman seminar. Um. So. Today is the last day of classes… I can”t believe the semester is over… well i have psychology really soon… in 17 minutes.. i dont want to miss that so ima go… bye =)

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Art tour

This workshop was ok. I’m not a big art fan but  I saw a couple of pieces of art that was nice. It was also nice to go do something with some friends and kill some time.If I get another chance to go to another one I might go again.

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Blog Number 6

I didnt complete 6 workshops so im going to write about my final thoughts on this semester. So i found college to be little different than high school, but at baruch it was to different i didnt get the college expirence i would have gotten by going away, but im not complaining too much. I made alot of new friends had alot of fun times, classes werent too bad except english. All in all i would call it a pretty good semester. Good luck to everyone next semester.

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community service

ok so i spent 20$ on can foods. i dont really kno what else to say

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art tour

that workshop was so boring. none of the art work captured my attention at all. i tried to keep myself from yawning so it wouldnt seem like i was being rude.

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donating blood.

i was mad scared to give blood. i thought i was going to pass out. i have the blue paper that i had to fill out in order to give blood ! thats my proof

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stree relief workshop

that workshop was very interesting. me and victoria met some crazy lady. she was trying to get us to join her meditation group and stuff, talking to me all up close and personal. not cool.

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club fair..

hey, well I forgot to mention the club fair I attended for the Student Life workshop earlier in the year. It was interesting, although I went kind of early…I was planning on joining a club so it probably would’ve helped if I spent more time talking to the people involved in the clubs I wanted to join, but I’ll leave that to next semester…This semester I just wanted to adjust and make school work my number one priority. Now that I know more about the workload and expectations of the school, I may be better prepared next semester and join a club? who knows…


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Personal Enrichment

I went to an internship workshop earlier on. They told us a lot about getting one and how to apply to one. They talked about where you can get internships and they gave a lot of information about them. They told us that we should start looking for some early on and not wait because you get to gain more from them. It also looks great on a resume when applying for jobs in the future. It was a useful workshop because I always wondered how an internship works and how much it actually helps and now I learned about it and it sounds like I thing I would be interested in the near future.

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