cant post pictures.. dont no why…

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I tell my friend ZZ, everyday I come to class for two things. One is sleeping, another is eating…

After all, it is time to go home..

But, sometime, you really have to do work as when the midterm came..

After that,, sleeping and eating occupy my life again..

{/ @ @ \}
( (oo) )         ← LOOK AT THE EYES..

Now,, it is the FINALS..

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First Semester in Baruch

Oh, time passes by so fast, it feels like I just attend the freshman orientation last week. Nonetheless, during these three months in Baruch, I learnt a lot of things and felt that I actually became much more mature than before. I had to concentrate myself on the various classes, and brought up my own opinions  in the writing assignments. Also, as the homework and reading assignments increased, I spent mush of my time on these. Then, I also needed to plan for the next semester and winter sessions. Over all, I felt my life is more fulfilling. Since I loved to sit and study in the library, I would pose a picture of one part of the library that I encountered everyday.

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How’s my three month at Baruch?

Hmmm…. I think it’s awesome! Everything but the readings, quizzes and Exams. Actually the workload is not that bad, it’s what we suppose to do and expected to do once we decided to go to college. What’s awesome is the Gym, the people and the time. In High School, I have to go to school Monday to Friday. Not only that but I have to stay in school for about 7 hours every single day and once I get home I have to do homework that is due the next day.  However, in college, the homework is due every other day. Not only that but because class starts late, I get to wake up late. The best part is that, if I wake up early I can go to the Baruch Gym to do some exercise. There is 2-3 classes every day instead of 6 classes.  Awesome!

I know what I’m experiencing now, in this pass three month, is not going to last long. The workload will increase in amount and difficulty, but that’s the future. I expected it to come and is ready for it. You have to go through the works in order to get your degree, isn’t it? Since complaining wrong make a difference, I rather use the time to finish the work and do other fun things, like sleeping, Gym, and hang out with friends.

I’m very excited right now because we only have three more weeks left before this semester ends.  After the Finals, which I will try my best to do well in, it’s a fresh start again. Can’t wait!


P.S: I’m unable to upload a photo because i don’t have anymore storage quota.



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..omg~I really dont have time to do this..

so I just post something right now and maybe edit later

and since everyone else can not post photos on the blog..then I just decide not to try it at all..

..= = what a nice weather today~see u guys tomorrow..

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first semester in Baruch

           I have been in Baruch for alomost three months. In general, the first semester in college is the first step of my college journey.During these three

months, I’ve been grown up through the difficulties. I think i am no longer like a kid in  high school now. This semester was a very busy term for

me; it took so many time for me to get used to the college life. However, I really learned a lot in this semester.

At the beginning of this semester, I really didn’t get used to the new learning environment. Tons of homework, readings, and papers were really

annoying to me. The reading part was the most difficult part for me; there were so many new words in the readings. So, I had to look them up in

my dictionary in order to understand the context, which took me a long time to get the point of the passages. Thus, I had to spend more time

studying than others in order to get an A in the classes. In addition, writing the research papers was also an headache for me, because I had

never wrote a research paper before. Having so much homework had forced me to stay in the school library during my break which kept me

always busy. So, I didn’t get involved in the school activities. However, this was just the beginning, I plan to get involved in many schoo

activities next semester to learn some new things.

There have been so many hardships in this semester, but Ive got through all of them. So, I think my college life will be much better

and more interesting in the next semester.




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What was my experience like at Baruch?

How time flies! It’s been three months at Baruch. The campus is pretty small and crowed, which is different from what I thought. The college I thought is huge with campus, playground, and droms. Unfortunately, there is no playground. And the only dorm Baruch offers is cooperated within LIM college in Upper East Side, which is a good neighborhood. The dorm is so awesome, and every residents there are so nice. But sometimes, it’s very noisy even at night, because many students party there. They listen to the music and play the games. They are always energetic at night, which is different from my living habit. I am used to getting up early on time and going to bed before 1 Am in the morning. I prefer to the healthy sleeping habits, and I don’t want to change it. So I decide to move out of the dorm to live with my parents in Queens.

There are much reading for each class in school, I mean a lot, a lot. English is not my first language, and there’re some difficulties reading some sentences, and I have to use a dictionary to look up the words that I dont know. I love reading, but I dont like reading in English. Well, I have to. Thats how the college is like. Too much reading, and it never ends, unless u drop out of college. In high school, I am a science boy, I good at very science subject. Now, I’m in a business school, dealing with so much readings, which is frustrated. However, I dont shrink from it, I welcome it. Final is coming, I feel a lot of staff to review, I mean a lot. I have part time jobs, so I have to balance my study and work well.

In general, the experience at Baruch is good, and enjoyed the challenges. Also, I might transfer to other university if I do very well in Baruch. It is the first semester, and it will be soon to know how I do academically.

(Btw, I would like to post some photes, but it says “you have filled your storage quota (30 MB).” )

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experiences at Baruch College

I have been in Baruch college for about three months, which is really fast. I like this school especially the library, where I can study more and learn more. Baruch gives me a whole new experience that greatly differs from high school. I learn to manage my time and make my plans. As the final exams are coming, I do feel pressured and nervous. However, this kind of lifestyle also pushes me to go forward and to work hard. I also learned few new friends, who I’m gonna share the great time with in the future while achieving the goals.

The bottom is a picture of Baruch library. I really enjoy staying in the library.

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My College Experience

Can’t believe that I have been a college student for three months! It seems like just yesterday that I stepped in Baruch for freshman orientation. Over these few months, I think I have experienced a lot in college.

There are many differences between high school and college. First of all, there are so many people in the school. Every day, when I go to school, I feel overwhelming by people. The elevators are packed, and the seats in the library and computer labs are always been taken. By the way, one very special experience that I have in Baruch is that I have been stuck in elevator for twice! Also, there are many reading that I need to finish every day. I don’t like reading at all, but I find myself have no choice. Tests and quizzes come one by one

The ways that I come to relieve my stress is either to eat or go to gym. McDonald, Popeyes, Shakeshack,  Pinkberry, and yogurt city, (lol, I didn’t get pay for advertising), many places that I go to fill my stomach. Another thing that I do for leisure time is to go to gym. Workout in the Gym make me feel relaxing.

Anyway, final exams are just two weeks away from now, hope everyone can survive from their final exams!!!

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Time goes by fast. I have been a college student in Baruch for 3 months. It was a remarkable experience because it made me maturer and more sensible. Comparing to high school, college  is more challenging. I had to read lots of readings and memorize  many words and their definition. It was not easy because almost all readings are boring and hard to memorize. I  easily  fell asleep when I read them everyday. I hate reading, but I had to read because I would get a quiz in the next class. The content which Professors taught in class and which in books were very complicated. I need to spend more time to make myself  understand all of them, and actually there were much content I couldn’t understand even though I read several times.In a addition, I got a lot of paper to write, and I had to wrote at least 3 pages for each. College life is not easy at all.

Besides all the work, college had some  interesting things for me. There were various clubs that offered to every student. They made some activities  during club hours every Thursday. Some of the activities were very funny. I went some of the club with my friends, such as HK club, UCLA, Japanese club and VITA. They all offered refreshment, and the members in each club were nice and enthusiastic. I love the games in HK club. I felt relaxed when I was there, and I made friends with some of the members. Gym was my favorite place in Baruch. I went there to work out with my best friend every week. We usually ride the bike and ran the treadmill there. We couldn’t do any weight training exercise because we didn’t want to develop muscles. But we enjoyed to watch  people doing weight training exercise, especially to the strong people, because they looked charming when they doing strengthening exercise.

There are only 2  weeks school before winter break, and finial exams are approaching. Pressure goes up to my brain and I have no time to relax. I am afraid of the exams but I will try my best to do well. In conclusion, these 3 months tempered myself, I hated the work but I enjoy the relaxing time.

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My First Three Months at Baruch

College isn’t that different from high school because of commuting. Every day I will go home and come back the next day. However, there is a lot more reading. Every week we have to finish a chapter for almost every class, and many of the chapter have 20 or more pages. I will try to finish most of my reading on my train ride or during my break, but it is still feel like all we do is read.

One major different between college and high school is freedom. I enjoy the freedom of college lifestyle. I am no longer force to eat in the school cafeteria or to stay in one building for a long period of time. I can go to subway in between class or grab a coffee before going to the next.

Overall, my first three months at Baruch are ok. It was exciting the first few days of school but now everything seem normal. However, time in college seem to past by so much faster. There seem to be less time to finish everything, especially these last few days. Essays deadlines are coming up and finals are just around the corner. The semester seem to have gone by with a blink of an eye.

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