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Career Exploration

i went to the basic interviewing workshop and it was a good decision on my part. the workshop was very helpful. it gave me a lot of good tips on how to get ready for an interview, how to dress and how to talk. they also offered one on one help incase that was what u wanted to better prepare for and interview with a employer.

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i went to the sacc center math test taking workshop. it was pretty bad. the speaker didnt really know what she was talking about and basically just read us what the workbook she had said. it wasnt too informative, pretty much everything she said i already knew like getting a good nights rest and stuff.

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i took a tour of the mercedes art gallery and was pretty impressed with the art work since i cant draw or paint worth much. the tour told me a bit about her life and i got to see her art during all stages of her like as she was influenced by other artists. all in all pretty good workshop if u wanted something short and sweet.

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Boardway- Hair

It was an event with the history and english professors. We went to see the boardway show- Hair. It show us the history during the Vietnam War era, and the culture that was involve during that time period. It was a fun experience, and I learn alot about boardway shows.

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Impression Management

In this workshop, I had learn about first impression and networking.  He show us how first impression are normally the impression that people tends to remember and that the impression is normally made during the first few seconds that they meet. He did activities to show how the networking chain work. Overall this workshop show me the important of first impression.

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Global-Community Awareness

For this subject i went to an Arts workshop for substitution. The Art exhibit was different this time around then the first time I went. I learned even more than the first time, it was like the tour guide was holding back. The Artist name is Mercedes Matter, she liked to paint ever since she was little. The guide also told us in detail how her style was and we could even see her greatest work up close.  There were paintings from when she was 9 then 15 then to her later works as an adult. I bet if I go again to the same workshop i’ll find out even more about Mercedes than the last two times! After this workshop it really inspired me about art and im looking into taking some art classes so I could learn about the history of art at baruch.

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Personal Enrichment

For personal enrichment I went to a stress and values workshop. This workshop was interesting because it talked about the stresses of a college students and taught us how to deal with it. Not only does it address the stresses of school like but life outside of school too. We had worksheets to do and the worksheets were fun because we got to work with a partner.

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Student Life

I went to the Freshman Reception in the beginning of the year. The workshop was supposed to help us find our advisers and talk to them about school. There were tons of freshman the center was overwhelmed. So they made the workshop quick and apologized for it being so unorganized. In the end i still found it a bit helpful and got my planner signed at the event.

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Career Exploration

For career exploration I went to the Starr Center workshop. It was VERY interesting because it taught me how to build a good resume. The workshop also taught me how to dress and the little things that employers look at such as groomed fingernails, type of socks, and how your body language is. The Starr center also gives additional help if you go to tell and as. What I like the most about is that they let you rent suits because I dont think most schools have this luxury.

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Arts at Baruch

For this workshop I went to an Art Gallery at baruch. The art gallery had amazing paintings and the tour guide there was helpful. She explained to us what the paintings were and the style of the painting. The paintings were from since she was young to her latest work.

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