Feels like it was yesterday

Wow that was a quick semester. I still remember the orientation like it was yesterday. I dont have many objections to the school itself although it couldve prepared us for picking classes. The teachers were awesome especially philosophy. It made me consider majoring in philosophy but i probably wont. Sociology started out slow but then got really interesting. Every other class was normal i guess. One thing that i really enjoyed in the school was the game room. I love to play pool so when i saw the table i knew  i would be spending some time there. Overall the semester went by quick. I look forward to more semesters like this one in Baruch.

Community Service

What i think community service is. Well it is something you can do to feel good about yourself or clear guilt, or it can be a sentence from a judge, or just something a school makes you do for a class. Whatever the reason for doing it, you get the same results, a feeling of happiness. You work for no personal gain but to aid people in need. It is an essential part of a community because it lets you see what struggles some people have to overcome and makes you more thankful for what you have.


(I cant understand why walks and marathons are considered community service, i mean you are giving donations but why the need for a walk, cant people just donate without having to walk a mile or so. Considering that, why not have naps instead of walks, more people would participate and no one has to get tired)

The One Hour Trip

Wow, here we go, first day of college and right off the bat im already annoyed. An 8 hour convocation, are they serious. I mean come on its the first day, something like 4-5 hours would be more manageable and it wouldn’t kill my entire day. I already have to wake up an hour and a half because of that fact that it is in Manhattan and they want us to stay there for 8 hours, that bbq better be worth it. Then maybe i should have just gone to Brooklyn College, it’s 15 minutes away and my friend said that he doesn’t have this 8 hour convocation to sit through and pretend he doesn’t want to kill himself like i’ll be. I really hope its worth it.
O cool they’re fixing up the kings highway platform, wait so where do i enter to get on the Q. I guess ill just follow the signs. O thank god a seat on the train. Wait that book i was supposed to read, are they gonna give us a test? If they give a test im gonna be so pissed. Keep us there for 8 hours, test us on a book and have to travel by train for an hour, what caused me to go there anyway, o yea procrastination.  Wait I should have bought the book with me, eh pretty sure they aren’t gonna test us on it… hopefully. No it’s time to focus and remember what it was about, wait what was the title again? Pretty sure it had something to do with 9/11. Whatever ill ask some of my friends when i get there. I wonder how i am gonna kill this hour everyday. I’ll probably have reading to do so i guess i can do it during this ride, funny how im asking to have reading for homework, i hate reading. Hope they don’t assign too much reading though. I wonder how it’s gonna differ from high school other than the size of the school. O well who cares. That was a really disturbing South Park episode, i hope they didn’t cancel it, no they couldn’t have canceled it. I wonder if i could doze off for a bit, i have 7 stops left. 6 stops. 4. 3.  This has got to be the longest hour of my life no question, longer than when i had math with Ms. Bang who’s accent i couldn’t understand. I wonder if it says the names of my teacher on my schedule. O wow.
I wonder how im gonna spend these breaks, some of them are two hours long, that is just ridiculous. If only we got to choose our classes, then i wouldn’t have a 2 hour break between Sociology and Math or Political Science and English. Finally, 14 st, now to walk to another train.
There it is, Baruch, i really hope this hour trip will be worth it. 18 years of my life has led up to this moment, me in front of this building and, wait is it this building? Or is it that one? Hmm, 23rd st, so it’s that one but why in the old building, o well here we go.

“Respect My AUTHORITAH!!”

Tell you who I think I am. I am a South Park fanatic (as you can see from the title). I was born in Albania and came to America when I was 5 and lived in Brooklyn ever since. I like to try new things and will play any thing that can even remotely be called a sport. My favorite sport is soccer and I am a A.C Milan fan till the end. I played soccer for my high school for 2 years, might join Baruch’s team but I haven’t made up my mind. I love jokes and have a large sense of humor so you have to go out of your way to offend me. I always try to help out people the best I can and sometimes will go out of my way. Also ever since I picked up my Nintendo 64 controller when I was 6, I have loved to play video games. That is pretty much it, weird how you can sum up 18 years of life in 5 sentences.

A concern that I had before coming to Baruch was that the teachers were going to be indifferent to students, which was due to what my teachers in high school told me, but I don’t see it. It feels the same to me, if not better because now you know you are responsible for yourself and can’t make up excuses. Another was that I thought I would not be able to handle the one hour commute on the subway, but on the contrary it turned out to be amazing because I can read assignments that are due that day in that hour. I don’t really have any concerns about my freshman year here in Baruch, I expect it to be the normal do homework study for exams school year. I think that the lack of concern is because of the people I met in Baruch that are simply great, and that pretty much made me forget that it was a brand new place that I had never been to.

One thing that I was expecting to be different from high school was the fact that you can leave from school to do whatever then come back and no one would care as long as you showed up for class. Like today for example, I think I can safely say that I had the greatest Philly Cheese Steak in the world, if not definitely best in New York state all done during a break period in between classes which would not be possible in high school.

I don’t expect college to change me in any major way but what I want to work on changing about myself is my procrastination. It would be my fatal flaw if I were a Shakespeare character and has really hurt me in the past so I will work hard to get over it. Other than that I am pretty sure that I have figured myself out and won’t be going through any major changes these 4 years. Glad to be done with this post, although I waited to the last minute to do it, and I can’t decide how to end this so.