3rd workshop

“3rd Workshop” – Resources that Baruch College provide to help freshmen survive

* Because I was unable to attend the 3rd workshop, I was given the opportunity to write a blog post about a topic that is relate to freshmen students so this post is irrelevant to the 3rd workshop.

The transitioning from high school and college is drastic. As an ex- high school student, he or she expects to be pampered because he or she is a freshman. Freshmen are considered “babies”. Unfortunately, once you enter college, the meaning of freshmen changes. Being a freshman means taking the first step to adulthood. Baruch helps freshmen survive college. There is a writing center that offers students help in editing their papers. Freshmen are always welcome to receive help. The Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC) offers tutorial services for freshmen who are in need of help. Next to Baruch’s vertical campus, there is the library. The library has 4 floors that consist of study rooms. The study rooms are available for study groups. There are rows of computer on the sixth floor of the library building. Baruch offers a lot of resources for freshmen to take advantage of so they could have a smoother year.

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