First Semester In College

Coming in to my first semester at Baruch College i expected to be bombarded with work every night and thought i was going to have to work my ass off to do well. Looking back at this first semester, thats not how it was at all. I feel like i have been cruising along; having so much down time and putting effort into my work also. Getting good grades wasn’t even this easy in high school.I realize that i should enjoy this time because in my coming semesters at Baruch College the workload is probably going to get harder.

As far as the campus goes, i am not really the biggest fan. Most of this semester i would go to my classes and immediately leave to go to work when they ended.

College has definitely changed me. It has made more mature and serious about life. In order to be successful you can’t just go out every night and get hammered. There has to be a balance between school, work, and fun.