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King Corn Documentary

The documentary, King Corn opened my eyes and made my think about the changes in the food I am eating today.  Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis decided to check their hair to see what it was made up of and got corn.   Their hair analysis resulted in high levels of corn creating curiosity as to why that would be. Both men went to the supermarket and started looking at the ingredients and also noticed that most foods that Americans consume have corn in it.  Day to day, most Americans buy food and consume it without thinking of the ingredients, where it was grown and how it will affect them. They conducted a experiment in which they went to Iowa and grew hybrid corn from scratch to see the process and what happened after.

They both decided to return to their hometown in Iowa, known as “the tall corn state.” If they wanted to inform everyone about high fructose syrup and other corn addictives in food, they had to start at the source. Growing the corn from scratch was a great idea because a lot of people have never seen the steps, how long it takes, or the methods used to get rid of weeds. They learned that the famers were paid to grow the corn by the government and not by the amount that I sold. When it came time to taste the corn, Ian and Curt were disappointed to find out that it wasn’t tasty. They visited couple farms and found out that the corn didn’t need to be tasty, as a majority of it was being fed to cows.

Why would someone feed a cow corn if it is unable to digest it? Simple, the cows are fed corn so that they can grow faster and they are injected with Amino Acid so that they can digest it. A cow that is expected to grow over the years is given grass to eat, but they have no hormones and this process is too long. These cows are only expected to live for 15 months a time because their stomach is unable to handle the corn. The process is saddening to watch and even worse to think about. Ian and Curt, showed us that cheap corn produces cheap food that results in unhealthy people. The effects of the corn is shown though the obesity rates that are gradually increasing, diabetes in adults,  children, e coli and other diseases that can be prevented.

Corn is an addictive that was discovered by our parents generation and gradually became a problem. This persuasive documentary showed the influence that corn has had on our society and how uneducated the public has been. The insight has made a lot of people open their eyes and ponder on the reasons why corn is the only problem solving solution that scientist have developed. Why did scientists stop at corn? If we continue to find a solution to several problems and immediately institute it into our lifestyle without testing it, people will continue to plummet and die from new diseases. The complexity of food has increased over the decades because of all the different ingredients included to make the food taste good to consumers. This has also caused the reasons for certain diseases, solutions and intensity to vary. If man continues to use a solution to treat many more without the proper testing and analysis, we have failed ourselves. As our generation continues, man needs to also grow and start thinking of quality food instead of quantity by properly incorporating the necessary problem solving techniques into science.

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Perspective on Immigration

On December 1st afternoon, in room 8-210 of the Vertical Campus, there was a lecture on researches and perspectives of immigration conducted by Gertrud Huwelmeier of the Phillipps-Unversitat Marburg.  The conference like setting was filled with a handful of professors and students where we all sat and listened to the 45 minute lecturing.  To be quite frank, I was not able to fully understand the lecture and the true meanings behind it but the conversations shared between the professors and Ms. Huwelmeier during the questions and discussion period was quite interesting.  Overall this workshop was more of a new experience for me as I experienced a professional conference style lecture involving globalization of religion.

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Career Exploration: Internship and Goal Settings

So it was at a career exploration workshop that took place at room 2-125 on 11/18/09, where I truly started to think about some serious internships and learn the true meaning of them.  Of course I did know what an internship was and why people do them, but this workshop helped us understand the reason for the existence of STARR career development center and their benefits to us.  The speaker had delivered the presentation very nicely and explained when we would and why we should get an internship and hone our skills and develop new ones as well as our working personalities that would help develop us for our future careers.  Although not a lot of people came, a decent amount of people had come to learn about the processes of internship and goal settings and the utilities Baruch has to offer in helping us meet those goals.

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Arts at Baruch~

Mercedes Matters. If it wasn’t for the workshop offered at Baruch, I probably would have never come across this name.  However, thanks to the workshop, I was able to view and learn about the artworks of this brilliant artist that once lived.

It was at Mishkin Hall in the 23st building where I witnessed a handful of collections of her artwork.  There we went around and was taught about the life of this peculiar artist and the history behind the artworks.

Mercedes Matters’ artwork, I must say, wasn’t my ideal taste of favorable abstract art.  However, I found them interesting, as I learned how to view an artwork and what kinds of questions to ask of an art piece rather than just “what is it?”.

The workshop itself didn’t take too long and I thought it was a nicely conducted workshop.  Although it wasn’t the best place to spend a Tuesday afternoon, to be quite frank, I still thought it was interesting and I did end up getting something out of it- the inspiration to take a trip to an art exhibition (preferably MoMA) and just appreciate art values.

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student life

this workshop taught me alot of stuff that i didnt know about the school.

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Starr Career

It was a great experience to see all this workshops and groups.

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i went to the art gallery on dec 1st. it was pretty interesting. i’m not a big fan of art myself but i guess if thats what your into, then Baruch sure does have something to offer. i think most of the kids there were just trying to get their book signed. there were lines like crazy. but besides that its enjoyable. it would be better if it was an open gallery, instead of groups of 25.

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Blood Drive

wow. i been swarmed with so much work i barely have any time to blog. well i went to the blood drive that was held on december 2nd. unfortunately i was sick and they wouldn’t let me donate. but they let me s tick around so i can get my book signed. The nurse even helped me by telling me the right medicine to take for the cold i had. all in all the atmosphere was very friendly, considering they were sticking you with needles all day. even though i was too sick to donate that time, i’ll make sure i’m able to donate the next time a blood drive event pops up.

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Library Enrichment Workshop

Back in September, I went to a library workshop with a friend of mine. The librarian had told us that Baruch’s library was probably the most resourceful places you could find in Baruch and to take advantage of it. I found that very true from the info after she had told us all the resources we had available. She showed us how to use and access the databases, search for books and reserve books from the Baruch library website. Also, she told us that we were able to access other CUNY libraries by borrowing books from other CUNY schools, which I didn’t know and felt it gave us an opportunity to have larger collection of books available. I find this extremely helpful for me when I am doing research papers. I’m glad that Baruch has provided us a variety of resources to be able to use.

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end of semester

finally the end is in sight, 1 semester down and 7 more to go- the end of freshman seminar is definitely a nice thing to look forward to, frankly i think it was a waste of time.

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