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September 7th was the social club, Chit Chat’s, General interest Meeting. It took place during club hours. I did not just attend the event, but I was part of running it as well. I am actually part of that club’s E-board as Chair of Marketing. In my opinion, I thought the event was very successful because the club was able to gain new members and had so many students interested in what they do. As for working behind the scenes, it was quite unnerving because there was pressure from myself to make sure I do my own part and responsibilities correctly. We had multiple ice breakers that were actually fun and did not seem like a chore to the students who came. Although I did see that there were many students who were just coming to different club’s events just for food. Me personally, I say theres nothing wrong with taking advantage of an opportunity, but I would have liked it more if students who came and just walked out, stayed for like five minutes. I know if they would have stayed for a bit, they would have probably actually become interested in our club. By the way, Chit Chat is a socially inclusive club on campus. It seeks to dispel the exclusive nature of Baruch hallways. This year, the theme is productive fun. You can have fun while improving yourself. We have events such as Speed Meet, LinkedIn photoshoot, underrepresented major panels and more. When I was first approached to join the club, I was immediately sold by hearing the part where it targets dispelling the exclusiveness of Baruch. This is because I believe that we are all adults and that since we can accept and respect differences, that we don’t need small groups full of students with corresponding traits, but we can be one big happy unified unit. This is a goal I want to accomplish as a member of Chit Chat. (Since I was busy running around, there were

Career Partik Singh

For my last blog I went to the Majors and Minors fair. This was for my career blog. It was a nice, information filled experience in which I learned several new things in regards to my major as well as regarding other possible majors. Several experienced individuals from the fields of some majors were sitting at their respective tables. They had papers to hand out with plenty of information at their tables. I think it was a great learning experience since it allowed for exposure to a wide variety of majors, some of which I did not even know about. Another aspect making it a great learning experience were the representatives at the tables. They possess abundant knowledge regarding the major they were representing and it is very beneficial to take their advice because they have been through this already, and they have made it in their respective fields. They were willing to try and answer every question that students had to the best of their abilities. I think the event was great for people who are uncertain and confused about what they want to do for their major or minor because they are presented a large variety of options and are provided ample information regarding each major or minor that they might be interested in. Another great aspect were the handouts which were present at each table. These handouts were packed with information, allowing students to ask questions about information within the handouts, as well as giving them the ability to take it home and look over all the information present in them. I had listened to some of the questions that students had at the Finance major because I wanted to obtain information regarding that. They were asking of things that I did not even know about, and the woman at the table did a nice job explaining to me and the other students about the major and answering questions. I would recommend going to this event because it is very helpful and provides great information.

Academic Partik Singh


For my blog I went to the Met which is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The first thing that I was a fan of was in regard to the cost, it was nice to have the option to decide how much I give. The museum itself looks extraordinary from the outside in addition the inside. The exhibits within the museum are also exquisite and are brilliant sights to see. The marvelous works of art are understandably a massive attraction due to the pure beauty that some of them display. This was an enjoyable thanks to everything that I saw in the museum. There was fantastic art from various historical periods and various areas of the world. Art from around the globe, throughout history was on display which was a great sight to see, a great experience and a nice learning adventure. There was plenty of information about the exhibits and the works that were on display. It was enjoyable for the learning and sights, but also thanks to the overall nature of the trip to the museum. It was nice to go on my own time and check the museum out. I could be totally relaxed and just enjoy the museum while I was there. It was easy to marvel the works present in the museum and admire the art that was present. In history classes I have learned of Medieval times and some Egyptian history, and know to get to see the art from those times and areas it helps contextualize all the information I had and understand the art. I felt like I took advantage of this opportunity and got to enjoy this brilliant museum. It was a great experience for my first semester, and it is something that I would not mind doing again later on in my life.

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Lawrence N. Field center for Entrepreneurship

On November 10th, 2017 I had a appointment with an advisor in the Lawrence N. Field center for Entrepreneurship office on the 2nd floor. In this office they help students with an idea to start up  a small business or if you have a small business and want advice, support and or guidance. I have an idea of a small business I would like to start very soon. My advisor I was assigned to gave me great advice. He told me the first step is to get started on a business plan, which I already knew because I took a Entrepreneurship class in High School. I also have to choose a specific target audience for my business. Also he told me it’ll be a good idea to write down a 5 year goal for my business and take tiny steps. He help me think how my business will be different from others competitions. I am really happy I went to my appointment because I really wasn’t going to go. I will also be back at least once every month to update my advisor or if I need help with anything regarding  with my small business, resume, business plan , or school work. I recommend anyone with a great idea or want to start a small business to take a visit to this office.

Blog Post 3

For the Career workshop I went to the Lets Get Starrted workshop. At first when I arrived I thought I came really early, because only one other person was there. Well it turned out I did come early, but even then only around 6 other people that came in to the workshop. It was far from what I expected a career workshop to be, since I imagined that we’d do something more interactive with groups and everything when I read the description for the workshop. We did work in pairs but it wasn’t all that difficult, talking casually and exchanging ideas. The workshop was supposed to be a 4 week commitment, and since I wasn’t here for the first week it felt like there wasn’t much to get from the workshop. The assessment to find out the major and career path that you are most compatible with was done in the 1st week. Since they mostly reviewed the test that was taken in the 1st week in the 2nd meeting that I attended there wasn’t much for people that were there for the first time could do.  It was mostly personal pondering about my preferences and trying to analyze my own situation using a sample test result and a hexagon diagram. The diagram gave us six categories, realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. I couldn’t really fit myself into any of the categories because none of them seemed to fit me, there was a lot of conflict between my desires and reality. Nevertheless, it was still a good experience for me, as I was able to find out about many of the resources that are available by the Starr career development center.

Blog Post 2

For the second blog post I went to the Whitney Museum of American Arts. When I first arrived there I was surprised at how much people there were, but after going in I had to admit it was pretty nice. At first I thought who would pay 20 dollar for this, but thankfully I was able to go in for free with Baruch ID. When I finally went inside the first exhibit that was there was the History of Protest, and it was interesting because the artworks were very different from the type of protest that we see in history class. The artworks did not feature a group of people protesting holding up pickets, and not many of them had any texts. They were much more explicit and blunt about the whole thing, with many abstract expressions used to convey what violence really was as to show why it should be stopped. There were also civil rights movement artworks that featured posters and texts that were used to protest other types of violence in the United States, not just war, for example there was a flag that said “A man was lynched by police yesterday”. Then there were  typical artworks that didn’t really interest me in any way, paintings depicting America in the 20th century and other modern abstract arts. What was especially interesting was the abundance of how many colored canvases there were, I mean literally just empty, single or two colored canvases, and I couldn’t help but feel that I can’t really understand modern arts, despite the many arguments in defense for it. A friend that accompanied me to the museum thought there was more to it than just a white canvas to one of the exhibits and thought that there were texts behind the white canvas but there was no such thing. Really disappointing.

Career Blog Quinn Reeves

For my career blog post I decided to attend the majors and minors fair that was held at the school this past Thursday during club hours.  The main reason I chose to attend this event was to satisfy my last blog post requirement, however, since both my major and minor are currently undecided I knew it would be beneficial.  Since the moment I applied to Baruch I figured I would take up a business major like marketing and follow that path.  The majors and minors fair gave me the chance to explore other areas the school offers besides business.  I had the opportunity to speak with someone from the journalism department and that actually sparked an interest in me in possibly majoring or minoring in journalism.  I do have a great interest in music so learning about the possibility of minoring in music was very appealing to me.  Throughout the fair I was able to get many informational handouts which I found helpful so I could further review all my possible interests after the event.  In terms of business majors, I had the chance to hear about international business and although the woman exclaimed the exclusivity of the program it just made it even more appealing, also the programs requirement to study abroad definitely helped with that.  I then got to hear from a woman about marketing as a major and all the different tracks available.  From the beginning marketing was what I thought I wanted to major in and it is still a strong contender!  Overall, I found the majors and minors fair to be an enjoyable and beneficial experience that provided me with great knowledge on what kind of career I may want.  I definitely will utilize STARR in the future when it comes time for internships.

Suling’s career blog: Let’s Get STARRted: week 1

I went to this workshop because I needed to have a blog about a career. On November 1, I had a math exam. I was planning on finishing my exam by 11:00, which is when the workshop starts. I didn’t finish my exam by 11:00 or early, I finished around 10 minutes later. When I finished, I met Florenza at the elevator and I talked about going to the workshop. So, we both went to the workshop. In the workshop, I learned that it was fine to undecided for my major. I was thinking about doing accounting, but I wasn’t sure if I should go into that major. Adia Tucker who is the facilitator for the workshop said that around 60 percent of freshmen are unsure of which major to pick and don’t have to plan. This really relieved some of the stress that I had because I thought that I should have a major that I should be pursuing and when I meet people, they ask me what I am going to major in and they tell me what they are going to major in. I am relieved that I am not one of the few people who are kind of undecided. In addition, I learned that the major that I am in doesn’t limit me to only a few types of jobs. There are a variety of jobs that uses the skills that is developed through having that major. Career options for being in the accounting major are accounts payable supervisor, tax accountant, fund raiser, and more. To look at the career options for your major, put this website into the URL:

In lastly, we categorized ourselves within a hexagon. The hexagon is divided into 6 categories: Realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. Based on the descriptions for each category, I pick that I am conventional. The reason is because I prefer to work with numbers and data. I also liked when the instructions are detailed and when I am in control. Even though the descriptions don’t all agree with me, it defines me more than the other categorizes.

Ad Hoc Workshop in Starr Center

The work shop i attended was the Ad Hoc program work shop. The point of this workshop was to give us direction on how to take advantage of the Ad Hoc major. I found this work shop extremely important as I believe it has given me a direction in college i felt i was severely lacking. The ad hoc program allows my to tailor my curriculum to perfectly fit my intrests. The ability to hand pick my major is an invaluable asset as i will only be taking classes i know will be directly influencing and enhancing my knowledge for whichever career path i choose. At the meeting we met with the director of this program, Mrs. Sandra Kuppart who really explained the steps we need to take in great detail, leaving us with the power to really take a step foward and take control of are curriculum. Along with her was a current Chemistry Professor in Baruch who happened to also be a Baruch alumni. He told us of his experience with the Ad-Hoc major program and reassured us that there are no pitfalls we will encounter. All in all I was extremely satisfied with how the meeting went and am ready to take the next step in my Baruch academic career.

Starr Career Workshop

The workshop I went to was the second part to the Lets get starrted program which seeks to help students get familiar with themselves in their passion and interests. The workshop consists of 4 parts and because the workshop was the second part, I did not take a personality test like the rest of those who were there for the first part. Those who did take the test got their results back and she went over the test to tell them what each part meant in their respective sections. The test basically measured what your strengths and weaknesses were and gave you the best occupations were best suited for you. After going over the test, the adviser told use to fill out a worksheet based on your skills in that field. The first section was public speaking and since i’m terrible speaking in front of a group of people naturally everything was zero. After filling that one section out we were told to compare our results to the people around us. Funnily enough the person I was talking too also had the same results, zeros in everything related to speaking publicly. Afterwards we ran out of time and the adviser let us out. The workshop was really informative. It basically gave us a bunch of info on what we could use to help us decide what we like and don’t like which would then help us decide what major would best be suited for that us.