Romy Letter

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Dear Professor,

I am contacting you in regards to my absence last week at the test. My home was windswept by the hurricane and my cats were incredibly cold that morning, thus I felt obligated to stay at home and make sure that they were  properly taken care of. I hope that you can understand the difficult situation I was in and will consider allowing me to make up the exam. I would be extremely grateful.



Romy Enrichment Workshop

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I most enjoyed attending the Rubin Museum of the enrichment workshops. It was a fascinating experience that far outreached the Baruch Voices. Voices felt forced amongst a student body of non-actors, let’s be honest. The Rubin, though requiring a higher level of prior understanding to fully appreciate a majority of the work – the paintings really hit home with me. Additionally, there were some bizarre interactive works that caught my attention. Specifically, there was a piece comprised of a miniature castle with some tiny plastic animals that played eery music in an attempt to highlight incredibly recreated architecture as well as some commentary on society. Another piece that caught my attention was a truly interactive one. This piece was a staged living room that one would find I believe in Afghanistan where there was recently a war going on. This squalor of a “home” was comprised of some plastic draped over some wood over some blankets, cushions, and a single chair. Over this cozy facade of a room were little toy army men and toy bombs. This juxtaposition of intimacy and comfort with the presence of the brutality of war that is additionally treated as a game gave the feeling of invasion the people living in this area must feel. One felt like a pawn in a much grander scheme of things in which you are not included. In addition to these pieces were plenty of paintings that were really fabulous but I won’t bore you with too much detail.


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My favorite enrichment workshop had to be Baruch Voices. I enjoyed this the best because I thought it gave me a picture of how everyone else in this school is holding up. between all the monologues that were shown, I thought my exact idea of how college is going was portrayed by may different students combined. However it did seem that many of the students were pretty depressed. It saddens me to see that so many students would be depressed from college because college is supposed to be something that everyone enjoys, so maybe a lot of people dont feel that way about Baruch. What does that show about Baruch? I hope that it just happens to be that the small percent of freshman that got to go up were the small percent of freshman that were depressed and no one else is really depressed at all.

Don’s Enrichment Workshop Post

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From the selection of the enrichment workshops offered to me I would most certainly pick my favorite session when we attended the Rubin Museum of Art: Art of the Himalayas, because what most fascinated me was the Buddhist meditation room. Once I walked in there I felt sudden relaxation and calmness. Then after the tour was over I went searching for the meditation room just for the relaxing atmosphere. Honestly I was just really tired and needed to take a quick nap. Also the monk chants in the background made the experience even better. But what I also liked was one of the Baruch Voices monologue, it was about how a student wants to quit smoking as he tried to convince himself that he is really going to quit but he’s really not. That story seemed very interesting to me because I can totally relate to that and some of the things he said I also say when I try to quit smoking cigarettes. Those are my favorite Baruch enrichment workshops. About the other stories though, my opinion is that I did not like them because they just sounded like first-world problems to me.

Don’s Third Post

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My first three months in Baruch have been a good experience as stated in different posts and many free-writes. Since I’m leaving this country for good some people can say that I am wasting my time attending and writing these posts, but honestly I enjoy writing these posts. Why not? Anyway the link on top leads to an animated gif. which completely describes me in every single exam I took. Then of course I will never learn my lesson after repeating the same mistake possibly ten thousand times. Also I had to get used to the commute, sometimes it took 35 minutes to go to class, other times an hour and a half. Made a bunch of good friends in my classes and some from other classes which I would never thought that would happen. Overall, my first three months of college were an awesome experience with both ups and downs and hopefully everything goes good with everyone.


Andrew’s Third Post

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I have experienced each of these moments at least once during my freshman year. In the beginning I would be the nerd, read the chapter the whole week and come out all right. Then I got lazy and reverted to the third image. Walk into math class and hear there’s a quiz that day that I forgot about. Now its the ending of the school year and I am shifting  back and forth from what normal people be doing reading the chapter or just getting surprised that there’s a test that day. Still I can say that I’m doing all right though. Not failing which is awesome. Made new friends which is very nice.  Having a fun and challenging semester and can’t wait for the rest of my four years.

Andrew’s Enrichment Workshop Post

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I enjoyed the Baruch Voices enrichment workshop. Listening to the monologues from my fellow freshmen put into perspective the struggles, joy, work, and friendship that has affected us all in Baruch. I remember listening to the first Baruch Voices during Convocation and I remember enjoying it as well. The monologues were all creative, funny, meaningful, thoughtful, and summed up all the different feelings and experiences that we as freshmen go through. The performers did an excellent job portraying the monologues in their unique ways so I give them my respect and I am sure that they enjoy what they do. Without a doubt the Baruch Voices workshop was one of the highlights of my freshmen year.

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My favorite enrichment program was Baruch Voices. I enjoyed it because it was relatable, because I knew these were monologues of other students just like me. It was really interesting hearing what other people in the same position as me have to say, and I got to see things from totally different perspectives. I didn’t really know what to expect but once I sat down there it kind of felt like I was watching a movie and the time really flew. It made me think about how everyone’s college experience is really just what you make of it and I vowed to make the most of mine after hearing what these students thought about theirs.

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This image represents my first semester at Baruch college. It has been a cycle of ups and downs, starting with my excitement and apprehensiveness on the first day and ending with all the stress and long nights that finals week is sure to bring us. In high school, the entire four years were more of a straight line, with me just always managing to get by with little work and effort. College has  been the opposite of this, and while it frightened me in the beginning, I have grown to love and appreciate it by now. College really is like a roller coaster. I never know what to expect when I come in each day, whether it will be an awesome day, or whether it will be a day that will make me want to crawl in bed, hide under my covers, and never come out. I guess all this uncertainty is just a part of the real world, and its interesting and different. What’s cool is that I get to start over next semester, at the beginning again. College truly is a cycle, and I am looking forward to experiencing it for the next four years.

Enrichment Workshop

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My favorite enrichment workshop has to be Baruch Voices. Baruch Voices was an creative way to see how people view different things. I remember seeing it on Convocation Day. After a long day of seeing the campus and meeting new people, I thought that this workshop was going to be a drag. Once I sat down and actually started to listen to each of the performers, I actually started to enjoy it. The monologues that were read were very creative and meaningful. Well, almost all of them had a deep meaning behind them. There was monologue that was all about chicken nuggets. That was a very funny one. The performers that were chosen to read the monologues were also very good. They were not boring. They showed great emotion in every monologue that they read. Baruch Voices was very entertaining. It was not only a pleasure to watch, it is also my favorite enrichment workshop.


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