This is Kevin Hart at MSG by the way… alright alright alright

It pretty much just sums up this semester. Before handing in every quiz and test… yup.  I struggled a lot to get my grades going. To be fair, I’m still struggling in some classes. I’m still working on breaking out of my bad high school habits like coming late to class, procrastination, and not giving a poop about my grades. To be fair, I’ve been trying my best to score high grades on my recent quizzes/exams/essays, you’ll see me with huge panda eyes the next day and you’ll know why. I realize now that if I fail then I fail. I did what I could and what I didn’t do I tried.

Most of the people here in this environment are cool; everyone is very, very, very, friendly. It will certainly take some time getting used to. I met some really nice people this semester and do look forward to expanding my circle. I would like to take things slowly, getting used to this new place, and all that. Whoever/whatever comes up, comes. But opportunities don’t always come back so i’m willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and get that degree before i can leave. In the mean time, Jesus take the wheel??

Blog Post #3


When college first began I thought it was exactly like high school since I see the same people over and over again and we are basically learning the same level of stuff.  However as the days go on I noticed it was not the same especially the tests in math.  Those tests often do not have anything from what was taught in class or even in the homework.  Math is not even the most stressful because there is english for that which I am totally bombing with a C average.  I try very hard in that class to write the essays and when I finish the gif above shows my exact expression.  For an instant during the time I was writing the essay I thought, “I got this” and then the paper comes back and I got a C and a lot of comments which is always bad.  This gif does not presently describe my life at Baruch exactly yet, but I have a feeling that it will soon.  I expected there to be a lot of writing involved when I chose to attend this college but I am not physically ready.  Every time I remember that I have to write an essay, my stomach cringes and I am sure that feeling will continue for the rest of my life.  The worst news would be that when I go into a business major I still need to take liberal art classes which means more writing.  I will never get away from this stress.


First 3 months at Baruch


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Most high school students think that college is all about the parties and friends. I was one of them until I actually got into college. The amount of work, both in school and out of school, hit me like a wreaking ball. In 3 months I had 186 math problems to answer, 4 papers for English, countless lab work and more! With all that work, it feels like its never ending. My most visited websites (other than Facebook) are the Baruch website, WEBwork, and my Baruch student email. How did I handle all this work? Simple. I did a shitty job on all of the assignments. I tried and I gave up. I was not aiming for much–just enough to get a C+. I only studied once and it was for a quiz. Not a test or a midterm but a small quiz. If the first  3 months are like this, then I don’t want to imagine what the rest of the years will be like. But, don’t worry. I am slowly starting to change my ways. My new friends bring motivation, inspiration and support. College isn’t so bad when I go through it with amazing people. We have many unforgettable times together so far. I know there will be more memories coming, but for now I must focus on my school. I have one more month left for this semester, I must get it together and pass.

Impressions After Three Months

The modern day college student as played by Leo Dicaprio

When the semester was initially beginning I felt a kind of euphoria. I was engrossed by many of the college cliches which pervade the media and stories. As time went on, I settled into a routine as usual, discovering that the college experience (at least mine), isn’t what everyone makes it out to be. I actually thought I would have a lot of free time, but found that while it may exist on paper, studying and other responsibilities seem to take up the bulk of such a precious commodity. And the Baruch “campus” experience has been slightly embellished (let’s be honest here). But I am making the best of it, and actively pursuing cultural opportunities, which a city like New York can offer.

With all that said, I wholly appreciate some things in my first semester. I would like to give a shout out to my English class for without which, I might’ve been much more critical towards Baruch. It has really expanded my breathe, towards the literary arts, my own culture, and the continuities that mark every society. Shout out to fro too; once we got past the ice breakers it became more enjoyable. I enjoy my biology classes somewhat as well. I have also met some great people who I can converse with intellectually, and on comedic level.

This is only the first semester, there will be more time for us to uncover who we are, and ultimately what we want to study. I, myself, may be slowly realizing that I actually don’t care for math.I want to become an interpretive dancer! Just kidding, ha

Blog Post #3: First Three Months at Baruch College


These past few months at Baruch have been tiresome and full of stress. Since I commute, my ride to school is long and a train delay can happen any time. I was not accustomed to leaving my house an hour and a half earlier for class, whereas, in high school I was only two stops away. I am definitely not a morning person! I was pretty lazy and faced “senioritis” during my senior year in high school. I took mostly unchallenging classes except for pre-calc, which I mistakenly had taken instead of the college-credit pre-calc class. Now, I am taking pre-calc with elements of calculus and it is more in-depth and difficult; I regret not taking the college credit course in high school. I am struggling with calculus at Baruch because I did not expect the work load or the complexity of the material to be all that challenging. Thanks, senioritis! I often go to tutoring and study in the library. The timing of my schedule is very convenient, but I feel that the classes in my block are rigorous and entail a great amount of studying. These include Biology Lab and Pre-calculus. Although the block system is a great way for freshmen to adjust to college life and making new friends by sharing multiple classes, it is unfair that freshmen are put at a disadvantage by getting teachers that are not highly desired.

Overall, I worked really hard in high school. But now, I feel that I have trouble focusing and retaining the material, especially for Biology since it’s solely memorization. Why isn’t there an easier science class for those of us who do not wish to become doctors– like living environment?  The transition is tough, and I know that I have to maintain good grades as I have done in high school.

I am looking forward to next semester because I will be completing most of my requirements for the core curriculum. I will then be able to focus on majors/minors that interest me such as psychology, music, and business.


Blog Post #3

The first three months at Baruch have been pretty good. I came here nervous but eager to turn a new page. It was a fair amount of work, maybe even similar to high school. My only complaint is that I literally have no idea what my notes for Precalc say. When I checked out my teachers I was worried about English and Bio Lab. Now that I’ve had a good amount of time around them they really aren’t as horrible as the reviews made them out to be. The classes are simple enough and though it seems like a lot it wasn’t all that bad. I actually feel like I’ll miss my professors and maybe even the simplicity of the courses. I like the fact that we have club hours and me and my friends go out and eat or hang around. It’s a nice get away in the middle of the day. I think the most important thing that I can take away from this experience is meeting all these great people. In high school you have different classes with different students so you tend to stay with a certain group and don’t really socialize as much. With the block system you get to meet really cool and funny people that just make the experience of starting anew easier.The reason why I chose this gif was because I feel like the smile and the look in his eyes is something that translates to how I feel. It’s a peaceful expression he’s giving and I think that summarizes my feelings exactly.  I really feel like I’ve gained a confidence boost and surprisingly it was a lot easier than I expected. I really hope to see my new friends around and hopefully have a class or two with them. I wish them all the best and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for making my experience at Baruch that much more enriching.Basically, I’m bittersweet that the first semester is ending soon but I have no regrets, I’m happy and this will forever be a good memory of mine.

My first 3 months at Baruch


I remember the reactions I got from people when I told them I was attending Baruch in the fall. Each and every one of them just got this puzzled look on their face and then proceeded to ask me why. Baruch has a reputation of being a business-oriented school (which it is) and that everyone who attends here is a stereotypical nerd. Stereotypical meaning that they all go straight home after school and just do homework. Now this judgment is what caused the puzzled look on all those peoples faces. I love to enjoy the moment and have a ridiculous amount of fun and to everyone else Baruch just didn’t seem like the right fit. After being here for a few months I actually let that idea go because I have met so many different kinds of people with many different interests besides schoolwork. I feel horrible for judging the population of the school before I even got to attend and got to know anyone. Baruch is an awesome school that looks out for its students. It provides so many activities and helpful workshops; which I think is really cool. There are services that are made available to everyone just so students don’t feel so overwhelmed and alone and this has been of a lot of use to me. I’m glad I decided to attend Baruch, to be honest I think it is a great school regardless of your major. I chose this GIF because I think it describes anyone’s college experience. You get home at the end of the day and you just have so many things to take care of you collapse onto your bed. This is an everyday thing for me. I get home, sit on the side of my bed, and just throw myself backwards and go over all my responsibilities. It’s all very overwhelming and difficult to manage but a school like Baruch has made me feel comforted going through this. It has been a pleasant few months here at Baruch.


My monologue is based off of my inner thoughts and dreams. Sometimes I feel that my dreams are reality and at other times I feel as if they are simply fantasizes of my mind. My monologue discusses the importance of the continuity of dreams and the importance of taking action to achieve your goals. I have always been an extremely motivated person, and I love to strive for goals that seem unattainable at the moment of conception. However, I love to outdo the odds. I love to prove the stereotypes wrong and to show that I am not a statistic. My monologue goes into detail with why that is the case. At several points in my monologue, I question why am I different and why do I feel the inclination to be better than what I am perceived to be by society. Furthermore, I discuss what my role is in society, contrary to popular belief of those in my demographic. This monologue definitely resonates with my ideals and my personality as an individual who continues to move forward, and continues to develop himself.


I am not going to post my monologue because as I discussed with a certain Russian classmate, it may not be in my best interest to post intellectual property on the blog.

My monologue was about the timeless tension in a father son relationship. Its a topic that hits very close to home and can be found in all cultures. As young men we constantly deal with a range of emotions and feelings towards our fathers as idols heroes enemies friends teachers and guys who are just awkward. It is a very special bond that can only be understood once experience. It gives you the desire to grow and be better not for you but for your dad. My dad will always be my hero,and like many other men, I just want to make my dad proud.


To Sleep or not to sleep – that is  the question.

Whether tis nobler to suffer the aches and pains of labor

Or fall victim to the blissful grace of slumber

To oppose thy wishes will bring displeasure

And surely leave one worse for weather

My eyes stay open against my will

If they shut now, all’d by for nil

Who am I kidding? I need my sleep now.

Just a short nap. I swear on this vow.