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Electronic Government Success Factor

Electronic government, also known as e-government is the use of information and communication technology (ICT) by the government to maintain operation and provide governmental services to its citizens. It focuses on delivering services to citizens in an efficient low cost manner. E-government is efficient in transactional cost saving, time reduction, service improvements, transparency and accountability, and allows for better accessibility to public services. There are many positive attributes associated with e-government. One question remains how effective will e-government be in the coming years.

The future success of e-government relies on the following critical factors:

  • the coordination of e-government local, regional and national
  • initiatives
  • educating citizens about its value
  • consistent and reliable electricity, telecommunication and internet access.

In today’s technological advance world it would be easy to assume these issues have been solved. However, the digital divide have caused a such gap to arise. The following table displays e-government development in the largest countries.

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Gallery Tour

Now, I’m not one for art.

It bores me to death to even think about looking at a picture. Like most of the people who I went on the tour with, I had no idea Baruch had a gallery, let alone one as intensive as it was. I was never one for art. My academic interests lie solely in politics, history, english, and so forth. The one thing I did enjoy about the tour – was that it informed us about the history of the gallery. Mainly its origins, contributors, etc. It was an OK workshop fulfillment, but you wouldn’t catch me in the gallery ever again [unless I had to write a paper on it, or something like that.]

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Career planning

The BEST workshop I went to all semester! I say it was the best for a few key reasons.

1. This workshop taught me how to act and dress when being interviewed on a truly PROFESSIONAL [not like a McDonalds, or Radio Shack] interviewing level.

2. It taught me the basics of interviewing science. The greeting, handshake, attire, posture, etc.

3. It taught me how to use those “basics” to maximize your chances of being hired.

4. This workshop definitely built career AND people skills.

Highly Recommend.

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Managing Relationships In college

I went to this workshop with a few other people, in the hopes that it would allow for us to share a connection with the speaker, the topic, and the workshop as a whole. I found myself nodding out a few times during the workshop – but that was probably my own fault, combined with the boring speech that was given. I think the workshops at baruch need to offer more in respect to entertainment and actual “value” to the student body. Did I enjoy the workshop? It was good for a nap break. Would I go to it again? Never.

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Gallery Tour

The gallery tour was very interesting because I didn’t even know that the school had a gallery till this workshop and I thought that was great. They gave us a brief overview of the history of the gallery and how it came to be. This event took place on November 19th, from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. This was something very enjoyable for me because if found it interesting. This workshop satisfied the Arts at Baruch and it past my expectations because I though it would be very boring but to my benefit and surprise it was not.

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Career Planning Impression Management

This was very informative because this workshop provided me with tons of information on how one should act and dress at a interview because the simplest thing could get you hired or passed on. This workshop took place on October 15th. I found this very helpful because it was practical information that will definitely be used now and throughout my life. I consider this workshop to be very important and it reached my expectations. This was a great experience and I knew it would be one when I decide to participate in this workshop.

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Managing Relationships in College

I attended this workshop on October 8th and this was a workshop that I was not looking forward to because I thought it would be boring and it was. This was due to the fact that it was a lecture type workshop and did not grasp my interest. I was able to learn some new things but I wished that I picked another workshop to complete the Personal Enrichment Workshops. I was not really taught anything new with this workshop but overall was not anything special.

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Club Fair

I attended the Club Fair during the beginning of the year on September 24. It was very informative but personally, I did not have much interest in the even. I still have not joined a club yet and I do not really plan on joining one because I did not really find something of much interest. I find myself not wanting to spend too much extra time at school and would much rather go home. But hopefully next semester I’ll be able to find something of interest because I definitely want to be part of the school because that is something I missed out in high school.

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Freshman Reception

Sorry for taking so long to blog about this… I thought I blogged on this topic already.  Well as remember it was my first workshop and it was hectic.  The line was long and I had to wait for a while before I got in and had  a seat to finally start the workshop.  Overall i believe this was the most important workshop because it laid a foundation for college information on tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 courses. Although it was very brief, I experienced the foundations of workshops.  It revolves around nice people and free food.  Overall it was a fun college experience that gave me this unique feeling as I adjusted to college.  I cant believe 1 semester is almost over… Before you know it, I would be working my first full time job.

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Managing Relationship in college

Managing Relationship in college


This workshop taught me that above schoolwork and projects and test, you should always have conection and freinds throughout your college life. Networking with other people around you can definately help when your in a slum due to your work. I like the excersie they did because we had to make new friend and that was very creative

overall this workshop help people open up if they were shy or didn’t feel comfortable opening up.

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