Monologue- Monica Rivera

posting it just in case! I emailed the instructor my monologue but didn’t post it here!

My name is Monica Rivera and I always dreamed of immersing myself into a fantasy world, a world where you can have superpowers and use them to accomplish many things in life such as helping others. I wish for a paradise of beautiful landscapes filled with kind people who don’t know the meaning of hatred, jealously, or negative feelings. Living in the city, people rarely know their neighbor, so it would be nice for people to have a sense of community. Who wouldn’t want superpowers? My personal favorites would be power over the elements, especially fire and ice. Fire because I consider myself very passionate person. I also believe that you should go through life with enthusiasm even if you aren’t that interested in the topic. It’s better than using a monotonic voice. That isn’t living! I also play video games that include magic spells and stuff like that. I grew up with many pets. I’ve had dogs, cats, birds, and turtles. I think I have become more attached to my family and friends because of the time my birds escaped through the open window when their cage was left open. I realized that you never know how much time you have with a loved one, whether they are your friends, family, or cherished pet. I consider myself a very emotional person and deeply care about the people who have been there for me. After I hopefully get a good paying job, I would like to travel around the world with my friends and family, and encounter places where there are kind people that have the great sense of community I have always longed for my entire life.


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Mishkin Art Gallery- Monica Rivera

I did not go to the Miskin Art Gallery, however, I did research online and learned a lot about jazz and camera techniques. The manner in which the photographers captured the moment of someone playing jazz was very interesting. I learned that pictures can vividly apply to the sense of hearing even though there is no noise to the picture. It is clear photographers put a lot of time and effort in taking these pictures. This research has made me more analytical when observing pictures or portraits and to notice the more subtle details involved.

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Mishkin Art Gallery- Li Jin

The trip to Mishkin Art Gallery is interesting. Because I am very interested in photography. I was really enjoyed to look the pictures. They look very meaningful. I learned a lot of skills from the instructors. And I also learned a lot of things about Jazz. Although the picture itself cannot have sound, but I learned to image their sound by watch the people’s emotion in the pictures. It’s a very good experience.

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Rubin museum

Although I was unable to attend the Rubin Museum, I was able to do some research online and learn a lot about it. It was really interesting to learn about the collection of Himalayan art that they have at the museum. It’s a really interesting place to visit and I hope I get a change to attend it in the near future.

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Mishkin Art Gallery-Helen Ma

I was a little disappointed about the environment of the gallery. I thought it will be full of amazing painting or craft arts. But there is one thing I enjoyed, which is the camera shot technique. I learned  a little bit of camera angle shots, the position of the person, and the light contrast. The photos are pretty good. There are different types of photo. For example, some of the photos are very strong in expressing some sort of emotions.

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Mishkin gallery

The Mishkin gallery was actually the first art gallery I ever attended. I was really interested in the way the photographers captured the way jazz was played. I learned that even thought you can’t hear the music through the picture, the photographers did a great job at portraying a similar message. I learned that a picture really is worth a thousand words, as photographers put a lot of time into the orientation of the features in the picture before the snap of the camera. After attending this art gallery, it helped me gain a more sophisticated perspective. It’s important to realize the subtle factors that must be considered before taking the picture, which will lead to capturing a more meaningful photograph.

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Helen Ma – Rubin Museum of Art

I enjoyed the trip to Rubin Museum of Art very much. I have never knew that Himalayan’s religion is Buddhism. The museum features exhibitions of historical and contemporary photography focused on the Himalayas. There is one thing I like the most. Which is The Place of Provenance: Regional Styles in Tibetan Painting explores. I think this painting is very amazing because it is full of detailed about the place of provenance. It is also very incredible that this painting was kept so nicely!

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Baruch voices

I really enjoyed the Baruch voices performance. I thought it was really cool to see those talented actors act out a skit that was written by other people. Although they make it look easy to perform, it certainly isn’t simple. It’s tough to express the correct emotions when the skit doesn’t represent your character, but they did a great job doing so. I really enjoyed watching them, as they were able to make laugh and made the act really interesting. I believe that the upcoming freshman will enjoy this performance next year as well.

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Mishkin Art Gallery-Ziqing Yu

To be honest, I was quite disappointed at this visit. Since this gallery is about Jazz music, I was expecting to see some Jazz instruments or some pictures of the big names in the Jazz history. Well, I did see some photos of people singing, but I don’t know who they are nor where they were. Some of the photos are very strong in expressing some sort of emotions, however, since I am not an expert in art, I hate to guess all the puzzle behind the photos. I might enjoy it if it was a regular art show, but I would expect more than just photos in a Jazz gallery.

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Visit to the gallery

Visiting the Baruch gallery enlightened me to look at photos more closely. It’s interesting to learn how different artists takes photos omy jazz musicians. I love the contrast of color and light in the photo on the front of the flier. The photo expressed a strong sense of emotion and viewers can see the Mood . Though some parts were boring, I overall enjoyed the visit.

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