Hey everyone!

Welcome to the online extension of our class!

As a student enrolled in First-Year Seminar, you are required to submit a total of 3 blog posts throughout the semester as a way to document your steady transition to Baruch and its community. This is a wonderful first step to getting involved and finding out about all the great activities Baruch offers its students.

As I already mentioned, there will be 3 (short) blog posts you’ll be posting right here to this site. These posts will be categorized as either Academic, Career, or Student Life, and you will need to complete one of each. In addition to at least 300 words, I want to see you there! Make sure to get some pictures at the event (including a selfie!), unless you attended a career workshop, in which case a signature in your handbook will suffice.

(To post, scroll over “My Sites” on top of this screen, then to “Freshman Seminar Fall 17 FRB”, and finally, click “New Post”. Make sure to check off which category your blog post is satisfying.)

I hope you all have fun exploring the many opportunities students have here at Baruch to get involved. I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences!