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Mercedes Matter

I thought I posted this already, but it seems I didin’t…

In any case, this workshop was one of the more enjoyable workshops. Although the wait beforehand was incredibly irritating, the actual event was more than worth it.

The workshop consisted of a chronological tour of Mercedes’ paintings, from when she was very young to her darker, older days. It was very interesting to actually physically see how an artist’s craft develops and changes over time. Her earlier works seemed brighter and more fluid. However, as she aged, her pictures grew increasingly darker and conflicted. The guide explained that there is always a fundamental structure behind every picture ( you could sort of see this by finding these foundation triangles in parts of a piece ) and it was much harder to spot a structure behind Mercedes’ older pieces.

This workshop was a refreshing change of pace from the typical Baruch workshops I have been to. Every now and then it’s nice to listen to somebody talk about a topic that doesn’t necessarily affect your career. ( Although in true Baruch fashion, the guide tried to make the workshop appealing to your typical Baruch business student by claiming that art is actually a “very lucrative business.” )

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UNICEF Bake Sale

In our incredibly successful attempt to fundraise money for UNICEF, we planned a bake sale for Tuesday, Novemeber 17, 2009 and in only two hours managed to raise a jaw dropping $175! All of us in LC21 and several other people from LC22 were assigned roles and followed through on showday; I bought an Oreo cake from a bakery/café in Penn Station and later made my way to the bake sale to buy a glazed donut. A bit of background information, UNICEF is a global organization that raises and uses money to provide for impoverished families, help protect and nourish children and promote equality with the larger, societal aim of paving a road to a better life.

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History Club Meeting

— I apologize beforehand if any of the names are misspelled

     Yesterday, Tuesday, December 08, I went to a History Club meeting in the History Department section of the 5th floor that Sophie suggested I go to because I needed to fulfill my Student Life workshop requirement. So when I arrived, there were four people sitting in a room that was similiar to a conference room setting and there was pizza and soda on the table. I later found out that the competent and well-prepared guy sitting next to me was Alfatar, who participated in the Air Force ROTC and is currently applying to a Harvard Graduate School. The young woman, Colette, I found out to be the secretary of the History Club, the guy across from me was Prof. Brian Murphy, and the lady I’m still not sure about, but I would assume she’s a professor too. Later on in the meeting, another club member by the name of Faheem/Fahim showed up and started dicussing his Arabic Language studies. The meeting was supposed to originally be about electing a President for the History Club, since Sophie is graduating soon and will be leaving the post of President, but not enough of the club members showed up, most likely because they had alot of studying for exams and finals and homework to do, and so the election was postponed till Thursday, December 10th, when the History Club will also have their Holiday Party.

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The Globalization of Religion: Mobile People and Traveling Spirits

I went to a workshop on Tuesday December 1st. from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm for Personal Enrichment. I chose to go to this workshop because it was on the last workshops that fulfilled the Personal Enrichment requirement.

I had expected the workshop to be about a different topic and so when I went and sat through the lecture I was completely lost. It wasn’t what I had expected and the topic bored me to no extent. I personally had not gained anything from this workshop but I guess Ic an’t always find something that fits me.

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Stress Relief Workshop

Date Dec. 3, 2009

Time: 12:30-2:30 pm

Today I went to the Stress Relief Workshop with  Mei fulfill the Personal Enrichment Workshop. This workshop was in the VC Building, in Rm 1-107. I walked into the room expecting to be seated for some kind of lecture on “stress relief”, especially since I had been stressing over registration and the recent assignments, however I had second thoughts about that when they started to play music ( not Mozart, Chopin or Schumann but something more like Shakira and Black Eye Peas). The room was set up similar to the time when all the freshmen from Freshmen Convocation ate lunch in that room, (our first day meeting other freshmen, I guess). Each round table had a different game and people gathered around them to play. The most popular game was Taboo, there were so many people playing already, I didn’t get to play; but I got to play the Jenga game,some other people that I didnt know before joined into our game ( it started with just Mei and me) and that was fun. Subway wraps were served in the workshop too. There was also a (professional?) massaging station. However, I was a bit skeptical about cleanliness of the massaging chairs, since many people used them already so I did not sign up for a massage (even though Iwas so tempted to go). Not much was really said about “how to really relieve stress” but I think this workshop showed me that there are other ways to relieve stress other than going staying in front of a computer for 3+ hours everyday. I also realized that I am not so “updated” in terms of knowing how to play games that most people do know and enjoy. I kind of wished that I had been more exposed to these games when I was growing up. Unfortunately, the only game I knew how to play (of the many games at the workshop) is Jenga. Overall, this workshop was fun but not as informative as I had imagined. (I half expected to be informed about things along the lines of drinking tea, doing yoga, or listening to classical music. )



 I really wanted to go to the NY Piano Society Holiday Concert on Dec. 5 at 7:30 pm but I ‘d never make it there in time.

So Sam!! if you see this, save me a program :]. Arigato.

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stress relief workshop

Date attended: December 3

The workshop I attended today was by far the most fun workshop of all the ones that I’ve been to. I was expecting this workshop to be a lecture, but as it turned out, the environment was very relaxed and there was music playing the whole time. There were tables set up with games such as Taboo, Monopoly, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?, Jenga, and much more. There was also food served: wraps, subs, smoothies, and drinks. Joann and I sat one of the tables and played Jenga, and soon after more people started joining. There was also karaoke performed by the hosts of the workship, which was Sigma Beta Phi (I believe that’s what it was), and we also had to fill out surveys.

I have to say this was the best workshop that I’ve gone to because the environment was so relaxed and everyone was so carefree–the perfect stress-relieving atmosphere. It certainly accomplished its purpose, to relieve stress. This was definitely a helpful workshop because it takes students’ minds off of their workload, and I would recommend others to attend workshops like these in the future.

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UNICEF Bake Sale

Entenmann’s cookies and cakes. Cupcakes and brownies. These are typical necessities for bake sales, which are omnipresent at Baruch College. On Tuesday, November 17, LC21 had a UNICEF bake sale to help raise money for children afflicted by poverty as well as to raise awareness of the current states of individuals in other parts of the world. I donated about five dollars and some loose change and I also helped out a bit with the clean up with the rest of the LC. Our bake sale was successful due to the fact that we were organized and eager to pitch in and make substantive contributions. Whatever role each of us had, seeing everyone get together for a common cause was very meaningful. Everyone anticipated success and in the end, raising money was a piece of cake for LC21.

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Suicide Prevention Week

On Thursday, November 19, I attended the Suicide Prevention Week workshop from 1-2pm. The workshop commenced with a short film on depression and its correlation to suicide. According to the video, suicide was the second highest cause of death among college students. Depression afflicts almost everyone at some point in their lives and at times, when people feel discouraged, they will make the terrible mistake of committing suicide to end their miseries. As I was watching the video, I could not help but recall a gruesome incident that occurred during my senior year in high school: a classmate from my AP Psychology class committed suicide. Nobody saw it coming; everyone was busy worrying about the nerve-racking process of filling and sending out college applications, hoping to get into their dream college. The video not only made me recall a tragedy but also helped me realize that humans are like rubber bands- when we cannot handle stress, we break down just like rubber bands snaps with their limited elasticity. We encounter challenges and problems in our lives on the daily, whether they are final exams or relationship problems. When we become depressed as a result, it can either be concealed or expressed by our physical state. If you know or see someone who seems depressed, say something. Do not let another student become another statistic.

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Freshmen Reception

On September 17, I attended the freshman reception workshop on the fifth floor of the VC building. The speaker addressed the audience regarding the majors available and the prerequisites for them. At the conclusion of the work shop, we were told to pick up packets containing more information the following Friday because they ran out of packets that day. This workshop was unquestionably beneficial to every freshman. However,  overall it seemed more of a reiteration of what Philip and Sophia told LC21 already in the beginning of the semester.

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Unicef Bake Sale

The Unicef Bake Sale was (at least for me) definitely the most enjoyable workshop. When the idea of a bake sale was first thrown around during freshmen seminar class, people did not seem very excited about it. However, once the actual event was about to start, people really seemed to want to participate, and enthusiastically signed up for more than one activity. I was supposed to setup the tables with Will but we got held up by Japanese class, so instead we advertised the bake sale around the lobby of the vertical campus. This workshop was definitely the most active one, and everybody had the opportunity to work for a good cause. The bake sale was also a good way to go and actually talk to other Baruch students, even if it was just to sell them a cookie or a brownie.

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