Blog #4

Voices preformed by NYU students was my favorite workshop we attended, yet it was my only workshop I attended. The monologues they read were all really interesting and we could somewhat relate to conflicts the writers faced. What I think held my attention the most was the presentation/interpretation the NYU students got from reading our monologues. I guess if I had to say it inspired me, it was the writing style of the monologues that were picked. It influenced me to become a better writer. 



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Blog Post #4

My favorite enrichment workshop was the monologue performance by the Baruch Voice. The acting was great, it is way better than i expected, and also it was taken from something that some of us wrote, so some of the experiences are reliable to us. Overall it was very entertaining.

Weicheng Ding

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Blog Post #4

Out of all the enrichment workshops we have attended, my favorite one is the performance of Baruch’s Voice.  It is my favorite workshop because it was fun and interesting to hear other students’ first year experience a Baruch.  It is worth to know the similarities and differences between mine first year experience at Baruch and others’ first year experience at Baruch because it somehow gives me a sense of how others are doing, and I can learn from them, from their mistakes or successions.  In addition, I like the performers who were presenting the monologues written by students on the stage; the ways they spoke, the way they acted, the way they added emotions and the tones of their voices made the whole show fun and interesting.  The show inspired me a lot because it made me think of the future at Baruch by hearing different stories and thoughts others had about Baruch.  Sone people hated the school, some people liked the school, and some people don’t even care.  However, I’m looking forward to the upcoming years at Baruch.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly.

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The reality show by the NYU students was my favorite. At first I didn’t expect the performance that they had because they were students even though they were from NYU. It was my favorite because it was funny and enjoyable to watch unlike the museum. There were a couple of things that resonated with me, one was about adjusting to college and how to manage time, another was about safe sex and also the incredible dancing.

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Blog Post # 3

Baruch, the best CUNY school in New York City.  I’m finally here, after four years of hardworking in high school.  I suddenly feel I have grown a lot and have become more mature.  I am a college student now, not one of those high school kids who have nothing better to do but hang out on the street after school.

The first day of classes was easy.  Everyone in the class is cool.  They are all friendly and only mind their own business.  Most of my professors are old, as I expected.

“Shit, so much work to do for this semester.  So much reading.  I hate reading, and I am too lazy to read anything.  I didn’t even do my summer reading Brooklyn.”  I said to myself as I was looking through all the syllabus papers.  Well, it’s just like high school that we have to read this and read that.  But, did I ever read?  Maybe sometimes when I was in the mood.  I guess I will just figure something out.  Hopefully i will read as I told myself before, at least something.

College professors are so fancy that we do our homework online.  My Micro-Economics homework is due today; I guess I will do it at night then.  The night time is always the best time to do homework because I get all these ideas to answer my questions which it doesn’t happen at the day time, mostly.  “What the hell? I got a zero on the homework that I didn’t even start?” I said to myself after I decided to do my homework at 10 p.m.  The homework was due at 5 p.m.  Wow.  Do students do their homework at 5 p.m. anymore?

Tomorrow is the midterm, I will spend the night and tomorrow morning on the train study the material.  I think it’s more than enough of study as I always do.  Last minute study always works the best in high school.  Perhaps for college too.  Unfortunately, I got a D, the very first D in my life.  I learned my lesson, never wait till the last minute to study for any test in college, unless you know everything.  But still, it won’t hurt to get an A.

Essays, research papers, essays, book reports, essays, and more essays.  Why do we have to write so many essays?  I have already gotten my second essay question when I still haven’t gotten my first essay back.  Indeed, we will be super well prepared to write anything in the future, hopefully.  One thing that I enjoyed writing essays is that I got to print them out in the school library for free within $100 budget.  I feel accomplished when my papers come out fresh from the printers.

Three more weeks until the end of my first semester in college.  I’m planning on moving into the library during finals week so I can get those As.  I’m looking forward to the winter recession.

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Blog Post 3

My first three months here at Baruch has been… well busy. I’ve made great friends which help me feel more at home here, go out with, and helped me with any homework I had trouble with. Classes in college are not as difficult as they said it would be in high school. I feel that the only struggle with each class is how independent you have to be to make it on time, cover the material, and go out of you way to talk to the teacher about missing work. Also, another great struggle is sitting through a three hour english class and a boring lecture. Aside from school and social life, any other free time is spent working at my job. Over all, I have enjoyed my first semester as a new freshman. I haven’t had much time to take a breather, but so far, so good.

The artwork I attached is something I found when I googled busy, called “It’s a Busy Small World”. I guess this symbolizes my life for the past three months because I’ve had a lot of fun, met a lot of people, and did a lot of new things.


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Blog Post #3

False Mirror-Rene Magritte

My first semester at Baruch is not what i expected, in both positive and negative way. I expected college to be more fun but so far it has been quite dull, its not terrible but also nothing exciting. But there are also positive experiences, the increase work load forces me to become a more diligent person. I feel my future years at Baruch will shape me into a different person, i already start asking question about what i want to achieve in life. Just like the when i look at the”false mirror”, my time at Baruch challenges me to ask question about what i see and what i think i know

Weicheng Ding

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Blog #2

This is my first couple months living in “The Big Apple” and I have come to learn a lot. For example: don’t buy cheap shit from a street vendors because they just want a quick buck, take the 6 train to school and back home, and learn to keep all your change because it will be used to buy your next meal. They say that you really don’t know yourself until you step out of your confront zone. Well growing up, we all experience that change that defines who we are for the rest of our lives. Moving to New York, a city full of stranger, is what set me off to become independent.

The first instance is when it was the week of midterms. I had no idea what to expect from my first midterm. We had so much information we needed to know that I just didn’t know where to start. Of course, I procrastinated which lead to taking a trip to Time Square. A vendor came running up to me, like “STRESS” was plastered on my forehead, and offered me a cheap pass to one of the top spas of NYC. This deal was way too good to be true. I love going to the spa, but a full treatment for only $30. Well that was my first lesson; don’t buy cheap shit from vendors off the street. This top spa was: 1) in deep Harlem 2) had dust and peeling paint on the walls and 3) smelled like week’s worth of rotten food.

The second instance was when I visited Brooklyn for the first time. I waiting for the train to head to school, well I thought it would be faster if I took another train. Little did I know that this train didn’t stop at 23rd street. So I sat there listening till I heard 23rd, until I somehow landed in Brooklyn.

The third instance is when I realized a penny goes a long way. The city’s prices are about double what they were in Ohio. I learned something about myself, that money problems were my greatest fear. Back in the day if I needed $10, I would ask my parents and they would give me that $10.I had to learn money managing skills, so I wouldn’t end up eating pizza for every meal. I was given “X” amount and I had to spend a certain limit within a day.

Over all, I had to learn how to take care of myself. Yes, I learned my lessons the hard way. But now have grown up to be more independent.

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Blog Post #2

I am terrified of spiders.  I hate it when a spider made a web at the corner of the ceiling in my living room, when lived in the country side.  Their long and thin legs disgust me.  I always wanted to get them off from the ceiling, but I preferred to let them stay up, so they would not attack me.  I like dogs.  I like all kinds of dogs; big or small, fat or thin, cute or ugly; as long they are clean and don’t smell.  I like hanging out with friends, I mean friends that are close to me and open to talk about anything.  I like to socialize with people; connections are important to people.  I like photography and I like to take pictures.  I like to use my camera to capture those moments I wanted to remember.  I like to edit my pictures with Photoshop.  It is fun to photoshop pictures like putting a monkey onto the moon.  It would be awesome if I can take pictures with my eyes, so I will not miss any cool things I seen.  I like to sing.  Even though I don’t have a sexy voice, but I go to karaoke with my friends all the time.  It feels good after singing songs and songs; it is a good way to release my stress.  I love to eat.  I wish I can just keep eating and never get full.  I play volleyball and I enjoy the time I spent with my teammates on the court.  It is such a fun sport which requires not only skills but also teamwork.  I can play volleyball for hours and hours and never get tired.  It is a good workout too to make me stay fit.  I like to go outside to do anything.  However, when I get lazy I could stay home for days.  I wish someday I can win a lottery ticket and have a lot of money to shop.  I love shopping; I will buy anything if I have the money.  I enjoy the peaceful environment in the library of Baruch College.  It is such a good place to study, to do homework, to watch dramas on my iPad, and to take a nap.  I enjoy the hundred dollars free printing and the three hours laptops.  Indeed, the free Wi-Fi service in campus is one of my favorite things about college.  Internet is such a great invention.  I could sit in front of my computer all day chatting with my friends, watching funny videos and playing different games.  I am the type of person that is shy in front of strangers, but all my friends think I am funny.

Sheng Huang

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Blog Post #2

My name is Wei, I am a mentalist, Magician and creator. I enjoy performing on stage as a mentalist. I love doing card magic, my extensive interest in cards also turn me into an insane collector. I do have hobbies besides Magic. I love movies, television and photography. I watch TV shows and movies all day at the same time practice sleight of hand when, well almost all the time. All my interests tend to tide in together. My love for movies got me into filming and editing, so I did all the editing for my own DVD. My love for photography allows me to take good pictures when I do deck reviews. Although watching TV shows and movies is only killing time for most people, it helps me develop my mentalism act. My act and my stage personal draw inspirations from Inception, Sherlock and many other shows and movies. So in conclusion I love things that are artistic, inspiring and out of ordinary, I hope whatever I decide to do, it will innovate and elevate.



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