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Mercedes Matters

Tuesday, Nov. [  ] , 2009 —> I can’t remember the date

1:00 PM

Gallery Tour: Mercedes Matters

Sidney Mishkin

This workshop was based on a gallery tour of paintings done by a woman named Mercedes Matters. She was born in 1913 and had great talent at a young age. Matters had already completed her first three paintings by the time she was nine years old.

So when I walked around and examined these paintings I really felt bored. I’m not really into art and the paintings looked kinda boring to me. However, I learned that Matters’ paintings focused on visual concepts rather than realistic concepts. In today’s society we have digital cameras which makes the job of capturing an image much more easier and faster. Mercedes Matters was unique; she painted her paintings in such a way that she showed her own personal view of the world. During the tour, I noticed that Matters’ paintings had a lot of bright and bold colors. They definitely caught my attention since I like bright colors myself.

An interesting painting that I examined was the table tilting. Matters painted the table in such an angle that made it seem very complicated. It would have been hard for a camera to take a picture of the table in this view, which seems kinda weird. If the camera had captured the painting in motion at the right moment, the fruits that were piled onto the table would have fallen and the picture would have been weird looking. However, her painting made the fruits look like they were still; she used some interesting shapes and colors to depict this. I really did admire Matters’ skills in this painting. The perspective was great. 🙂

Overall, the tour was very short but interesting.

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Gallery Tour- The Nature of the Landscape

This workshop was the most different of all the workshops I went to all semester.  The reason for this was that this was just a tour and not an instructional or advisory workshop.

What wasn’t different about this workshop was the long line and half hour waiting period it took before I could enter. Throughout the Vertical campus building there are photographs hung all over hallways and I always wondered about them because many of the photographs seemed particularly interesting. Although this workshop didn’t exactly answer why the photographs were the way they were, the gallery also had photographs.

Art is definitely not one of my primary interests and I didn’t really see the message of the photographs and the reason behind the various angles and perspectives the artists used. However, I still found the photographs creative and overall I liked the workshop because it was much more laid back than the other workshops.

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Student Services Fair

Basically, the purpose of this meeting was to introduce various helpful programs in school to this year’s freshmen.  There were many important informations about financial aid, tuition, honors program, writing center, and so forth.

Meanwhile, the most attractive thing for me was the information about the writing center. I really had no clue if there was a such thing in this school before I came to this meeting.  However, now I know that it is very useful since the workers in the writing center tell you how to write and teach you strategies for writing. Especially, if you are a international student, this might be a big help. They are not going to go through word by word and revise every single sentence but they give you some tips just so you can get a good sense of writing and can handle things on your own.

As an immigrant, this was a good information. And I think the writing center is a good opportunity for me to improve my writing skills.

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Stress & Anxiety Reduction

This workshop sounded very interesting. I was hoping maybe I will get to learn how to relieve stress in a very effective way. Coming from high school to college was a big change in my life and there was some load of work I couldn’t get used to. That was giving me some amount of stress. I thought finally a useful workshop and went. However, I was really disappointed.

This workshop started off by speaker giving us a list of effective way that we could get rid of stress. The speaker was saying that we have to use our five senses and try to work from there. All the stuff the speaker said was just too obvious stuff. When I heard it, I was thinking to myself, “Ofcourse you could get rid of stress like that but it just doesn’t work like that for me.” Then there were some activities set for us. It was a boring activity, so I left earlier.

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internship and goal setting

I went to this workshop thinking that I would learn a lot about the process of applying for internships. That was a false assumption, for this workshop only told me everything I already knew. The information given in this workshop was same as any other. Get a good GPA! I already knew that…

I did find the websites they provided helpful. I actually used two programs listed on the website list to apply for my summer internship. (Inroads and SEO) Other than that, this workshop wasn’t that helpful. I’ve been to many events such as the Big Four event, JP Morgan event, MLT and SEO event… etc Perhaps that’s why i was so bored at this workshop.

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Stress & Anxiety Reduction

This workshop was created in order to help college students cope with the stress they are going through. In my opinion, this workshop was focused on freshmen because one of the sponsors was Freshmen Seminar. It was interesting to receive a bag of raisin during this workshop. The speaker, Ryan Androsiglio asked us to do a brief exercise with a raisin. The participants of this event had to touch, smell, taste,  and look at the raisin carefully. Then, once the raisin was tested with one’s four senses, he had to eat it. The goal of this experiment was to show the different perspective or feeling one receives by eating this raisin after examining so carefully. After this experiment, Ryan segued into the consciousness and the joy one reaps from paying attention.

Once again, we had another exercise, namely for relaxation. Ryan (this guy is so cool), played soothing music on his ipod to show us how to relax. We did some breathing exercises as well as some PAINFUL stretching exercises. This was Joshua King’s cue to come in to help us with his “assertive training.” We talked about the array of ways we can express ourselves. Also, Joshua had another activity called “DEAR MAN,” in which we had to write down our emotions and assert our wants. Quite interesting workshop, I must say.

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The Nature of Landscape

Going to an Art workshop was totally different from going to other workshops. I regret not eating lunch before going because the line was extremely long. I literally had to wait about 30 minutes to get in the gallery. Although the wait was painful, I really enjoyed this workshop because one of my hobbies is photography. I was really pleased to find out that this art workshop focused mainly on photography.

The different perspectives that were showcased in this workshop were very interesting. I have to admit that I am not good at photography. This workshop inspired and helped me to become a step closer to a better photographer. Out of all the workshops, I felt that this workshop had the greatest effect on my life. The best part was that I was able to meet some pretty girls with the same hobby!

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Mercedes Matters

The paintings at the workshop were done by Mercedes Matter. She was born on 1913 and had completed her first 3 paintings at the age of 9. At first glance, these paintings look like they were scribbles and it didn’t look like art pieces to me. However as she grew older, her paintings became clearer to me. Unlike several other artists of her time period, her paintings focus mainly on visual ideas rather than realistic pictures. Ever since the invention of cameras, pictures can be taken within a click. Matters didn’t want the camera to capture pictures from a specific angle so she created her own vision of the world.

Matter enjoys painting still life objects. Her paintings were done by using bold and bright colors to attract attention. She also used different shapes, lines, textures, and shadings to tell a story just like musicians who use tunes to compose a song. One interesting painting was the table tilting piece. She painted the table in such a way that it’s nearly impossible for the camera to capture. On the titled table were fruits of all sorts. In reality, if a camera was to capture this picture, everything on the table would fall off, but from her painting, she used shapes such as triangles in such a unique way that one wouldn’t think that the objects are going to fall off.

I learned a lot from this workshop. Even though I’m a person that’s not really into art, I have to admit that the art gallery workshop was really interesting. One would find her paintings difficult to understand because they’re not simple looking, but that’s what makes her style different from other artists. Every painter’s artwork holds different stories of their own of the world and Matters made hers through 2-D painting.

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The Nature of Landscape

This workshop took place at a gallery which is different from our usual workshops. There was an extremely long line of people but we finally got in. The workshop consisted of artworks focusing on photography. This was actually interesting for me because i am taking art history and will soon start learning about photography. It reminded me about how Professor George mentioned perspective as part of art. These photos were taken through different perspectives, changing my view of regular daily images. It was great to see these normal objects through the view of artists and other people. Honestly, I did enjoy the art gallery and the different views of landscape that it gave me. It will definitely come into use when we learn about photography in our art history class.

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Internship & Goal Setting

Basically this workshop was a typical discussion of internships and how to make oneself ideal to the people who would be hiring you for internships, and very crowded. They discussed having a good resume and how to dress and act at interviews. I am glad our school has such strong programs for making individuals stand out when trying to get internships. I really would like to get a good internship so that I can be successful.

Lucky for me I have great connections that will make me stand out when I eventually try to get myself an internship. Not only do my parents own a marketing company, but, my aunt works for a huge holding company that owns several very large advertising and marketing firms. If intern with my parents company and then with another I’m sure that I will be able to get a very good internship with a large company.

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