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just wonder if anyone still read this anymore


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Last reflections

Sup everyone. I’ve counted my workshops and it seems like I only have 11. So this is going to be my last one. I want you all to post any reflections and memorable moments that you have gotten here in Baruch in your first semester. So post away and best of luck to all of you.

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I just wrote 11 straight blog posts. I would just like to take some time out to pat myself on the back. Lennox you did a great job. I always knew you could do it. What was that about procrastination? I’ve mastered the art. “Champion” by Kanye anyone? In your face Stephanie! (JK) To LC16, you guys are the best and it really has been an honor to have been with you all this semester. I’m sure that even though our schedules are all over the place, we’ll be sure to cross paths someday. Good luck everybody, I’m sure you all will be sucessful in whatever you do. (you too steph) Peace

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Basketball Tournament

So I’m still not sure if we’re having any basketball tournament between LC’s. It’s almost the end of the semester and once it’s done, I don’t think it’s gonna be easy to get the tournament going. Hopefully this thing will get organized soon enough so we can win our trophy already haha.

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My First and Last Blog!

So i have counted my blogs and if i am not wrong, i made over 12 comments in total. So i decided to write my own post for the very first and last time. I dont really know what to write except to remind you guys not to prcastinate. According to my equation of frustration, Lots of Work + Little Time = Frustration. So, if you procastinate and do your readings for the finals on the last day, it will only lead to frustration which is also equal to a possible bad grade. So to my awsome LCers, good luck on all the finals, papers, and presentation. Only two weeks left, so work hard and DONT procastinate!

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Last workshop before FRO section

12月 1日 (Tuesday), 13:00 – 14:00
135 East 22nd Street
Arts at Baruch. A “teaching gallery” that is regularly the site of special class sessions, the Mishkin is a linchpin in the College’s drive to encourage interdisciplinary education. Gallery talks and symposia are commonly offered to the College community as well as the public as part of exhibition schedules.

I think it is the last chance to fill up your freshman seminar passport. For those slackers, I don’t want to mention your names (Thomas), please participate tomorrow. It only takes an hour and it should be fun.

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2 Weeks Left

Well, there’s officially 2 weeks left in the semester, minus any finals you have to take. No doubt, its going to be jam-packed with work. The final music quiz, our English paper, a sociology final… it should be putting us to the test yet again. However, reflecting back on the semester, I must say it wasn’t that bad at all. I seem to still procrastinate like I did in high school and so far its working. However, now that I have all these reading intensive courses next semester, I have to break out of the habit. Now that we have 2 weeks left, lets not slack of just yet… we have a a month and a half dedicated to just that soon 😉

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Dedicating this to YOU

I want to dedicate this post to the women who sat in the back who manages the medical records. Thank you for your stuck-up attitude. For me, I was all ready to make my schedule and such at 12:45. When that time struck, it told me something was wrong with my immunization records. I handed in my immunization card about a month ago and they told me everything was fine. On my eSims there were no stops and everything seemed A-ok. When I got to the office and was directed to the women I’m dedicating this post, she was giving me an attitude. Turns out I didn’t have a stamp from my doctor for my immunizations. So I nicely told her my situation about how there were no stops and was told I was fine a month ago. I asked her if i can just apply now and hand in another one a little later. She then gives me an attitude telling me this is my fault for doing it last minute and saying the many things they do to warn us ( email, phone call and mail). Was she not listening or something, you have a copy of my immunization records in your hands that  i handed in a month ago. What do you mean i waited till the last minute? I also found out I was simply just in a pile she had out that said no stamp. So she didnt decide to contact us and let us know prior to registration. She didnt even wait till the last minute to let me know, but let me figure it out herself. I mean a simple stop would notified me and I would have dealt it. Not only that, she also told me she won’t be coming in the next day and i must get it to her by 2 because she’s leaving. Honestly there were like 15 other people and more coming about the same problem. She seems to be the only one in charge or it too. How are you going to leave all these stupids unable to register for classes and you want to leave and decide to go on vacation early. Smh. Then came all the fuss getting in contact with my doctor and such to fax a stamp and signature.. I ended up not getting it and waited over an hour. Luckily there was a person there nice enough to waive me temporarily so I can at least choose classes. Honestly, I want to thank him for understanding. And to the women I want to thank you too. Thanks for giving me an attitude when I was asking politely. It was uncalled for and please do your job better in the future. You definitely screwed up many students up that work hard and deserved a chance to decide their classes instead of being stuck with what is left.

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Registration = Complexity

So…we began today….and I got screwed over of my 9:30 appointment because of my doctor + baruch registrar. To make it long story short..of the places i went today…here you go! Political science (expecting to register) – Registrar office – Doctors – Home – Baruch registrar – Baruch Health center – Baruch registrar. I didn’t get to register cause my doctor forgot to stamp my immunization record….but baruch never notified me about it for like 3-4 weeks….I went to the doctor to get another form….but found that he forgot to put down a shot when i was handing it in…was told to get the shot at the health center…got called not to take the shot..cause the first form i handed in indicated i had the shot. Luckily she let me register and told me to get another form filled for monday ( she was leaving for the day too phew…)

So i didn’t get to register till 2:40 and its freaking AMAZING how all the classes just got filled up a blink of a eye. I ended up with a poorly timed sched but good professors (average is the worst I have and thats writing). All the classes i planned to take (made up 4 scheds) got filled up….oh well…not the best way to start….

How did everyone elses go? Did you guys get what you want?

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Week to pick classes

So this is the first time we are going to be picking our own scedule. I am probably going to be taking all the basis ‘non major’ related classes to fulfill the requirement. I want most of my classes in the morning, so that way I have so time left to do other things. I wana know how everyone else is going to make up their scedule. Post away.

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