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Personal Enrichment workshop

I attended this workshop in place of one that was attended by the whole LC.  I felt that this was a good workshop but kind of repetitive and was similar to the other workshops we attended.  This workshop couldve been better if the speaker was more enthusiastic when presenting the material but did provide several important facts to help me pick out a career.  Therefore, I would recommend this workshop if a few corrections were made.

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Arts workshop

When i visited the gallery on Nov 17th, I was amazed at how good the art work was.  The time i went it was kind of crowded so I was not able to see all the art work I wanted to.  But from what I saw I enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend it to other students.

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Job Fair Prep

This workshop is technically not a Global Community Awareness workshop, but because there was no more Global workshop I did another Career Exploration instead. This workshop was similar the one I did previously for career exploration. They spoke about the importance of first impressions and leaving a lasting impression on your interviewers. We spoke about job opportunities and taking advantage of what is best for you. This workshop at first seemed repetitive to me, but I learned more information that I missed the first time.

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Mishkin Workshop

This workshop was an Art workshop that took place at the gallery. I enjoyed this workshop the most because I felt as if this workshop was interaction rather then us having to be spoken too. We looked at different pieces of art by the painter Mercedes. The way the gallery was set up allowed us to see the progress of her work. From her oldest paintings she did at a young age to the most recent paintings that she did in her old age which are also her most famous. I believe this girl had incredible talent and her paintings were very interesting. She had an interesting background and I believe Mercedes used painting as a form of expressing herself. She painted mostly still life pictures but she used different forms of abstract in them. This workshop allowed me to expand my artistic views and appreciate different forms of art.

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Mediating Conflicts

This workshop took place November 12, and unfortunately this workshop was in a small location and therefore the room was filled to capacity. I was forced to sit on the floor, and because of it was uncomfortable throughout the entire workshop. However, besides that, the workshop spoke mostly about the importance of ways to communicate our problems to other people. Instead of using anger or force, there is a way to get your point across in that you can get what you want. I took this workshop as a very educational opportunity, to use in my classes. This allowed me to understand the importance of mediating an proper communication techniques.

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Career Planning Impression Management

This workshop was a very informative workshop because it allowed me as a future business student to learn what business are expecting from upcoming college graduates. Even though i found the workshop very long, it explained the importance of first impressions. When interviewing for a job, the possible future employer is making assumptions based on how you talk, dress, act and etc. I plan on taking what I learned from this workshop and using it for when I decide to apply for a job. The facilitator spoke about the services Baruch offers to help students with the job process. For instance STARR, which is located on the second floor, provides students with mock interviews that will help them when the go on actual interviews. I see this as benefit to me and I plan on taking advantage of it.

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Mercedes Matter Art workhop

I have attended the Mercedes matter for my last workshop and was quite pleased with the amount of paitings in there. Although this workshop was very interesting and gave me alot of positive thoughts, I found it quite overcrowded. Lucky for me I’m tall and was able to see all the pictures, but some people were not so lucky and were forced to look at others’ backs. Overall I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in arts as it is free and pretty interesting.

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Art Workshop

November 17th was the art workshop and I had attended it. It was the Mercedes art gallery and I did not like this workshop that much because I am not a big fanatic on art. The art work in this gallery were very colorful and I did not really not like the abstract pictures that she had. I would not recommend this workshop to people who do not like art so much because it was very boring to me, but if you do like art, you could attend this workshop in the future.

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Art Gallery

I attended the Mercedes Matter: A Retrospective Exhibition on Nov. 17th in the Mishkin at 1 pm.  The gallery was quite overcroweded and there was a long waiting line. When inside i saw  beautiful  portraits that Mercedes had created. I really enjoyed her artwork, because she used a lot of colors and shapes. I would recommend this workshop to others because it was interesting

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Values Pressures and Choosing a Major Personal Enrichment Wkshp

I attended this workhop on monday november 16th. It was an interesting workshop. At this workshop two gentlemen spoke to the classroom of people about making the right decisions and choosing the right major.  They talked about involving your goals and your preferable majors. The men explained how we should combine our expectations and goals. It was an interesting workshop and i would definetly recommend it to a friend.

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