Better late posting than never posting?

Have you ever contemplated the existence of someone what looks just like you but is evil?

Have you ever thought about the gravity that holds you to the Earth?

Have you ever wondered if your life is actually a TV show that is being broadcasted throughout the world?  How awesome would that be?!  And I don’t mean one of those lame ass TV shows on NBC that last all of one season before they are cancelled, I’m talking a phenomenal show that gets its deserved six seasons and a movie (and if you understand that reference we should totally hang out).

Sometimes this idea occurs to me as I’m walking through the subway and I take a bow.  I seriously hope this confuses everyone who’s watching and makes them ask themselves if I actually do know it’s a show.  But if your life is a TV show than what channel would it air on and what would be the premise?  Honestly if my life is a show I hope it’s not constantly playing reruns that annoy viewers.  If I could choose I wish it could air on Animal Planet, not because it contains many animals but because the narrations on those shows are amazing.  Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman could narrate it! Oh no, no, no!!! Samuel L Jackson! You know what?! Forget both Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson, Ron Howard! He narratored Arrested Development and that would be plain awesome! By the way that show is coming back and it is going to be the best thing since the second coming of Christ.
Though the narration could also prove rather annoying, so A&E.  I would have the show formatted like Intervention, not because I’m addicted to anything but because the captions in between my actions could prove to be useful and interesting, a lesser annoyance than narrations.  But who doesn’t become a little upset when watching Intervention?  My show wouldn’t be depressing.

I would love to say Nickelodeon or cartoon network and tune in every Saturday morning to watch yet again another problem my cartoon self can get into! In cartoons your character can do anything and with sound effects it is really quite amusing.  But my real life is not a cartoon, obviously, so I fail to see how my life could be accurately expressed… life as a cartoon sounds amazing now that I think about it…

My TV is usually isolated to comedy central and while I wish I could occupy the same wave frequency of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, I find I am not nearly witty enough and nor do I want to share the same air as Daniel Tosh.

History channel? One word: aliens.

PBS I find to be very informative and helpful, I am neither and I wish not to be.  (Anyone remember the Arthur theme?! LOVE IT!)

But where does this leave me?  Most likely I would end up on MTV, not in one of those shitty reality TV shows and God do I hate Jersey Shore, but more like one of those shows about awkward teenagers, I hate those too but that’s my life.  Also, I’d be on a station with Amir Blumenfeld and honestly that’s all I need out of life.  I love him.  No seriously, he’s my idol.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say so tune in next time, same fro time, same fro place.

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Ramsha Suhail
A random man in a suit starts walking very fast alongside me. “You should smile more often.” I think to myself “I’m getting late for my interview” and start walking faster, determined to avoid any further conversation. “You look very driven! You know I used to be a bank manager!” thankfully the subway station comes into view and I disappear inside. I guess I should admit that the New Yorker attitude has gotten to me, even after spending a year abroad, in beautiful Dubai!
My dad had decided that, for the experience, he would send me abroad for a year, and I chose Dubai as the place to be sent to, because, well, it’s Dubai! Underwater hotels, the tallest building in the world, ice skating rinks at the mall, you name it, Dubai is amazing. I relaxed through my entire year, learned to play polo and live the good life, because it was possible! My senior year of high school, I was introduced to so many new people, and at some point during the year, I started missing home. I didn’t have that same feeling, even with all the luxury, as I did in New York City. They say it is truly the greatest city in the world. My time spent in Dubai made me realize that it is up to me alone to decide if I want to go further in my life and to take advantage of every single opportunity that comes my way, no matter how small. It’s incredible how much you wish for things when they aren’t there. My grandfather’s death during that time left a message – that I had to do something special, for him, as we had an extremely close relationship.
My grandfather is probably also where I got my love for writing from. I write poetry whenever I feel a strong rush of emotion and it helps, tremendously. It’s like a catharsis, and it never fails to work. I have not published anything; its mostly personal writing so I guess I’ll have to wait a while before I’m ready to share it with the world.
Traveling, if you haven’t guessed, is one of the things I’m very passionate about. I have documented my travels to cities in Europe, the United States, and Asia. I have yet to explore Africa, a close friend has invited me to Cape Cod so I’m looking forward to that this summer. Traveling allows me to de-stress and explore places I’m not familiar with. Usually, I take friends to sample the touristy spots and restaurants and I’ve compiled a list of the best places for many things in the various cities I’ve traveled to. It is loads of fun and never gets exhausting.
I guess I consider myself a serious person, which I figured out my first day back in New York. I tend to have a black-and-white perspective when focusing on my goals, which leaves very little room for failure. I’m serious about my family, my future, animal rights and helping to change another person’s life in some way, because that’s one step closer to changing the world, as cliché as that might sound. I don’t really tend to smile when I’m heading to a certain destination, especially when there’s a high chance I’ll be late. But life is a beautiful thing, and there’s so much to smile about, I do agree. I like to believe that nearly nothing is impossible and there are ample opportunities in our life to improve ourselves, every day.

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One Bellevue Minute

2:00 A.M.

My eyes jolt awake. My heart starts pumping faster. My head is killing me. Why did I wake up so early? I close my eyes and attempt to go to sleep, but I can feel my body is already awake. I haven’t slept well for years. I throw off my clothes, and hope one of my brothers don’t come in sometime between now and sunrise to see my exposed body. I jump up, open a window, and crack open my worn copy of “The Strangers” by Albert Camus. It’s useless; my head hurts too much to read even my favorite book. Math runs through my head—shit! I forgot to do my math homework last night. The shaming, sinking feeling in my heart is so familiar to me. “Can I go back to sleep now?” My brain was begging my heart, but my heart ignored it. Fair enough; my brain often ignored my heart. A deep sadness flooded my body. Am I depressed because I don’t sleep, or do I not sleep because I’m depressed? Should I go get somebody? No, the feelings aren’t too strong tonight. I’m sweating. It’s 20 degrees outside and I’m completely naked, but I still sweat like a high athlete. I begin to feel feint. My mind goes as blank as the white paint on my bedroom walls. Thoughts I shouldn’t have crowd my brain. Where is a God when you need one?

2:01 A.M.

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My Monologue

My name is Gabriella. I am 18 years old and I am currently attending Baruch College. At first I was really debating whether or not to attend CUNY Queens or CUNY Baruch. Queens would have been the easier choice with regards to transportation. In the end I decided that Baruch would be a better fit for my intended major. I hope that one day I will become a Certified Public Accountant.

My favorite color is pink, I have four dogs and I like to play various sports. I have two older sisters who are juniors in college, one attending CUNY York and the other CUNY Queens. I also have a younger brother who is in his last year of elementary school. I was told that college will be the best years of my life; I guess this statement is really what you make of it. I am looking forward to getting involved in activities and clubs on campus.

I am hoping to meet new people and make lasting friendships. Keeping up a dedicated work ethic may become difficult at times, but I believe that we are all capable of doing our best. I am looking forward to the future for college thus far has been a new beginning.

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Monologue/Borderline Novel

My Monologue (Stephanie Calamia) <— I don’t know how this whole blog thing works or if my name shows up without me including it so there it is.

Many people ask me how I ended up at Baruch and why I didn’t choose to dorm at a school far, far away. The main reason I chose to attend Baruch is because it is not too long of a commute, it is a great school, and it is fairly inexpensive; so my parents loved it. I often wonder what it would be like to dorm at a school in the middle of nowhere, such as West Virginia University, nothing against that school, but I sometimes wonder why half of my graduating class went there. Yeah it is ranked one of the best party schools, but it is literally in the middle of nowhere. Completely surrounded by farms. I would not survive in a place where it takes 2 hours to arrive at the nearest coffee shop, which of course isn’t Starbucks. That is one of the reasons why I love the city, everywhere you turn, there is a Starbucks. If you haven’t noticed by now I sort of love coffee, it’s how I’ve survived so far in college.

My transition from high school to college wasn’t too bad…except for the fact that I didn’t sleep a single night in August because of how much I was thinking about school, some nerves, some excitement but mostly it was because I had no idea what to expect. You always hear people saying that college is so different from high school and there is so much more work but you do not fully realize it until you are actually in college, trust me. I was fairly shocked when I came to the realization that I like Baruch…a lot, and the commute really isn’t as terrible as people say it is, I get tons of reading and homework done during that hour. And I didn’t think I would make such good friends, I figured since many people at Baruch come from all over they’d want to just go to class and go home, but it’s not like that at all.

Ok now it’s time to get serious, career talk is always the worst when you don’t know what you want to do. When you’re little you always picture yourself as a lawyer or a doctor or an astronaut and some of these are just silly childhood dreams but some people actually know what they are interested in from a relatively young age. When I was pretty young I wanted to be a veterinarian because I love animals, but my sister started telling me that if I became a veterinarian I’d have to stick my hand down crocodile’s throats and horrific stuff like that, so that phase passed pretty quickly. I honestly don’t know exactly what I want to do, and my parents suggested that since I have no idea what I want to do and I enjoy math (up until this semester,) why not go into finance and if you’re good at what you do you’ll be swimming in money. And come on, who doesn’t want that? They 100% have my best interest at heart because they want me to be successful and not have any financial problems in the future but I realized that I don’t want to sit in a cubicle and work with numbers all day, it seems tedious to me. I’d rather wait a little and keep exploring classes and possible career choices and whatnot until I find something that I would enjoy and that will allow me to financially support myself with no difficulty. But I still have time and there are a few subjects I am very interested in so I’m not worried.

Overall I’d say coming to Baruch was a great idea, I’m really enjoying it and the city…and the coffee.

The End.

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monologue redone

to most people writing about oneself is probably the funnest topic that one can have. In this particular subject i am not like most people. To me writing about myself is annoying. I hate having to explain myself and the way i act. I feel that when you write a monologue that is exactly what you are trying to do. I identify myself as a human being. I dislike talking about myself because i feel that is a way for people to get inside your head. A person does not describe who they are through their words but through their actions. If you want to find out if a person is good you do not ask them that, you determine that through the things they do throughout their life. A person that writes about themselves cannot truly explain who they are because there are things that we do that even we do not know about. I can only describe my identity as me being me. There is no other way to do so other then that. In every situation i am a different version of me, as is everyone else because we learn to adapt to the situation we are in and behave in a certain way. There is no such thing as truly summing up the identity of a person, because every person has multiple identities. It is something that happens automatically without us having to do so. As i am sitting here writing this monologue I am a completely different person then when i am doing something else. I cannot talk about any single experience that changed my life because life is full of life changing experiences. Everything that i have done led me to this point of my life that i am in now, both what i consider significant and insignificant.

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The Odd Life I live

Oh boy a monologue well guess ill start with my name as most people know its Felix. Do not meet many people with it so I hope it makes me memorable if not then sorry I couldn’t be more influential. I like to think of my self as fairly social I think I have had a conversation with most of you at one point or another wether by force in class or just bumming around in free time and if I have not then feel free I like to think of my self as fairly well rounded and surely am not shy. Its strange if any of you knew me just a short year ago I would not be able to talk to any of you or anyone for that matter I was one those people that went to and from class and did not try to make friends figured id change before college bit more fulfilling that way. Well what is is there left to say schools going alright I mean about as well as I expected being as lazy as I naturally am sad as it is most of you can find me doing things last minute I work better under pressure. The food is good I honestly did not think I would be able to buy a whole pizza for 8 bucks that kinda amazing in so many ways. How about that hurricane that was kinda nuts did not have power for a few days not fun had to spend time with family, gross I know. Im kidding it could have been worse. What else can I say I hope not to change to much I think I like the way I am. I don’t drink I don’t smoke yah boring life .J peg. I don’t like to think of my self as being obsessed with technology even though that pretty much is the case. Broke my phone for a day felt lost its sad really. I hate reading and I cant write to save my life yah I have heard it before perfect qualities of a student but just how I am. I will be the first to admit I have no idea what I am talking about but I do not like asking for help. My qualities seem to be getting worse with every sentence oh well I do not mind being real I am not perfect do not try to be way to much to live up to not that I know from experience. Im addicted to sleep but not at the right times go to sleep late wake up early then sleep during the day worst way to live but its how I do it. Alright now I am just rambling I wonder if this was long enough ha -insert the easy joke I know most of you are thinking here- you said it not me but alright take care.

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It’s cold.  Furled inside a ball of protective blankets, I sit on my giant suede couch and prepare for battle.  The two sides of my mind are armed and ready at the front.  I think about which side will win; will it be the underdog, vulnerability or will stubbornness prevail once again?  A flux of sardonic and apprehensive thoughts, flood into my mind.  The first fire has struck and the war begins.  The offensive starts tryingly strong, leading my compliant mouth to say: “Hey, my name is Reina and this is who I am, five-foot-four, and donned in black.”  Except that I wouldn’t really be clothed.  I’d be naked, stripped through my skin and thick layers of flesh until all that’s left would be my likes and dislikes, my childhood memories, my family history, and my integrity.  Maybe they’ll be told in story-form like, “I remember that day when he left us for good…” or through allusions like “I wear this gold necklace everywhere I go…” The defensive side laughs.  It’s all too clever to be duped.  A master at diversion and swerving carefully around fragile obstructions, it starts to chant: “You open one door and it leads to another!  You start a sentence with ‘I’ and you’re done for!”  With deflection as its shield, walls shoot up, and resistance strengthens.  The war between being honest and being ambiguous escalates into a bloody uproar leaving a slew of carnage, a slew of questions.  Should I talk about my heritage?  Should I tell them that I’m an older sister or confess that I’m a smoker?  Do these things make me who I am?  What makes me who I am?  What makes anyone who they are and why would anyone else even care?  My mind is in anarchy as the battle cries ring.  I put on my headphones, hit play, and continue to sit.  Like an eddy the sounds pulsate and assuage the chaos.  It’s a mental dialysis; tunes pump in and thoughts pump out.  The battle is over.  With a beat and a melody, nothing really matters.

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For those who do not know my name is Kelvin. I could be consider an average Asian. For those who do not know the definition of an average Asian, YouTube Bobby Lee. My favorite color is black and red. My favorite form of past time are handball and biking although currently I am playing a lot of ping pong. I love to sleep and eat and since i went to Baruch every week I would eat Halal food. The Halal cart on the same block of VC is in my opinion the best, chicken with lots of BBQ sauce is the best. I had a nice time being in class with you all  and wish everyone the best of luck.


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