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Creon,the tragic hero

 tragedy is a drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow.Especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw,moral weakness or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances.I do consider Antigone to be a tragedy because the main character is brought to extreme sorrow due to a tragic flaw.I believe Creon is the tragic hero.Creon’s tragic flaws are being prideful,confident and stubborn.He also is afraid of how to use his power because he was forced to be in a role of authority.Even though Creon appears as the ‘bad guy’ or the antagonist we still show sympathy for him.Antigone is a murderer and Creon should be upset.Creon lost everything that was really close to him.

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finally, nine!!!!!!!!

ok, thank god this is done. but now i have to worry about the fact that i dont have my enrichment workshops done. and the fact that im late. please dont give me an incomplete:(

ok, i hope i will see  edden shahreen josselin natalie april gini and ali again next semester, becuse they are awesome!

happy holidays to everyone!! love eka

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almost nine

im on my eighth blog… i hope nancy accepts this:(((.

today i took some pictures of the neighborhood. where my grandmothers house is you can see the caucas mountains. its pretty cool. oh i forgot to talk about the dog that  my grandmother has. its soo friendly, and it knows how to sit and say hi, but you have to tell him in georgian. sit, dajeki, hi, gamarjoba. but he is very smelli. he stinks. they dont wash dogs here. especially big guard dogs. some people do though, they domesticate small dogs and take care of them very well.

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my bros

my brothers came to america when they were nine, so they forgot, gerogian. thats no xcuse, but we didnt really talk in georgian, we spoke in english to learn. so thats why. they understand, but they cant really speak. so im their tranlator, when my mother isnt around, which is most of the time, becasue she is busy talking to guests, who just keep coming over to our place. yay! ive got a sore throat already. here the water is soo cold, and the heating sistem is completely different. most people dont have home heating, they use ‘Pechi’ which is like a metal box, that you put wood in, it has a tube coming out of it to let the smoke out, and the tube comes out of the hole from  the cealing or the wall that its closest too. they cook things on it too. its kind of dangerous, when it gets hot.

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it was really cold, but for two days it got warm again. i visited both my grandparents, and i met some of my old neighbors. lots of old memories came back to me because i went through old books and toys, and just seeng the same neighborhood was like remembering my childhood.

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fifth blog:

gamarjoba! it means hello in gerogian.

when we got there we basically just went to sleep. we visited some family living there, i met some of my old classmates. and we also went to visit the new church that was built, somewhere on the hill area. its close to the house of the president. pres. saakashvili.

the church was really beautiful becasue since its on a hill it overlooks tbilisi, and tbilisi is on very mountany area. its pretty, and i took some great pictures there. they also had swans in the lake next to the church.

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the flight

fourth blog:

hello. again.

so i’ll talk about the flight. the flight was split into two, from new york to kiev, and from kiev to tbilisi. the first half of the trip was about nine hours, and the weight in between flights was abouit  six  hours, and the flight from kiev to tbilisi was two hours. the worst part was waiting in kiev. the airport was filled with smoke! everybody smokles there like crazy. in tbilisi too. its terrible, if youre not used to it.  plus when we landed two geroian men started talking to my mother. they were very old, and kind of crazy. and they basically bothered us for the rest of the trip until we landed in tbilisy at whch point we were really tirted of them. they got drunk and smoked like 10 cigaretts. crazyyy! and we couldnt get rid of them.

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ok, two down seven more to go. this is terrible.

so i was going to do everything, my blogs, and the enrichment essays(becasue i only had four) bedore today, but i didnt get a chance to becasue i didnt have internet.  first we stayed in tbilisi the capital of georgia. we have a small apartment there, but nobody lives there, so my aunt didnt bother to get internet there. we stayed there for four days and then we went to akhmeta were my brother george:) connected the internet. so i got to check my email and i almost got a heart attack because i thought i had more time to do these blogs. when in reality i am one day late:((

so thats what happened.

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flight trouble

i’m going to try to do the rest of my eight blogs now, i know im late but hopefully nancy will not give me an incomplete.

so i had some flight trouble. my flight was originally supposed to be on the 18th of december, and it was changed to 15th. usually this doesnt happen, but my mother said ukrainean air lines are unreliable, and they do this kind of stuff.

so i had to leave before i took my exams, which was terrible, and scarry. it still is becasue now im worrying about my exams when i come back. i emailed all my proffessors, and they all said it was ok for me to take the exams when i came back which was a relief!

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