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This meme shows how someone can try to go on a website for a little bit and end up procrastinating until dawn. This happened to me so many times throughout my first semester at Baruch. When school first started, I used to go to bed and be asleep by 10:00. This slowly changed to a later and later time until the last couple of weeks of school where I ended up sleeping around 3:00 AM or later. Going on facebook for a quick update would lead to me chatting with a friend for hours. Checking my email would lead to me reading about a sale at my favorite store and online shopping until the wee hours of the morning. Checking my tumblr dashboard would lead to a continuous cycle of refreshing and reblogging. This resulted in me not finishing all of my work in time and not studying as much as I would have liked to. This semester, I followed the same pattern I did in high school: I would do great in the beginning of the semester, then slowly start procrastinating and getting lazy. However, this term helped me realize that I really have to work on my time management skills if I want to succeed next semester.

Baruch first semester


This was crazy, i didn’t know who was my age and who wasn’t. I couldn’t tell which asian american was more easy to talk to because of the age we have in common. This made the first semester more fun though, i had a different variety of people to talk to. But i met a lot of great people in my FRO and other classes, asian or not asian, my age or not my age, so that was really good too. This was a fast semester, i appreciated the FRO class, everyone was friendly and compassionate to others differences in whatever spectrum of difference.

late monologue

As this is my first semester, I have been trying to adapt to the new study life. Classes are quite challenging to me and I did not work very hard( :P). But i think i am getting better. I am so nervous as the final exams are so close. I have not been doing well with classes, so I hope I can do a little better in the final exams. “You must study for the exam.” Yes, I must study for the exam! Another thing I want to mention is that my classmates are very nice and they have helped me a lot! Over all the first semester is not a bad experience( i can not say it’s good because I did not get good grades.)

Mid-Semester Check in aka Party!

It took me long enough, but here are some of the photos I took that day. This has been a great group to work with and I thank everyone. 🙂



My first semester at Baruch College has taught me a lot. Because I only had to attend school twice a week I had a greater incentive to be more productive with my time. I’ve made many friends, attended many school events, and taken many exams. I enjoy most of the facilities and amenities that Baruch College provides its students. The teachers/ professors that I’ve had are all wonderful. I appreciate their help and guidance so much. They make the experience all the more worthwhile.
Next semester though, I’d like to take classes for more than two days a week; I’m contemplating whether or not I should take class 3-4 times a week if my schedule is still this free. So far, so good!! 🙂

Shout out to my FRO teachers Sharise and Jason!! You guys are lovely… 🙂
P.S Miami Heat lost to the Knicks AND the Wizards back to back… The Knicks and THE WIZARDS… Congratulations on giving them their second win of the season… They are (2 and 13 now)… See you in the playoffs, maybe… 😛

Perception of peers...
The more I observe the more this proves to be true… LOL!! 🙂

My Monologue…

Music is an important piece of my everyday schedule. I tend to listen to music whenever I have some free time. I even play music in the background while working on tasks, as I am, right now, thinking to myself and listening to Billy Joel. Music helps me focus and zone out most other distractions that would keep my workflow interrupted. Whilst listening to songs I enjoy, I feel as though I am more productive in my work and effort output, regardless of the endeavor.
I am open to many genres of music, but there are genres I truly prefer to listen to as opposed to others, naturally. I enjoy classic rock, hip-hop, and R&B and listen to them frequently, often shuffling between the three music categories to change up the playlist. With each genre I feel a compelling change in my energy. Hip-hop makes me hype, R&B makes me feel mellow, and rock music makes me feel a natural high. Singing along with the songs gives me a warm feeling inside, although I know that I am not a proficient singer. I also know my voice may often irritate others in proximity; however, its hard to refrain from trying to hit those high notes along with my favorite singers, giving me goosebumps. Music is wonderful!! 🙂

Kyle Wechsler post #3


This meme really describes my first semester here at Baruch. Tests, papers, class, it seemed Lite the assignments were never ending. All nighters came often for me throughout the semester. Everyone always says how much different college is from high school, but I guess I just had to witness it for myself before I believed them. The hardest class for me to keep up with the work definetely would be calculus. Homework every night and very tough tests, other class really challenged me. Although I had all of this stress and hard work, I really think I handled it well and so far my grades are looking pretty good, now I just have to worry about finals. I have enjoyed the Baruch experience other than the work. Meeting new people and city life, I wouldnt want it any other way. I hope to continue at Baruch the next four years at Baruch College and continue te success that I started and continue to meet new people. I also really look forward to being able to start taking classes for my major, and not just general education.

First Semester

This semester has been like a rollercoaster to me. From stressing over papers to enjoying the relief that comes after finally handing it in, waking up super early in the morning, yet being able to get out of class by noon – college life definitely consists of ups and downs.  In my first few months at Baruch I have learned that I should not take morning classes, I should not start papers hours before they’re due, and having coffee before attempting Calculus homework is actually helpful. I think this semester’s been quite rewarding, even though I spent most of it complaining about how tired I am, how badly I don’t want to be in class, and how much I don’t want to do work. It’s hard to believe that there’s only a week of classes left already. This semester passed by a lot faster than I imagined it would. Kind of like a rollercoaster.


This is what I feel like going to college with all of you sometimes. (Poli Sci and Psych have been the two biggest offenders, actually)

I mean granted, this is the way I chose to do it because I didn’t want to risk being in a crapton of debt or rely on my parents for money. But doing half a decade in the army and then coming to school has definitely been quite the experience. I still feel like I don’t know which way is up. New city, new school, new people, etc. New York is great, there’s plenty to do, but it’s hard to make good friends considering the age gap and everybody’s family situations. Six months ago I lived in a three bedroom apartment with good friends. We had people over every night and did something exciting every weekend. Still, the future is exciting, and I can’t wait to see where things go from here.

PS) If anyone knows anything that’s awesome going down in NYC, we should go! Most of the kids at my dorm that I hang out with are internship kids, so they’re all leaving this month so I could use some new people to hang with.

Can I go to sleep now?

This is how I feel every night and morning. The only difference is that my alarm rings at 6:00 AM on Wednesdays/Fridays and 7:00 AM on Tuesdays/Thursdays. I am sleep deprived! Every night, I just lay in my bed trying to sleep. No matter how tired I am, I just can’t seem to fall asleep. I always regret it in the morning when I end up only having a couple of hours of sleep. Besides all the early mornings, my experience at Baruch has been great so far. I can’t believe that the semester is almost over. It seems as if it was just yesterday that we started classes. To me, college is no different from high school besides longer papers and longer classes. I met an amazing group of people who made Baruch a comfortable place to be in. I’m glad that I chose this block! Well, I can’t wait for all the finals to be over so that I can be stress-free for a month.  🙂