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FINAL FRO CLASS: December 8, 2009

Hello to all:

Well it’s that time of the year where we face finals and the last papers and start getting ready for Winter break! : ).  I must say it was a pleasure having you all for my very first FRO class. 

Feel free to keep in touch with me as well with each other. If any of you have questions about anything, I am always here for guidance.

Also, just a thought. If enough people agree, we can possibly all get together as a class and probably go out for bowling, ice skating, paintballing, or some  sort to celebrate the completion of the first semester. If everyone agrees to this, then we can probably have a group event.

Be sure to reply to this blog before December 18 so we can start planning if enough people agree.

See you Tuesday!

Your Peer Mentor,


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Final Exam

Finally… the finals.

Good luck people. It’s the last two weeks.

Break a leg!

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Blood Drive Workshop

1) Title of Workshop: Blood Drive

2) Enrichment Area Fulfilled: Global-Community Awareness

3) Date/Time Attended: December 2/ 3:28pm

4) How did the workshops affect your perspective of the topic that was discussed?

I don’t really consider this a workshop.. but it does fulfill it so.. wtheck right? My perspective on donating blood has been the same and will be the same because I am a regular blood donor and I think that blood donation is a great act to save many people’s lives and I will continue to donate

5) How did the workshop take you out of your comfort zone?

This workshop didn’t really take me out of my comfort zone because I am a regular blood donor. I was just scared of the needle because I haven’t been near a needle for the longest time and it hurts a lot when the needle went in my arm.

6) Explain what the workshop was about and tell us why you specifically chose that workshop.

This is just a blood drive and I was surprised that the wait wasn’t long at all because when I donated at my highschool the line was LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Before donating blood, I must test for my temperature, blood pressure and hemoglobin level. Last time I tried to donate blood my hemoglobin level was too low so this time I ate a lot of greens and meat the night before I donate so my hemoglobin level would increase. The whole donating process took about 11 minutes which is not bad at all. I chose this “workshop” because I find it very important to help out others.

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Career Exploration

1. Title of Workshop: Career Planning(Basic Interviewing)

2. Enrichment area fulfilled: Career Exploratrion

3. Date/Time attended: 11/12/09 pm12:50-2:20

4. How did the workshop affect your perspective of the topic that was discussed?

I heard that there are some interviewing rules that we have to follow, but I am not sure of it. However, I learend that specific interviewing rules that I should keep during the interview, and it was a kind of helpful workshop.

5. How did the workshop take you out of your comfort zone?

I dind’t realize that I have to do an interview in a near future, but this workshop make me aware of preparing “something” for my future interview. From this workshop, I determined that I will have thorough knowldege about interviewing cutsomes.

6. Explain what the workshop was about and tell us why you specifically chose that workshop.

This workshop was about the basic interviewing manner, and it taught me interviewing rules. I learend that I have to wear a specific attire which seems to tiny and proper, and what kind of behavior is allowed or not. I chose this workshop because I want to know interviewing manner, and it helps me a lot.

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Perspectives on Immigration Lecture Series

1) Title of Workshop: Perspectives on Immigration Lecture Series

2) Enrichment Area Fulfilled: Global/Community Awareness

3) Date/Time Attended: Monday November 23/ 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

4) How did the workshops affect your perspective of the topic that was discussed?

 This Immigration workshop affects my perspective by presenting me how immigrants change the United States in many different ways, including economy and education. A really large percentage of population in this country is immigrants. People bring in their own culture and religion, so that the United States has been changed to more global and multicultural. We also could see how life changed between different generations.

5) How did the workshop take you out of your comfort zone?

The workshop took me out of my comfort zone easily because of the instructor’s humor language. He tried to make the workshop more fun on the topic that was discussed. And I am an immigrant as well, it was easy for me to understand my parents work so hard in order to build my life up.

6) Explain what the workshop was about and tell us why you specifically chose that workshop.

 I am interested in discussion of immigrations because the workshops on some global issues are always full of fun and there is no solid answer. The workshop was about the advantages and disadvantages of immigration. For instance, people could share experience, techniques and skills with someone who from outside the countries. On the other hand, more immigrants would increase the risks of employment. The instructor also explored our knowledge on immigration between first and second generation. This lecture was not only for students, but also some professors attended it.

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workshop:Career Planning: Resume Writing

1)Title of Workshop: Career Planning: Resume Writing

2) Enrichment Area Fulfilled: Career Exploration. 

3) Date/Time Attended: Tue, November 17, 2PM

4) How did the workshops affect your perspective of the topic that was discussed?

I think this is really helpful for me. Everyone is going to get a job in the future, so every one needs a resume to help them. By attending this workshop, i learned how to write a resume. I really like them. All the trciks that they said. This is a great workshop.

5) How did the workshop take you out of your comfort zone?

I think this is great and fun. I don’t think it needs any inprovements.

6) Explain what the workshop was about and tell us why you specifically chose that workshop.

They helped us to write a perfect resume and give us the techniques for writing a resume. They also tells us some tricks that will help us. I think this is really fun and helpful, i hope everyone has the chance to go.

I chose this workshop because i am planing to get a job and i need a resume to help me.

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workshop:Values, Pressures, and Choosing a Major

1)Title of Workshop: Values, Pressures, and Choosing a Major

2) Enrichment Area Fulfilled: Personal Enrichment.

3) Date/Time Attended: Mon, November 9, 4pm 

4) How did the workshops affect your perspective of the topic that was discussed?

I think it just made me more confident about taking the major that i am interested at. And i think everyone worked very hard in this workshop. So if anyone have not decide their major yet, they should go.

5) How did the workshop take you out of your comfort zone?

I don’t think this is as helpful as others. I think every one already have their goals, and every one already know the majors that they are interested. But this would be helpful for some others.


6) Explain what the workshop was about and tell us why you specifically chose that workshop.

We filled out two charts that helped us to choose the majors that we really want. I think this is kind of fun. Then they have some presentation about this topic. 

I chose this workshop because i want to get know knowledge about majors in college.

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Workshop: Play the Basics: Commnicating your Way to the Top

1)Title of Workshop: Play the Basics: Commnicating your Way to the Top

2) Enrichment Area Fulfilled: Academic Enrichment

3) Date/Time Attended: Fri, November 6, 1pm 

4) How did the workshops affect your perspective of the topic that was discussed?

This talked about the topic of communication skill and academic advisement. I think both of them are very useful. It helped me to choose the courses for the next semester.

5) How did the workshop take you out of your comfort zone?

I think this is a perfect one. I do not think it needs any improvements, but they may need to give some more information about Tier2 and 3. Maybe they didn’t have enough time to do it. But this is a very helpful workshop. Recommended to our freshmen.


6) Explain what the workshop was about and tell us why you specifically chose that workshop.

It talked about the Tier 1 courses. They gave those detail information. I think those information are very helpful for freshmen in the Baruch college. They also talked about the communication skill in the skill. It played a very important role in our school life.

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workshop: Gallery Tour: Mercedes Matter: A Retrospective

1) Title of Workshop: Gallery Tour: Mercedes Matter: A Retrospective

2) Enrichment Area Fulfilled: Arts in Baruch

3) Date/Time Attended: Tue, November 17,  1:00 PM 

4) How did the workshops affect your perspective of the topic that was discussed?

I think those white paintings are great. I am not an artist, but i still think they all are great paintings. I believe the  painter made a lot of effort for those works.

5) How did the workshop take you out of your comfort zone?

The room is small, so they only allowed a small amount of people to get into the room. The rest of us had to wait outside. i hope it will be published in a larger room next time. 


6)Explain what the workshop was about and tell us why you specifically chose that workshop.

All the paintings were painted by Mercedes Matter. A woman started to paint since she was young. I choose this workshop because This is the only art workshop left for me to go.

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workshop:Coloring up your future: Alfonso Quiroz Bringing Diversity to the Political Arena

1) Title of Workshop: Coloring up your future: Alfonso Quiroz Bringing Diversity to the Political Arena

2) Enrichment Area Fulfilled: Community / Global Awareness 

3) Date/Time Attended: Thu, November 12, 12:30

4) How did the workshops affect your perspective of the topic that was discussed?

I think this is a great workshop. Alfonso Quiroz was the speaker. he sheds light on the issue of being an openly gay man while holding political power. . I think both “gay man” and “political power” are interesting topics. i liked his speech. 

5) How did the workshop take you out of your comfort zone?

I think this is a great workshop. I think everything is perfect, but i don’t know why we need to wait so long to get in to the classroom.


6)Explain what the workshop was about and tell us why you specifically chose that workshop.

The speaker Alfonso Quiroz talked about his life experience. It was started since he was a child. He was interesting in media, then he became interested in politics. He worked under Clinton’s administration. I chose this workshop because i think this is a great topic.

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