Ascend Legacy Leadership Program

Last Friday, I attended the first meeting of the Ascend Legacy Leadership Program that I got into. This program was pretty prestigious and I was surprised when I got accepted. I had applied to this program the night before the deadline after hearing it from a friend. The group interview, in my opinion, didn’t seem to be in my favor since the other two interviewees were both more experienced. But I was glad I got in because I felt I can learn a lot through this program.

Arriving a bit late to the meeting due to train delays, I felt kind of awkward when everyone looked at me as I entered the room and took a seat. It was a day where the mentees were suppose to meet all the mentors. I felt kind of nervous because I didn’t really know anyone, but I also felt excited to meet new people. Although half the mentors were not present, the meeting turned out to be a success because we were able to learn a lot from the present mentors as they were all experienced in their field. Afterwards, we even went out to eat at Nyonya in Chinatown and I quickly became friends with the others.

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-Junjie Gao

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  1. Junjie,
    This is amazing! Definitely take advantage of this program and try to bond with everyone, not just your own mentor; you never know what connections you may need for the future!
    Congratulations again and good luck!


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