My College Experience


It seems that finals are the giant monster we feared as a children. My nightmares have consisted of being chased by giant quantities and arriving to the testing room only to look at my test and seeing hieroglyphics. As I study more I can feel myself relax but that’s the misconception right? When you’re sure is when you’re likely to fail right? Ok so let me just pretend I don’t care tell everyone I got this handled but my palms are sweaty and I’ve been eating way too much. I have some of these finals handled but some of the material I don’t remember and some of the material I haven’t even gone over. Music has certainly helps me through college. I heard horror story of strict weird professors I just never thought Id get one. Ive had quite a few bad days. On a lighter note I’ve had the most amazing times with my team I can honestly say I love those girls. Being brought together for a common love even though it took a while for me to come around I’ve had my bonding moments. I’ve learned something from all of them. I couldn’t ask for a more amazing team. The radio station has been amazing. They taught me the ins-and-outs the tricks you learn in your sophmore and junior year even senior. Experiences with them has been unmatched. My english class I have to say was my favorite. My professor is amazing. I remember reading somewhere that an amazing teacher inspires, well he surely inspired me. I have to say that I learned a better way to live. I learned to look for the beauty in life because there’s so much of it. I’ve learned to remove negatives from from my life and mind and I’ve gotten the full enjoyment of college and life since I’ve done it. I started college depressed and alone but I’ve learned I’m never actually alone I’m all I need.

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