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Changing It up

Although the theme of race and justice is interesting and relates to all of us, I feel that I would leave more room for people to talk about other themes that interest them as well.  For instance, maybe have the first half of the semester on one topic and change it up the second semester.  I enjoy our open workshops.  I have never had a teacher that focused so much on us as individuals and really tried to improve our writing one by one. 

As students we find everything to complain about and nothing to be thankful for so I think if I could change anything in the class I would allow the students to choose a novel (an appropriate novel) and make that a required reading- of course relating to the topic given that semester. 

Other than that I have enjoyed the class so far and hope it continues to be just as interesting.  I have enjoyed most of the readings and have gained new knowledge from them.  “A Hip Hop Theory of Justice” has been my favorite reading so far.  I am looking forward to seeing what else there is to come.

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Stress management 2 (sponsored by a club)

This workshop was a lot of fun. I got to meet with new people and play boardgames at the tables. There was music, food and well, boardgames. Oh and there was a  free massage and yes i took full advantage of that. The massage was amazing, but it just ended too soon (. There was a big line for food and then for smoothies. Over all i liked it, I just wish that more workshops would be like that but obviously that is not going to happen. This was my last workshop and now the semester is coming to an end. I’m happy about it be I’m also a little sad. I guess the reality won’t really hit me until finals are over.

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Gallery tour

The tour was interesting especially since i attended it right after my art class. I understood the contemporary artwork that was displayed there much better because that is what we were discussing in class that day. I liked the fact that we got to sit on the floor while the lady was talking. The tour lasted about 15 minutes i believe but it covered a lot of material in a nice understandable manner. I just wish that when we came out to get our passports signed there would be more then one person signing, since it was a mess.

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Academic Enrichment

This workshop was called Bearcat: The other Google. Bearcat is a Baruch site similar to google’s search engine. Although it is similar to google, it is a more advanced search with more dependable articles. It seems very helpful when you need to do research and stuff so I guess this showed another source you can use when needing to do some research.

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Managing Relationships in College

There were a lot of people at this workshop. The professor at this workshop talked to us about how to manage our relationships along with school at the same time. She gave advices on how we should balance our personal relationships and school so that they don’t conflict. It is important to maintain good relationships in school and outside as well. she also made us introduce ourselves to other people around us and from different sections of the room. I got to meet some new people and I also got to talk to some of my old classmates from high school. All in all it was a good workshop to attend.

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Arts at Baruch

We were given a tour of Mercedes Matter. The line was pretty long so it took awhile to get in. The paintings were very interesting since it took us through the stages that the artist progress throughout the years. Since we are taking an art history class right now, I felt like I have more appreciation for art. The tour itself was not bad, just kinda cramped since the museum was small.

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Career Exploration

In this enrichment workshop, students learned about the different types of internships we could apply for. They also told us about paid and unpaid internships. When looking for an internship, we should try to find one that has something related to what we might want to study or what we may be interested in.

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Freshman Reception

The Freshman Reception was the first seminar i went to. Jammed pack with what seemed like thousands of freshmen. Of course with so many people everyone had to be rushed out. There was some information that was given out like our requirements and the information on the core classes but other than that nothing much really happened.

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Investment Banking

The Investment Banking seminar talks about the use of other people’s money to make more money. The guest speaker that we had used real estate to accomplish this goal. She gave us three scenarios and we were supposed to decide which one was the best to sell to make the most profit based on the current situation and the timings. However, since I haven’t taken any of my business courses yet most of the things that were talked about were a bit over my head.

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SAAC Center

The SAAC Center is a great place if you ever need any help. One thing I have never been good at was writing essays. When I went there the tutor read over my art essay and pointed out what I’ve been doing wrong. How to incorporate the quotes into the sentence to make it flow. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have received that A on the essay.

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