Student Life: APO Meeting

On Tuesday, September 12th, Raquel and I went to the General Interest Meeting (GMI) for Alpha Phi Omega. I didn’t really know a lot about APO going into the meeting but definitely left with a real interest in the organization.

The meeting started a little late, but the recruitment chairmen Amy Chen and Kifayat Huda made up for it. They both lead a seamless powerpoint that really spoke wonders to the co-ed fraternity, whose motto I learned is “be a leader, be a friend, be of service”. Amy could attest that APO taught her and Kifayat how to speak in public, and helped them not only develop their leadership skills but other soft skills. This had me hooked, leadership qualities can always be improved as well as our soft skills.

Then they began to speak to the service pillar, the most important one. They do everything from the AIDS walk to working at food pantries, which is both a humbling and motivating experiences. Having done volunteer work for St. Jude’s for many years, I knew that this is something that I not only wanted to do, but would enjoy doing. At the end, I knew that I could seriously consider seeing myself ‘rushing’ for APO!

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