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Blog1. Theme word: truth

My theme word “truth” may carry various types of meanings and feelings to each individual, such as putting one in a positive state of mind where as it can pull one’s mood down. According to an online dictionary, truth is defined as “the true or actual state of a matter, conformity with fact or reality, a verified of indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like.” As far as for me, when I think of the word truth, so many random words, thoughts, memories, and pictures come up to mind– both positive and negative. My own personal motto, or defining this word “truth” is being honest and ethical with myself and listening to what my heart and mind is telling me, instead of following and copying what the rest of the society is doing today (corrupted). People around me that are true to themselves inspire me SO MUCH, all the time to become a better person by approaching my obstacles the “clean”, ethical way. I would have to say “truth” is by far the most essential characteristic I value in an individual, relationship, and etc.

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Accounting with Sidney Kess

Really interesting old guy who has alot to tell anyone with an accounting major. He gave out his contact info for anyone that wants to ask a question about something. He wasnt talking as much about accounting itself, but stressing the importance of the basics of education, and listening to your parents.

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Career Fair Preparation Workshop

I have to say that the Career Fair Preparation workshop has thus far been the most entertaining and helpful workshop that I have gone to. The main focus of the workshop was to prepare us for the Career Fair that was going to happen the next day. I will admit that I felt overwhelmed to say the least. Finding out that if you are  ever in an elevator with the CEO of the company you’re working for can either bring you to new and greater opportunities or leave you where you are, was a bit unnerving.

I found the two speakers (human resource employees of Verizon) to be energetic yet stern in their advice.  Some tips they gave were creating a mini-speech so that when you network, go to an interview or get stuck in an elevator with a high profile CEO, you can easily answer the question that gets most people “Tell us a little about you.” Doing this in advace, they said, would eliminate the “ums” and “errs” that tend to plague many people’s response. In my own past experiences, I have tended to forget to say important accomplishments because I just say what comes to mind.

Although I did not go to the Career Fair because I hardly thought my resume had anything that would give me an advantage over the competitor, I will be sure to take the advice given for next year’s Career Fair.

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Student Life: Club Fair

September 24, 2009  12:30-2:30; Gym

The Club Fair was a great way to meet with clubs. The line to get into the gym was packed but well worth the wait. It was nice to know that Baruch is home to that many clubs and my possibilities were endless.

In the chaotic mess that made up the Club Fair, I lost my friends. However, as I manuevered my way through the makeshift stalls, I signed my name for updates. I was interested in a lot of clubs, a couple being Women In Business, AISEC, Golden Key Society and AMA. Having been in my school’s student government, I was looking for the USG but couldn’t find it. Then there was live entertainment that drew a huge crowd. Of course, being only 5’4, I couldn’t see anything but I assume it was great judging by the audience’s reaction.

All in all, I’m hoping that next year I will be on the other side of the stall trying to persuade people to join the clubs that I joined.

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Arts at Baruch: Mercedes Matter

Septbember 22, 2009 (1pm-2pm); Sydney Mishkin Gallery on 22nd Street

The Arts at Baruch: Mercedes Matter workshop was interesting. I actually misinterpreted the title before I got to the workshop. I thought it meant ‘Mercedes’ (either an art technique or the car) ‘matter’ (as in that it had some sort of importance). However, as soon as the tour started, the tourguide explained it was a female artist’s name. Matter did mostly oil painting and charcoal and a lot of her works were still-life compositions. The tourguide went into detail about techniques that the artist used to achieve the desired color and texture. Matter’s later works appealed to me the most. They seemed like it would easily be incorporated in the decor of a luxury condo. 

The tourguide left us with something to think about. She said “Never ask ‘What is it?, ask ‘What is the artist trying to do?” Now that’s something to think about.

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Club Fair

On September 24, I attended the club fair at the gymnasium. I had a bad feeling before the fair started that it wouldn’t be very useful because of the hundreds upon hundreds of people trying to get in. It took me more than half an hour to enter the gymnasium and when I did there was barely any room to move. I was able to only visit a couple of club’s stands before I felt the urge to leave.

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Art Gallery

On October 6, I attended the Art Gallery workshop at the 22nd street building. The entire exhibition was by one artist so there wasn’t a broad spectrum of different styles, although the artist did have different phases and used different techniques throughout her life. The speaker pointed out the use of different angles and the changing styles which was pretty interesting. The workshop was over in around 5 minutes so there wasn’t much of an opportunity to really analyze the art.

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Bearcat: The Other Google

On October 20, I attended the Academic Enrichment workshop on the 2nd floor of the library building. Bearcat: The Other Google, was and still is the best workshop I have gone to. I had never heard of Bearcat before and the information that was very informative. The speaker told us of all the uses of Bearcat, how to use it, and some limitations of it in a concise lecture.

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Baruch Debates Diversity

On September 14, I attended a panel discussion on diversity in room 730 of the library building. I was very interested to hear about the event because I had not expected race to be something that was discussed so openly. Though I was excited to enter the room, I quickly lost interest because of the rambling manner of the speakers. Each spoke for at least ten minutes at a time and it did not seem like too much discussion was going o.

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Joseph O’Connor

The reading or “conversation” with Joseph O’Connor was entertaining. He had an Irish accent that was absolutely perfect for reading his stories. And unlike the main speaker at the Diversity Conference, O’Connor did not dissapoint. He was funny and upbeat and read his stories with vigor and emotion. Even though some of the audience members were falling asleep, they would occasionally come back to life and hear a joke and laugh. O’Connor’s stories were interesting and prior to reading any story, he would tell us what to expect. I honestly think he should have gone into comedy professionally instead of a writer but it works since most of his readings had some humor to it.

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