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How is Gary Hirshberg’s factory system different?

After reading the book Stirring It Up by Gary Hirshberg, I can conclude that his idea of a factory system consist of using environmental principles and practices, in order words going green, to make profit and save the planet. From that idea I was able to derivate several differences between his factory system and the factory systems that exist around the nation. One of the main differences is that his factory system is about buying dear and selling cheap, meaning spending money to produce something that’s good and selling it cheap, instead of buying cheap and selling it in an expensive price. Another difference is that his farming system doesn’t release as much carbon dioxide as other farming systems do. Also his system is about not spending a lot of money on advertisements.  In his efforts to improve the planet his system is also about cutting down waste.  Lastly, his system differentiates because his system is about providing more information for the consumer and having better relations with the suppliers.

In most of the factory systems around the nation the idea is of buying, producing something cheap and selling that product for an expensive price. In Gary Hirshbergs system that is not the idea. According to his book, he believes in putting lots of money in the production of his yogurt , because it will yield the finest yogurt and consumers would buy it. He believes in putting the best ingredients. For example, instead of using high fructose corn syrup, which is what other production factories use, his factory system uses organic sugar.  Instead of using modified food starch, his system uses agar from seaweed. Lastly, in his system he uses organic milk solids instead of gelatin. This not only produces the finest yogurt, but also the healthiest and planet saving yogurt. This is what Gary Hirshberg strives for with his factory system.

Another way, in which Gary Hirshbergs factory system differs from other factory systems, is that his production of the yogurt doesn’t release as much carbon dioxide as other productions.  Unlike other factory systems, where they use variation of chemicals such as carbon dioxide, nitrate, fossil fuel, to increase production and the  growth of their products  in order earn a lot of profit from it, Hirshberg’s system is all about the eliminating the use of those chemicals. Since the use of those chemicals damages the environment and the planet. To decrease the release of carbon dioxide, Gary Hirshberg’s factory system uses organic products, instead of pesticides. In his fight against carbon dioxide release he has contributed to the production of wind generators and reforestation projects. This is another way his system factory system differs from others.

Gary Hirshberg’s factory system is built around the idea of making profit by maintaining the environmental principles and practices, with this mind; he does not spend money on advertising his product.  Stonyfield uses only 2 percent of the budget for traditional advertisement.  Instead of using the media, such as newspapers, magazines, tv, radio like most other factory systems use, according to the book Stirring It up Stony field uses the yogurt cup lids as advertisement and environmental messages. This way of advertising, gives the consumer more access into the information of the product, and leads to a greater bond with the consumers.  Other factory systems don’t seek to have this bond with the consumer, and don’t advertise the way Hirshberg’s system does, which creates another difference.

Another way Gary Hirshberg’s factory system differs from other factory systems, is because Gary Hirshberg’s system preaches cutting down the amount of waste and packaging from the production of something, because it will harm the environment. For example in the production of his yogurt, he eliminated the use of plastic cup and the seal. It not only cut down the packaging but also the energy that went into producing this packaging. This is another form in which his system differs from others.

At last a way in which Gary Hirshberg’s factory system differs from other factory systems, is that his factory system consist of maintaining a good relation with the suppliers. Now most of other factory systems seem to always be fighting with the suppliers about the prices and the quality. Instead of being at constant fights, according to Gary Hirshberg his system maintains constant prices not up and down prices. The key is that both the suppliers and the person that’s buying benefit.

Gary Hirshberg’s idea of making profit but at the same time respecting the environment and practices, has led his factory system to be different from other factory systems.

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Community Service- Donating Blood

Last year, my grandmother was in the hospital. She was really sick and the doctors believed she was bleeding internally b/c her blood count was really low. During her hospital stay, she received 3 bags of blood. From that moment on, I vowed that I would donate blood. I never really got around to it but I saw the blood drives here and decided that I would start now.

There was a blood drive last Wednesday in the multipurpose room. I had never donated blood before and I figured I would go around the same time Jenn and Joanna were going so I wouldn’t be completely alone. Long story short, they deferred me because my hemoglobin was too low. But I really wanted to: 1)donate blood, 2) find out my blood type, and 3) fulfill my community service requirement. So I looked up donor centers in my area. Turns out there’s a center in the Metlife building by Grand Central. I brought a friend along and was able to donate that day (after stuffing my face with tons of greens and beans). My friend only planned on getting more information that day, but she was eligible to donate and went for it. It was a big thing for me b/c I’m not too fond of needles and that needle is so thick you can see through the hollow in it. Once it gets past the skin, you only feel an ache (and a sting when they hit the vein). The first nurse I had fished around my arm for a vein (and I got the bruise to prove it) and after calling the other nurse to see if she could find a vein (as if it were a challenge), they decided to try the other arm. The better nurse had a hard time finding a good one but did (on the first shot). I’m so glad she did b/c had she not, I would’ve come out of their with 2 stab marks and no blood donation. Everything went smoothly after that…for me.

My friend wasn’t so lucky. She seemed perfectly fine at the “canteen”, but 20 min later, she went to the bathroom, puked, and nearly passed out…twice. I guess her body had a problem readjusting its blood pressure, but eventually, she got better. So instead of staying for maybe one hour, we were there about 4 hrs. Anyways, that didn’t worry me. She hadn’t really planned to donate that day and hadn’t eaten much. I will definitely do it again. The nurses were really nice. The facility was really clean, and it doesn’t take that long (normally). I knew people needed blood if they’re in an accident or have a surgery, but I didn’t think about all the patients with chronic conditions that need blood products often and repeatedly. Also, during the holidays, apparently the need for blood goes up. So more donors are needed during certain times. I will donate blood again and as often as I can.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays. Good luck with finals!!

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Closing Blog

Freshman seminar had its good and bad parts. I really appreciated the opportunity to meet with my peers and peer mentors once a week. We all learned a lot from each other. It gave everyone a good chance to unwind and help each other out with school. However, I did not like the fact that we had so many assignments. Maybe some of the stuff we had to do should be done during the meeting time to make it easier on our schedule. But the workshops were all really educational and enjoyable. I plan on attending more next year. They specifically are able to help me understand something that I am interested in in a very short amount of time. They are free, very easy to register for and made for students.  I am happy that I had the opportunity to experience all the types of programs Baruch has to offer, and hopefully I will further take advantage of these programs and benefits over the course of my education at Baruch. I learned a lot about the culture of Baruch and people’s attitudes towards school and also life. My peer mentors were also great because it was really nice to hear feedback and encouragement from students who have some academic experience at Baruch under their belt. They taught us what to do if we had problems with the professor, how to succeed in classes, opportunities to do better and get help in school, and much more. Robert and Jenny were always writing emails or suggesting different programs to go to around school. Even though it was sometimes annoying to take time out of my day to go to this class I ended up really enjoying it and appreciate the time I spent in Freshman Orientation. Thank you everybody for the great time!

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Donating “Art”

Ode to my Finger

I went to the Holiday Blood Drive to give blood.

The lady was nice and explain to me the form I needed to fill.

I filled it.

I waited on the line and finally it was my turn.

The nurse looked at the form I filled up and than poke my finger with a needle.


He put a cotton pad or whatever on it and then waited for a second.

He checked my pressure than checked my iron and…

my iron was a little lot and I was told NO.


I couldn’t donate blood.

I was truly devastated.

I was being told that I could save someone’s life but that I couldn’t anymore.

Just because my iron was low.

So I went home.

Sad and feeling confused.

And with my finger hurting.

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Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar was pretty good. It was definitely beneficial in the sense that I met my peer mentors (Robert and Jenny). I think that was the best part of the whole seminar. You guys were really, really helpful and you guys kind of kept things interesting. When it came to signing up for classes or giving little advice on tutoring you guys really helped. Also you guys pointed me and others in the right direction in finding help or answering any questions you did not know. The best session I think was how to deal with problems with teachers and classes. First I learnt that many of my individual problems were shared among my classmates. It reassured me that I wasn’t the only one who felt a certain way toward specific teachers or actions of specific teachers. I also learned solutions to deal with problems I encountered. Like instead of staying clueless all semester when you have bad teachers, go to tutoring. There were also a couple of problems with freshman seminar. One being it was sometimes difficult and annoying to try and fit the workshops into your already busy and full schedule. I think also that students should go to there choice of workshops because I went to many workshops that didn’t fit the criteria. I wasn’t able to use them to fill in the workshops I needed. So on top of the workshops that I attended and had a genuine interest in, I had to go to workshops that were boring and useless. One such workshop was the stress reduction workshop. Maybe others would enjoy that but I really didn’t. I rather go to workshops that hold my interest and blog about them. This is a way also for others to learn about things they didn’t know about from other people’s blogs. If I can go to the VITA workshop and blog about other people can learn about that organization. People may think they are not interested in that organization because there really not sure what it’s about. But from my blog and personal insight they might look into it. Overall freshman seminar helped and gave me the guidance I needed to do well in college. It also gave me a support system that I use often.

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closing blog

This learning community has changed my college experience completely. Not only has it made my transition from high school to college easier and less confusing it has surrounded me with the people that truly made a difference in my life. The learning community has exposed me to the importance of community service and community awareness. The various workshops and lessons taught during the class has helped with my public speaking and class selection. The instructors proved to be very helpful and in the end was not a complete waste of time. When I first understood the concept of a non credit course I was irritated. I was angry about the fact that instead of studying for other classes I was stuck in a non credit class that at the time I thought was going to be a waste of time. But in reality it was a great learning experience that has definitely made my life easier. The class taught me time management and how to deal with professors leading to a great college experience. The most enjoyable aspect of the class was the difference between a good and bad speaker. Through both examples of a good speaker and a bad one it clearly showed the clarity of one’s voice and confidence how it affects a grade. Also the stress on community involvement was very eye opening. The class taught me to take advantage of the various opportunities offered at the school including star search and the writing center. It was a basically a class that showed new students the inner workings of the university. Not only did this learning community provide me with people that I would know for the rest of the semester and maybe even the rest of my life. the trips and parties were also very fun and the teachers involved also helped in a great deal.

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AdHoc Major

I went to this information session because I think that the majors at Baruch are not exactly what Iwant. When I went i was surprised at how basic the process was to creat your own major. Basically you have to complete course pre-requesites and make sure at 60% of the classes are taken at Baruch college. Then obtain and fill out a application of Ad Hoc major with a explanation.  Also write a 1 to 1 1/2 page explanation of why these courses you selected work well together. This paper should also includeinformation on how you can’t achieve this ‘integrated knowledge base’ through existing Baruch majors and how his area of study helps you reach your educational goals. Then you fill out a major specialization form and submit it to get approved. You have to get approved by Dr. Wendy Heyman, Arts & Science Coordinator, Starr Career Development Center, the faculty advisors from two of the WSAS departments and the Office of the Associative Dean. I think writing the explanation and the approval process would be the most difficult part. But you would have the opportunity to get help from any Academic Advisor or Dr. Wendy Heyman. I think in the future i will be going through this same process. I actually saw a couple of samples and they look really good. The majors that students came up with make sense. One thing i would like to know though is; how effective are these majors in finding a job? Do they actually help or is a waste of time? Are employers more likely look at your Ad Hoc major or look more for the conventional ones? When I’m ready to go through with this I would have to set up an appointment with someone to get these questions answered.

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Fresh start

The workshot was held on the fifth floor and its intent was to to guide students and informing them about what they needed to succeed in baruch college. they gave an overview on how our semester was to be like in Baruchand how we could transition. This did not happen though. it was overcrowded and there objectives were not achieved leading it to

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Get A Fresh Start

This was the first workshop offered at Baruch.  For this reason, it was very difficult to gain anything from it.  Although i was among the first lines of students waiting for the workshop to commence, I didnt have a chance to go in since as soon as the staff offering signatures came out, the lines broke up and everything became a mess.  However, I did receive a folder with multiple pamphlets that summarized the workshop.  I assume that this workshop was suppose to help us adjust to Baruch and the college life.  Sincerely, I would have liked to hear the speaker and maybe obtain some feedback on many of the questions I had at the time.

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“A Doll’s House”

This play took place in the Engelman Theater and although it was essentially shortened and somewhat performed differently than usual, it was very entertaining.  At its core, the performance still emphasized on the actions of Nora (the protagonist) and the dynamics of her relationship with Torvald, her husband.  Overall, the play focused on the importance of female roles in society.  Among the few who attended that day, it was generally agreed that the play took on a feminist course ( i guess it is the overall theme of the story).  Finally, I would have liked a longer performance since i enjoyed the good job they did.

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