Nearing Graduation…..

So nearly three years after I’ve entered Baruch college, I’m finally approaching graduation. After a couple of years of taking summer classes and taking five classes per semester….I’m graduating about a semester earlier than I planned.

During my years at Baruch, I was able to get four internships, three through Baruch’s Starr Search program. In addition, I was able to develop my knowledge within the areas of business as well as many areas within liberal arts. Also, I was able to meet some very nice friends. Hence, I am very grateful to Baruch College.

However, I have also noticed many of the shortcomings of this well known college.

One of the many shortcomings in the college is that many of its Accounting professors are not very good at teaching. This may seem strange as this school is very famous for its Accounting program. However, being an accounting major, I’ve noticed that many of the professors despite the fact that they have a very extensive knowledge of the areas that they teach–do not know how to share that information. A very recent professor that I’ve had, stood at the front of the board and solved example problems using methods that very few in the class understood, leaving many confused at the end of the class. Hence, it was no surprise that 2/3 of the class ended up failing the class.

It is very obvious that knowing the material and being able to share that knowledge are two very different skills.

In addition, many professors seem a little misinformed on how to properly measure a student’s understanding of the material. For instance, giving a 100 question exam within a span of 1 hour and 15 minutes (45 second per question.) Testing us on material not covered in the textbook or in class.

Or the classic example of giving a wonderful exam in which many of the students in the class received 90 or higher, thereby convincing them to stay in the course….and then giving a very difficult final exam which successfully led to an average final grade of C. Interestingly enough, these professors stayed in the school long enough for many students from several semesters to┬ácontinuously these same comments on

Perhaps one of the reasons why these problems exists, is because many of these students do not complain or bring these issues up to the department.

Of course, I am not asking the department to go on and fire every professor that has a horrible rating. That would be a bit harsh…..

However, perhaps the department should instigate a new policy that aims at hiring those who can teach, rather than those who simply knows the information. Having knowledge is one thing, being able to share it is another.

As for those who refuse to leave….perhaps they should go to teacher’s school.








yayy the semester is finally coming to an end! It’s been a long semester and I can’t wait until we take our last final. good luck to everyone for next semester and happy holidays!

ps thanks for everything woo ­čÖé

gluck to all and happy holidays

im not really into being deep a lot because it gets me thinking too much, but i will post some deep shizzle to finish off this semester with a better impression on people. maybe…idk. yes. yup.┬á we are finishing off first semester with a good finish. everybody getting a b+ except sherry and kimberly. great. haha just kidding, but yeah i hope we all get As. anyhow, i would like to thank wook kim, and all the classmates for making my experience in the first semester comfortable. we all made a few close friends here and there, but let’s try to keep in touch. (i bet i’m going to be the one that’s not, but this post is about being deep.) i gotta say that the first semester went by quickly. it wasn’t as hard as i expected but i just didn’t like that we had all the work cramped in. i guess that’s what college is. that’s it and it probably wasn’t really deep enough. haha whatever. let’s have fun in college and get good careers and families and grandchildren. i like baruch. it’s cool. last thing. let’s always be optimistic about things and not give up.

gluck to all and happy holidays.

baby al.

hello. we are done soon with first semester. my name is ho jung kim or allen. call me whichever. some people never got to know me cuz i guess i dont talk to all of the people, sorry lol SO im giving u a little bit about baby al. my birthdays january 15th, 1991. i was born in seoul, korea. i came to america in 2000. i love my parents. idk many things, like who ben stiller is. i have cool and funny friends. i am a nice person, i think. i have a sister. i am single. call me. please? just kidding. i live in flushing and i like sports and eating. i spend my time going to school. and working hard. i like to hang out and im single. so hook me up. just kidding. dont. i like to joke around a lot so dont take me too seriously. but when im serious, im SERIOUS. okay. done. im cool.

mad random but i have to do two posts. ayyy

LC 18- Rough roads come to an end

Time certainly passes very quickly and our first semester as college students comes to a close. I appreciate all the advice that Wook gave to me and the LC. Our LC started off early in the semester complaining how we are not really that together but I think we are a lot better than a lot of other LCs in Baruch College. Our LC consists of very unique individuals who are all very special in their own way. For example, we have Sherry with her strong work ethic and Alan Wu with his surprising and unexpected actions. We have Monica aka CG(Candy Girl) who tries to get me, zack and kiwi obese lol. We have the modest and smart dina with her minion Allen. A lot of people in the class have great potentials with big dreams where Juan Sobrero who wants to work at the UN and Justin Lebron who wants to engage in public administration. Who knows Juan can become the next Rob Blagojevich and Justin Lebron as the next Sotomayo. You never know. As everyone goes on in Baruch, I hope everyone a very successful and prosperous future with many good things to come. Maybe you never know we as an LC can have a reunion in a decade or soon.