Stephanie Edwards ‘ Monologue

Who am I is a question that I’m positive many of you tend to ask yourselves when you get to certain point in life. I would be lying if I told you all, I know exactly who I am because I’m still growing and learning more about myself each and every day. Though I’m not perfectly sure who I am, however, aware of the exact qualities that I possess.

Some of my characteristics include being pro-active, strong, dedicated, and motivated. Sports are where all these qualities become highlighted through the actions I’ve taken in Indoor track and field. Now, before I started track and field I wouldn’t have described myself as outgoing or athletic compared to after becoming a member of the sport. As a matter of fact, the only reason I joined track and field is because I can’t hit, catch, or throw anything. But don’t underestimate me because I would dominate in running, swimming, or soccer. I was only bad at sport where you had to mostly use your hands. Indeed, I did make it to being one second away from qualifying for nationals that was a great improvement on my part, but I’ll get to that later.

Before, I fell in love with track and field I was very naïve when it came to the sport. I just joined the team knowing that I going to sprint. My coach (who I found out was retired ECW wrestler) made me run through the school’s basement (since we didn’t have our own track but my school was built circular so it was okay) only three times, then the stretching routine, followed my lifting a few weights, and then we’d go home. Then it got more difficult by progressing to eight times round the basement.

My first event was called the “Night of Distance” at the armory that started 7:00 am so the team had to meet on Jamaica Avenue, Queens, NY by 4:30 am to take the E train together. Being the only freshman to attend I decided to use that to my advantage of talking to the upper class men to get some advice and hear about their first track experiences. My coach wrote me up to run the 1000meter race. This was my first race and it was much longer than I had in mind. During the race, I kept a steady pace and sprinted my last round, coming in 4th place. That was pretty amazing and I was extremely proud of myself even though it wasn’t the top 3. It showed how strong I was, I kept running even when I felt like my throat was on fire and I was about to faint on the track. Not to mention my competitors were from Townsend Harris and Bayside High School who dominated long distance events. When it came to the 300meter races though I would always make sure I was in at least the top 3 but everyone knows it’s not about what you come in, it’s about the time you finish in.

I had later on advanced to becoming the Most Improved Player my sophomore year and a second away from nationals in the 300meter run my senior year. I wouldn’t have accomplished this if I weren’t pro-active, strong, dedicated, and motivated.

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