Wilson’s Last Blog Post

The enrichment/workshop that I enjoyed most out of the freshman seminar class was the stress workshop. I found the whole workshop pretty neat. It showed us multiple ways to deal with stress such as breathing exercises and identifying the problem and finding solutions to the problem. We also learned how to meditate which was an epic fail for me. It was nearly impossible for me focus as my mind kept drifting in random things.  I don’t usually use this methods to deal with stress, but it’s good to know that there are other ways to relieve stress. I love the stress ball though, i found it pretty ‘cute’.

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Jacobs Last Post

The enrichment workshop that I enjoyed the most was the one that taught us how to properly release stress through deep breathing exercises.  I never knew that simply breathing could fill me with such complete and utter zen. My head was clear for the first time in months and I was not worried about any assignment,deadlines or due dates. I just lived in the moment. Since that workshop I have used this exercise every morning to clear my head. Instead of waking up in a panicked daze I am able to be calm and handle the work cut out for me. It prevents me from becoming overwhelmed with all of the work I need to handle. I know that this will be a valuable exercise for me in the future especially given the fact that finals are approaching. Ultimately this workshop has given me a new perpective on stress management and how to handle work in the years to come.

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Christy’s Last Post

I think the most was the last one where they taught us how to register for classes as well as check the availabilities for the classes as well. I didn’t know anything because I’m a freshman and I’m always lost when it comes to technical things. The women who came in helped us tremendously by actually going through the sites with us and showing us exactly where to go. When the day of registration came, I couldn’t say I knew exactly what to do, but if it weren’t for that workshop, then I’d be completely lost. I successfully registered for all my required classes and was able to navigate the site.

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Guadalupe’s Last Post

I believe the Academic Advisement workshop was the most useful. As the Spring registration approached last week I wasn’t too concerned, at first. I thought everyone was exaggerating when they said there would be no classes left. Monday of last week was when the stress began. As I asked my friends what time their registration was, I realized I was the last one to be registering which stressed me out. However, if it wasn’t for the Academic Advisement workshop I wouldn’t have known how to go about registering. I planned out what classes were a must to take for the Spring semester.

The day of registration came and I was beyond stressed. I get stressed very easily by the way, so Thursday I was going crazy. However, thanks to the workshop I planned everything out ahead of time. Even though most classes were taken up, I managed to get into the classes I needed. The 7:50 am Business Law is still annoying me, but everyone needs to make sacrifices in life. So basically, the workshop did come in handy.

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Instructions Blog post #4

Hi guys, here’s the instructions for the last blog.

due 12/7.

Please write a post of no more than 500 words about your favorite enrichment workshop that you had attended and why this workshop/program/experience was your favorite. Be sure to address the ways in which this workshop resonated with you from a personal perspective and, if applicable, inspired you in any way. You will have the opportunity to discuss your post in class on the last day that your freshman seminar class will meet.

Godspeed on devil’s thunder!

-Jori H

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Post 3


College is overwhelming. Since day one, I’ve been excited to start and take on a new level of responsibilities and serious work, a difficulty more fitting than high school. Part of the charm must have been the autonomy, being able to do things on my own time, and finally, for the first time, choosing my own direction and classes. Since then, I’ve also learned to really appreciate the network of friends I’ve grown close to; they’re a great source of support and relaxation when work gets out of hand.

There’s nothing slow about college. With only four months per semester, it only takes two weeks for the pace to be in high gear, and more than once I was left biting my lip, struggling to catch up between weekly assignments, papers, and constant quizzes. Sometimes, I’d be deprived of sleep. It wasn’t pleasant at first, when I was still unfamiliar with how to deal with the situation, but now it’s pretty comfortable. Not much has changed: I still procrastinate, and the work only gets harder, but I can appreciate that. It’s what I wanted, what I chose for myself.

Baruch is exceeding my expectations. The challenges are many, but the rewards are great.

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Wendy’s blog post #3


This picture represents my experience at Baruch so far. I always find excuses to do everything last minute. I spent my weekend doing my papers for art history and English. One was due Sunday night and another was due Monday and because of all those excuses, I did them one after another. I stayed up until 3 last night for my English paper. I was so tired and I wondered why didn’t I start it sooner. I will definitely try not to procrastinate next semester (if that’s possible).

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Christy’s Third Post

In my last three months of Baruch, have pretty much be summed up into that gif. My first month was really fun, meeting new people and getting used to going to college. Then I decided to join a sorority. Little did I know, it was going to be one of the worse decisions I ever made. haha, just kidding. I’m finally done now, but this gif completely describes how I felt during the last two months in Baruch. I was stressed, overwhelmed and just wanted to cry every day. I messed up in all my classes, didn’t sleep at night and couldn’t even eat a proper meal. If I did, I was really lucky, or it was 1AM. My professors all talked to me about my grades and they were worried. I felt like crap for the past two months and never thought it’d end. I crossed this past Saturday, December 1st and it was honestly the best day of my life. Everything I’ve done for them, was finally paid off. I have amazing people to call my sisters now and never felt more accomplished. I guess it’ll make my next 3 years in Baruch worth it. Everyone probably thought I was the crappiest and meanest person ever, but trust me, it was just because I felt like nothing in the world was good. But now that it’s over, I have never been happier. I can finally see my best friends who I haven’t seen, stand outside of the vertical campus and eat a real meal for once. Best feeling in the world. The gif is kind of depressing though.



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Stephen’s third post

This photo represents the life of a college kid who lives away from home. I love dorming in the city. I’m right in the middle of everything on 34th street and 8th avenue. Living in the dorms gives me so much more freedom than I have when I’m at home. I live on Long Island, where you have to drive everywhere. Unless maybe if you’re going to you’re friends house around the corner, even then though, that’s like a 10 minute walk for me. Since some of our friends live on the other side of town, a night of drinking always turns into who’s going to drive those couple of kids home. In the city no one has to stay sober to drive home haha. You can walk everywhere, and eventually you’ll find your way back. I guess living in the dorms is kind of good because I’m learning how to do things on my own a little bit. The main thing is cooking. Before I left for college, I was lucky if i could boil pasta without over/under cooking it. I’m becoming a much better cook now, but its still not the same as home. As much as I love the city, nothing beats my moms home coking. Whenever I go home for a weekend, my mom is always sending me back with food to last me a day or two. Going home for Thanksgiving was the best. It was four straight days of  eating actual food. Probably the best four consecutive days since college has started.


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Sonam’s Blog Post # 3


As a freshman, I am amazed at all that Baruch has to offer. I can honestly say that I enjoy college life more than I enjoyed high school life. In high school, I was often bombarded with loads of homework each night and left the biggest projects to complete shortly before deadlines. However, in college my classes are spaced out so that I have more time to study, complete assignments, and even schedule appointments with professors for extra help if I need it. I even have time for a small internship to boost my experience in the working world. As a result, I’ve really became a master at managing my time. I realized that no matter how many tasks I have to complete, I can finish everything if I plan out how to use my time wisely.

To begin with, the Baruch library has become my favorite place as I can go there during breaks to have silence to complete a long reading for class and use the computers to type up a small draft for a paper or even a review sheet of terms for an exam. I try do do as much work as I can during my breaks. I leave smaller assignments such as math problems, or short readings for when I go home after work. I even complete readings on the train on my way too and from school. I’ve learned to prioritize readings and looking through the next lecture PowerPoint on Blackboard because it truly helps me grasp concepts before class. In this way I will not waste time struggling to understand during class or spend extra time studying or receiving tutoring. Although, when I am unable to grasp certain lectures, I do not hesitate to use my time during breaks to meet with a teacher or form a study group. All of this preparation helps to make information stay in my head until the test so that the night before the test does not become an eight hour cramming session that has detrimental effects. I have not been to the writing semester this term, I would definitely like to use it next term when I have more challenging courses. I love the fact that I can get feedback on my work before I hand it in since it saves me time and I can get the best grade possible.

After writing out all of the tasks need to complete for each week, I then decipher if I have enough time to enjoy recreational activities such as watching a movie with friends and family, attending a party or going out to lunch with friends to treat my self, which I feel is very important to do once in a while. I find time to socialize after major exams and before holiday breaks by exploring the wonderful restaurants and other activities in the great Flatiron district that Baruch is part of.  I am truly grateful that I chose to join a learning community at Baruch because it helped me make friends easier and also provided time for fun activities together amidst our workload.



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