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Mishkin Gallery

The Mishkin Gallery consists of paintings by Mercedes Matter and are well taken care of. Good lighting, perfect temperature, kind of felt like falling asleep.

Not being a big art fan, I didn’t really understand most of the things I looked at. Sure some of the paintings are nice here and there but there are just some which I don’t understand. For example there was on painting with just basically brush strokes all over the painting in different colors. I don’t get how that can be described as art. Which brings me to an experience I had at the Guggenheim. When I was small I went there once and saw a painting on a little piece of paper. On it was a red square and the little price tag next to it was at $52,000. This is exactly why I don’t understand art and probably never will. It was a nice experience seeing things that seemed like something but once we got into the “weird” section of her drawings, I was completely lost.

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Blood Drive 12/2/09

Eh sorry these blogs are kind of late I forgot about them.

The blood drive was not a new thing to me, I have donated blood three times already and everything went smoothly (as usual). One thing that was different though was that they gave me a shirt after, however; it was XL so its kind of big.

For people curious about the whole blood donation procedure, I’ll explain. First you have to fill out this form with name, address, etc. Then there are some yes and no questions such as, “Have you ever had sex with a prostitute.” So I’m guessing normally everyone would check no on that one… Then they prick your finger to check your iron level in your blood to make sure you wont have a deficiency of iron after donating blood. Then comes temperature, blood pressure, and that is about it. You walk up to the chair and start feeling kind of nervous then you sit down and see the needle. This thing is literally like a straw ( I’m exaggerating here, but you get the point, these needles are not your average blood test needles you see at your doctor’s.) Then when you least expect it they stick the needle in your arm and the draining starts. The time it takes to fill up the whole bag of blood (1 pint = 1 poland spring water bottle) takes a while, times ranging from different levels of blood pressure. It took me around 10 minutes, so I just talked with the employee there and before I knew it I was done.

The whole process of donating blood isn’t really that bad unless you’re afraid of needles. There is also an option on your sign up sheet to receive a blood donor’s card. What this is, is basically a red card, with your information on it such as name, donor number, and blood type. Another cool thing about getting a donor’s card is that you can keep track of how many points you have on their system and can exchange them for gifts. Also if you’re ever in an accident and say the paramedics sees your card, they will try to save you first!

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Your Life, Your Money

Date: 11/11/09

Time: 6:00 pm

The workshop, Your Life, Your Money, was held to address the critical subject of personal financial literacy. I didn’t have much money and there was no need for managing it, but I went there because I wondered if it would advise us about how to make money. In fact, it taught us that saving money was making money.

At first, we watched an instructive movie called “Your Life, Your Money,” the same as the title of the workshop, and from this movie we could learn that balancing between incomes and outcomes was really important when we didn’t want to get into debt. Once you get a job, you can be very excited about the money you earn, however, you always have to ask yourself if you are buying it because you need it or because you want it. After watching the movie I had to consider it carefully since I always bought things that I didn’t even want before. Maybe that was the reason why I couldn’t save money.

My favorite part of the workshop was the panel discussion. They answered our questions very well. I still remember that I should keep my credits, even the one I don’t use, since canceling it can have bad effects on my credit history.

I am very satisfied by this workshop because it gave many useful tips that we should know to manage money effectively.

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20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Date: 11/05/09

Time: 5:00pm

On November 5, 2009, Baruch College celebrated 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I attended this workshop since the Fall of the Berlin Wall meant something to me. Korea, like Germany, was divided into two parts, north and south, by outside forces and many Koreans in South Korea (I don’t know much about North Korea) thought that they could be united together as well, when the Berlin wall had fallen, which did not happen.

Anyway, we watched “Freedom Without Walls,” a documentary film by Robert E. Frye, which showed how the Berlin Wall and its fall had influenced on German people’s lives. After the movie session, panelists talked about their experiences; what it was like to live with the wall between one country; how Germans went outside and hugged each other in happiness when the the Fall of the Berlin Wall was announced. It was the most impressive when some panelist told us his own story about his childhood, when the Berlin Wall was first built and the area he was living began to be called as West Germany. It was very interesting to learn how his family went to another country secretly (since in the West Germany, it was illegal to go abroad, including East Germany) for his education.

I really liked it and would like to recommend to others because it gave us vivid images of life in Germany before and after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Your Life, Your Money

I attended the workshop Your Life Your Money on November 11th at 6pm. Although I was discouraged about staying in Manhattan until 6, the workshop was very helpful. They discussed ways of managing your money and being smart with it. They showed us how little expenses add up to a lot. They explained that we shoould only spend money on necessities, not fake necessities.

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Mishkin Gallery tour

I attended the Mishkin Gallery tour on November 3rd at 1pm. There were various attitudes in all the artwork. Each had its on theme and its own story. However i was not impressed with the some of the paintings because they reminded me of my little sister’s artwork from kindegarten.

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Career planning: Interviews

I went to the career planning workshop on interviews on october 29th at 12:50. It revolved around preparing for an interview and what to expect when going to an interview. They talked about your presentation and how your first impression is very important and to be about 15 to 20 minutes early. They also prepared us with what kind of questions would be asked and that we should also have questions ready for the interview because it shows that you are really interested in the job.

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Career Planning: Resume Writing

Date: 10/27/09

Time: 12:30 pm

I went to this workshop because I wanted to learn about resume writing, and because it seemed to be easier than to attend the workshop about interviewing skills. Certainly, I wouldn’t say that it took me out of my comfort zone, yet I was very satisfied by this workshop. The presentation by the instructor was well-organized, and it gave many useful tips about how to write a proper and effective resume. The most remarkable tip was about how to write a resume without showing we don’t have much experience.

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Blood Drive

My last workshop was at the blood drive today 12/2/09.

The blood drive defers people that have had hepatitis immunization shots within the past 8 weeks so I had to go to the 7th floor medical records office to check. turns out i had the meningitis shot, so i donated a pint of blood for the first time in my life.

They start by pricking your finger to check for iron levels, measure your temperature with some sort of plastic that you hold under your tongue, and measure your blood pressure with the armband pump. If you have an iron deficiency, they defer you. The guy that checked me was a Dominican guy named Will. The people at the blood drive were really nice.

The machines there that hold your pouch of blood while youre giving blood lets off the coin sounds from super mario. There was also a machine called the Alyxx(sp?) machine. Its supposed to take twice the amount of blood cells, and less plasma (i guess its for people that are lighter weight, but im not sure).

I got a free red t-shirt (too bad they only had xl), and ate a bunch of snacks cause I didnt eat lunch yet. Didnt really feel light headed or anything, but started to grow tired after a few hours.

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Mishkin Gallery

Kinda late but i went to the mishkin gallery today. The gallery mostly had paintings done by Mercedes Matter, who was the daughter of a famous painter Arthur Beecher Carles. One of her notable mentors was Hans Hoffman.

Her paintings in the gallery were mostly untitled still lifes. One of the paintings that were actually titled was called “Sea and Harbor” and although it was simple, her point was to convey the feeling of being in the harbor in Provincetown. Another one of her paintings that stood out to me was the one made with a bunch of triangles. The triangles formed a table with a bunch of fruits on it. I thought it was interesting how she could paint something like that just from using a simple geometric shape and an assortment of colors.

I also saw two other self portraits but wasnt sure if they belonged to her or not. The gallery itself was pretty small but it was cozy. The tour only took about fifteen minutes but its interesting to visit an art gallery because I rarely go to see one.

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