Jay – Workshops

For me, the most useful workshop was the class advisement one. It was helpful during class registrations. I was able to plan the path I’d take to get to my major. I thought the advisement workshop could have been better. It could have been more thorough and the requirements for the next class could have been explained better. But, overall it was pretty good. It helped a lot.

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Jay’s Picture

I chose this picture because it’s exactly how I feel. It’s been stressful. The workload has been overwhelming. Way, way more than I expected. I thought I was ready enough since my last year in high school, all we did in my classes was write a paper. One paper every two weeks or so. But I guess it wasn’t enough. I’ve had more all-nighters in my first semester of college than in my whole high school life. Wow.

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Jay’s Email

Dear Professor Hensley,

I was not able to make it to class and take the midterm today. I was suffering from the flu and went to see the doctor. I would like to know if I could make up the test and if so when. Thank you very much.

Jay Tagaan

FRO 1000, W 2:30

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Jay’s Monologue

College. Before I went to school in Baruch, that word really terrified me. And I think it still does. It’s intimidating to think that it’s the last four years of your life before you become a complete adult and be responsible for everything you’d have to encounter in your life. I do not want to grow up. At all. Unless it’s about my height, ’cause I could really use some growing up. I want to stay a kid forever. I want to still rely on my parents. Because frankly, I’m too lazy and scared to do things on my own. I do not want to be burdened with responsibilities like my parents are. If only I had the ability to time travel. That’d definitely make things easier for me. I could go into the future and see how my life turned out. I could correct my mistakes. Or not. I think I’ll leave my mistakes alone. They did, after all, make me learn my lesson. But I could go back in time to when things were easier. Times when I was still a young’un, still learning about the world which I found so mysterious and intriguing (Not that I stopped learning now, because I still do). Damn, I wanna be a kid again.

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Brian M- Enrichment Workshop

Although I didn’t like the enrichment workshops that much and thought some of them were straight up dumb and at a terrible time.  But the one that was the best was the NYU performance. Just because of the fun and entertaining side of it.

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Enrichment Workshops

I personally did not feel any of the enrichment workshops were useful. Most students are busy enough with school and other responsibilities such as sports or jobs so making these workshops outside of class time was a hassle. The workshops focused more on conflicts that happen everywhere when they should have talked more about what goes on inside the school and what the school has to offer. If anything, the NYU Voices was the best one because it was somewhat entertaining and was a good way to welcome us into the school.

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Brady’s Picture



I chose to use this picture because I feel it really shows how my first semester was and that is stressful. I had a very rough time transitioning with my school work and it really showed.  My grades were not very high and my work was always kept until the last minute.  I have to get better time management for next semester and get my work done ASAP.  I completely came in underestimating college and thats why my grades are not where I want them to be.

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Brady Ambro Email

Hello Professor,

I was just wondering if there was anything that I could do to potentially bring my grade up for the semester because where it is at right now is not the best. Also I was wondering if I could still send in the answers to the take home test that was due on the 6th. I apologize for not doing so sooner. I know it is very late and I should have had it earlier however I have the answers if you can still count the quiz.
Thank You,
Brady Ambro
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Enrichment Sessions

My favorite enrichment session thingy was the NYU performance about your first semester in college. I felt it was useful and it provided important information in a funny way. I also really liked the Baruch Voices thing. Well, most of it. Some of the monologues were over the top and way to dark and depressing. The other enrichment programs were all right, but I could have lived without them.

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My First Semester


There is a link to my picture if you wish to view it. My first semester was fine with one exception: I WAS TIRED ALL THE DAMN TIME! Don’t take morning classes. You’re setting yourself up for a bad time. I like my sleep so these classes were self destructive. I never came on time and I was exhausted all day. I did do well in these classes, but they still ruined my day. So in summary, avoid morning classes at all costs.

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