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Impression Management

This workshop was very important in regards to my personal life. It taught me in my personal life to be knowledgeable that I am always being looked at and judged. I enjoyed this workshop because of the great interaction that we had with eachother and the presenter. He made us all feel comfortable and made the experience so much easier in general.

My overal lesson taken away from this worksop is to be charismatic and leave ever lasting positive impressions with everyone you meet. You may not know how that person may effect you later in life, so take no chances and leave a positive rememberence with them.

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Impression Management

This was probably my favorite workshop. The presenter made me feel very comfortable and involved in the discussion. It taught me a lot on different subject. It got the message across to me that everyone you encounter in your life creates an impression on you based on your first encounters with them. It’s important to be able to leave and have them have a positive view towards you. This may effect you later on in life.

The overal message was to be aware that you are always being looked at and judged, so carry yourself in an appropriate way and proffessional way.

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Impression Management

This workshop was very interactive and productive aswell. All of the workshops are relevent to us especially as freshman. The all have something to do with college life, employment, or the business world. We all know that first impressions are lasting impressions; I learned to be conscious of the first impression I am giving people. We learned what impressions we can give by doing something as simple as sitting in the back of a classroom can give. Its good to know and understand inpression management because we’ll be doing interviews for jobs and internships. I enjoyed this workshop and the little excersises done throughout actually taught big lessons.

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“Writing Resume Cover Letters” – Career Exploration-10/27/09

This was a very informative workshop, however I had previously taken classes and been to other workshops about this same subject so most of the material was not that suprising.  One thing that I want to say about thisworkshop was that I felt that the instructor was very demeaning.  I felt as though i was in elementary school and I was being reprimanded by a teacher.  She did not let any of us share our thoughts or asked if we had any previous experience with resumes.  I wanted to share some of the things I had learned in my previous workshops but she went on and onand never once looked around for comments or questions.  On the other hand, the material she covered was, I felt, very helpful and if nobody had any previous knowledge of making resumes, the pamphlet and lesson would definielty clear any problems up.  On positivve thing I took away from this workshop was learning of the existence of a handbook that supposedly has all the jobs available for certain hobbies and tendencies.  This definietly intrigued me and I will use this handbook for applying to other jobs.  Overall, I would say that this was nto a great workshop but if you know nothing of resumes, it would be a good idea to attend.

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Using and Evaluating the Uses of Research 10/20/09

Due to the fact that we had to do research early in the year for a research paper in two of our classes most of our learning community was already forced to sit through this presentation so it was not very helpful after the fact. We were taught about how to use the Baruch library site and proper ways to type in our searches to give us the best results. If this would have been the first time I saw this speaker it would have been extremely helpful, but I had already been shown this information so I was quite bored for the duration of this workshop. I recommend this to all students at Baruch because sooner or later you will have to do some research in the library and this makes it much easier.

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Stress and Anxiety Reduction 11/3/09

This was almost as useless as a workshop as the freshman reception. We went over extremely remedial stress relief exercise such as listening to calming music and squeezing muscles to release tension. This did not help me at all and I truly believed when we were flexing our butts I heard another student fart. The intentions of this workshop were very good but the message was lost in translation. I would not recommend this to any Baruch student who does not have a great attention span.

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Career Planning Managment 10/20/09

This workshop I found to be by far the most useful in the furute. It showed us how to act in a buisness setting when we were being interviewed. All though what we were taught was very remidiel and I was aware of most of the key ways to act I still found out certain things that I did not know that will be helpful in the future. I recomend this workshop to any Baruch freshman who is thinking about attempting to get an internship or job in the near future.

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Club fair 9/24

Of all the workshops this was by far my favorite. It was not only interesting but interactive as well. By going to this event I was able to see all the different clubs in Baruch and the student life behind these clubs. I saw Baruch as just a commuter school prior to this event, but attending the club fair really opened my eyes and showed me there was more if you actually wanted to look. Even though there was no way that you could possibly visit every both in the elated time it was still a great experience.

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Resume Writing & Cover Letters 10/27

I attended a workshop organized by Starr Career Center. It was very useful and it taught me how to apply for internships and jobs. The speaker was very welcoming and answered any questions. The workshop taught me how to create professional resumes and how to prepare for interviews. The speakers also gave us useful handouts which teaches me step by step how to create resumes. They also gave us example resumes so that we know what to do incase we get confused. Overall this workshop was organized and beneficial. I advise students to attend this workshop because everyone will need to know how to write a resume and prepare for the real world.

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The Freshman Reception 9/17

This was my first workshop I attended. I’m still not sure what this workshop was about. My learning community and I squeezed into a crowded room waiting for someone to sign our  sheets. We waited for what felt like hours for nothing. We eventually got our sheet signed by a FRO instructor and left the crowded floor. The only good thing that came out of this workshop was that I got to meet people in my learning community and share some laughs with them. Hopefully next year it will be more organized for the incoming students.

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The Nature of Landscape / The nature of Philosophy 10/14

I enjoyed this workshop very much. My english professor took my class to Baruch Art Gallery in the 23rd street building. I’m not interested in photography but I enjoyed the photos. The photos I saw were took in strange styles. I am very big on different types of styles in all types of things, thats is why i was able to appreciate the pictures. One of the photographers talked to us about his style and informed us how he chooses particular scenes to take. The speaker was very irritating because he talked for a long time and repeated many things. Overall the workshop was a success and interesting.

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Club Fair 9/24

The Baruch Club Fair was on September 24th in the Cafeteria.  Basically there were alot of booths which were dedicated to a certain club at Baruch. There were booths for the sports teams, Naba, the fraternity, and many more. This was my favorite workshop, becuase I got to see what clubs are available here at Baruch. Although there were too many booths to visit each one, I got the sense that Baruch takes their clubs seriously, and there are plenty to offer. I was interested in a few clubs, however I didn’t end up joining any of them. I’m a little upset, however I will deffinatly join a club next semester. This workshop is deffinatly agood one to go to, becuase with the large number of clubs at Baruch, its difficult to find one that suits your interests.

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This was a very helpful workshop. The speaker was very good at explain everything and was very helpful. She talked about the material with a lot of enthusiasm. Most of the stuff that she taught i already knew because i was enrolled in a business program in high school, that had already taught me proper interview behavior, and how to make proper first impressions. For anybody that does not already know how to make a good impression or how to present yourself to an employer this would be a good workshop. This workshop did not really take me out of my comfort zone as i was already familiar with the material. Even though this workshop was not as useful for me i would highly recommend it to anybody else because it teaches things that will help you throughout the course of your life.

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Impression Management 11/23

I was rather surprised by the Impression Management workshop. I enjoyed the group activities that we had to do, especially the one where we named the people in the room who we knew. It shows you how important networking can be. I thought the workshop went over some important information, as in how to act around people by creating a good impression, by being enthusistic and friendly. The worshop also went over ways to do better in school. The interesting part was we decided for ourselves where our academic problems are, and how to solve them. I would reccomend this workshop, because it was fairly interesting, and it can possibly help you be an overall better student.

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Stress and Anxiety Reduction 11/3

The ” Stress and Anxiety Reduction” workshop was not the most interesting one. The speakers were humdrum and did not give many useful tips. They taught us different ways to relieve stress such as flexing different parts of our bodies for a long period of time. Another tip that they gave us was to listen to calming music, and the music that they played but me to sleep. The last exercise that we did was to eat a raisin. While eating the raisin we had to describe what was going on in our mouth. This workshop might have helped other students but this workshop did not have an impact on me.

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