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FRO BRD Blog Post #3


This gif represents this semester for me because it has been a grueling semester for me; I worked really hard and had to balance multiple things, but in the end I pulled through.  I met some wonderful people and found my place at Baruch.  I learned so much this semester in more ways than one. Honestly, if I saw myself now from senior year of high school, where I was just unproductive as fuck, I would be so impressed.  Anyways, back to the gif: the watermelon represents the work that was thrown at me, which would be represented by Squidward.  The best part is that even though it’s hard work, I still had fun and I don’t regret anything.  This is depicted by the laughter of Patrick and Squidward.  All the pressure of the watermelon paid off in the end.  Now I just have to pass my finals. ..lol.

Enrichment Workshop Experience

I don’t have a specific favorite enrichment workshop because i consider most of them have the same ratings. So my least enrichment workshop is the Voices. Why? because honestly, i don’t really care that much about other people’s thoughts and stories. I mean everyone has their own story and each story is as much interesting as others. Voices is like a figure that is telling what story is interesting and what is not. Therefore, it is a waste of time to sit and listen to some people ‘s “hardship”. Why? because when i enter an area with a population of more than 1000 people, i already expected that some had their stories and hardship that they have gone through. Therefore, don’t need to tell me whose stories are worse than who. However,after hearing people’s stories, it shows me  how fortunate i am, and i appreciate this fortune.

I have a deep appreciation for art. I rate my experiences at the other two enrichment workshops equally, the rubin museum and the gallery. I took photography class few years ago, and the gallery reminded me of how beautiful life can be through lenses. Everything can be turned into art. Everything we see or we do can be turned into a form of art through photos, even though I strongly believe that the photographers, sometimes, had no purposes or intentions before they took some of their photos.

The rubin museum gave me a nice experience. It was different from the other museum that i went to, in a sense that it was more focused. It was nice to see different buddha sculptures and how buddha is seen differently in different countries. I learned that there are more than one buddha. And i love the interior design of that museum. Beautiful ! 🙂

Jacqueline’s Blog Post 3- My First Semester

To be honest, unlike many people who expected to have many college experiences, i have never expected any.  The reason is because i used to transfer to many different schools in the past, so going to college, i consider, is just one of those. My first semester’s experience had been so so; there are neither ups nor downs, like a serene feeling that i would experience whenever i do yoga. I made some new friends; some are great, and some are just not that important to care about.

I choose this picture because yoga is all about balance and searching for the inner self. College is all about searching. This first semester has taught me how to manage and use my time efficiently. It helped me to reflect and understand myself more. It helped me to narrow my priorities, and focus on what seems to be the most important thing in my life.

Extra Credit Assignment-Email to Professor

Hello Professor Todd,

According to what you said in the earlier email, the horizontal limit is
basically when x approaches positive infinity and when x approached
negative infinity. One of my answer ( which is think it is correct one)  is
-7/8. This answer is derived from the rule in asymptotes that when x
approaches infinity, the limit is the coefficient of x when the the degree
of the numerator and denominator are both equal. Therefore, this is how i
find (-7/8) when x approaches plus infinity. However, when I type in this
answer in the box, the webwork doesn’t approve that this is a correct
answer because there is no green mark appears.

For the horizontal limit when x approaches negative infinity, I’m pretty
clueless. I know that If i can find the other horizontal asymptote( which i
guess that y must be positive), i can find the 2nd horizontal limit.Right
now, i can guess that number for both limits are not the same, since the
degree of the equation is x^3.
Can you give me more explanation on how to solve this problem ?

Khanh Linh Nguyen

Fall’12-Math 2207-HMWA

What’s in a Museum: Tiffany

I like art. Having taken art classes since middle school, I like to consider myself open-minded about what is art. I think I’ll call just about anything art. The art gallery and the Rubin Museum were certainly interesting art displays.

The art gallery, in my opinion, has a lot of static works. It’s a lot different from the photography I’m used to my friends taking. There’s not much dynamic going on and I feel like it was poorly showcased. It didn’t quite get my attention or provoke my imagination as much. Or maybe I just didn’t get the history behind it.

The Rubin’s Museum was pretty interesting. All the artworks reminded me of Yoga class, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Buddhist temples. I don’t think I’ve seen that many Buddahs all in one place in my life. The burning incense reminded me of Yoga class even though we never burned incense in Yoga class. It was probably the tranquility of being there. Or maybe because I was feeling under the weather when we went there. Either way, it was a nice experience.

Like a Kyuubey: Tiffany


College makes me feel like a Kyuubey, but without the sinister undertone.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t feel all that involved.  To be honest, I don’t really care too much about being an outsider. Heck, it took me till senior year in high school to feel integrated into the community. I’m not in any rush so I don’t mind observing and making sarcastic and cynical comments. I like to get to know my surroundings a little more before I get used to everything because I’m logically efficient and reasonable .

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I hate my experience here so far, but its not the absolutely best time in my life either. I probably sound like a loner and cold, calculating and scheming but I still hang out with my friends from high school who also go to Baruch. So for now, I’ll be the Incubator–Kyuubey! Would you like to make a contract with me?

Jasmit Singh Post 3

My experience about Baruch so far…. Well my experience here has had its ups and downs. So far, i enjoy my classes and my professors because they are fairly easy. I also love Baruch because of its location. I have found very good restaurants and other social places in this area, and i love it. But what I am not liking at Baruch is the college experience I am getting. I dont think i am getting a proper college experience  Commuting is one of the major issues that fall into the college experience i am getting here at baruch. The commute is rough and lets just say i’m not a morning person. But other than that, i enjoy the diversity here at Baruch  I enjoy seeing different people everyday. Overall my experience at baruch is going well with a few ups and downs.

Sample Email To Professor


Hi Professor Dalavagas,


This is Jasmit Singh and I am in your tues/thurs Philosphy class. I wanted to know if you could please upload your lecture presentations onto blackboard like you said you would.


Thank you so much


Jasmit Singh
Phi 1700


Tues/Thurs 2:30-3:45

Xiu Lin Post #3




My experience at Baruch is alright so far. I don’t love it but at the same time I don’t hate it. I guess my biggest complaint is the crazy amount of class work. I have five classes right now and each professor assigns large amounts of assignments. It includes reading 50 pages for Anthropology and Philosophy, doing 30 hard questions for Calculus, preparing speeches for Speech Communication, and tons of writing assignments from English. I feel that this works are never ending; they just keep on coming at me. Sometimes I don’t even have time to breathe and I felt helpless because I don’t know which assignment to start first. Just as this picture shows, I feel like I’m climbing on an infinite ladder, a ladder that has never ending steps. I hope that one day those steps will lead me to success so that my hard works would be paid off.



Nostalgia Train Running Until December 30th

If anyone is interested in taking a step back in time….train cars from the 1930s will be running every Sunday until December 30th from 2nd Avenue to Queens Plaza on the M Line

Not your usual New Technology Train

Schedule can be found at:


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