“USA” United Sikh Association

Just the other day, I attended USA’s (United Sikh Association) second General Interest Meeting. Founded in order to support other Punjabi Indian students, the club was restarted under new leadership and expanded exponentially. Originally, I did not plan on joining this club but after a friend convinced me, I was quite content to have attended. Upon arrival, it was hard to find a place to sit. Despite how crowded it was, the President himself came to me and introduced himself, and gave a brief overview of the club’s goals and initiatives. After they introduced the members of the board, they had games ready that would involve the entire room. One of the games, like an ice breaker, required us to give an answer that would sum up our first weeks at Baruch. This game allowed us to be more open and social with the people around us by making us work together.At the end, they served food such as fried Indian snacks and brownies. During this time we were able to interact with other South Asian students that are also interested in this club. It allowed me to meet many different people that were also freshman. I learned about where they came from, what they planned on majoring in, and how they felt about Baruch. The gathering was a time to have fun and socialize with others, and get to develop connections with the upperclassmen. Being given a tremendously long break in between classes for clubs gives me an opportunity that I would otherwise not have had. I guess since we’re not NYU or Columbia, we might have some space issues, however, the vibe of the clubs here surpasses those at the other top-tier schools, but in the end, the school is as energetic, and as great, as the people.

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USG Marketing Committee

On September 8, I attended my first meeting with the USG Marketing Committee. The student government appealed to me because it is made up of a variety of branches that I could choose from without feeling obligated to stay planted in any specific one. Also, the marketing committee seemed to offer a great base for experience that would prepare me for a future job in the industry.

So at around 6:30 pm, I dragged my sister with me to the meeting for moral support and sat at a conference table of other potential members and the executive board. The meeting opened up with an ice-breaker introduction (my favorite…) of each member and then flowed into topics that needed to be addressed. When the members started to discuss matters such as updating the club website and amassing a higher following on social media, I was able to gain a general feel for the culture of the club and began to feel more at ease.

The main objective of the USG Marketing Committee is to get more Baruch College students to become involved in the school community through their new social media campaign, which is in the process of being organized. The committee is also responsible for providing Baruch students with information about other clubs through the website. However, on USG’s website, the icons of the clubs are not hyperlinked, thus making it an obstacle to access more information about that organization. This issue was addressed during the meeting and resolved to make the clubs easier to find online.

By the end of the meeting I felt inspired to contribute my creative energy into synthesizing some of the ideas generated. For instance, one of the ideas was, in addition to recruiting new members and receiving more social media attention, to create memes that would attract more followers on Instagram and Facebook. As one who highly appreciates memes, I resonated with that idea and would love to be a part of that project.

Looking forward to new experiences with the USG Marketing Committee at Baruch!


This afternoon, I attended the UNICEF Organization at Baruch College. UNICEF stands for United Nations Children’s Fund. It is a nonprofit organization, which provides assistance to children and mother’s in the developing countries. An example of a developing country is Africa. Baruch’s UNICEF club is an organization that gives the students the role of helping children survive in our world. UNICEF is a very active club. UNICEF conducts campus wide education. They do this with the help of their club members. They also conduct several fundraisers in order to help the children in the world. I was really amazed to see what UNICEF had to offer and all its efforts in helping children survive.

The way I am going to get involved is to continue to attend more UNICEF club meetings. By attending, I hope to find what I am best at in terms of helping these children. I would love to contribute by becoming really educated in the field. This will help me help to the maximum capacity. Additionally, I am going to follow UNICEF at Baruch on Facebook. Following them, will allow me to get a constant update on the club’s events, fundraiser, accomplishments and most importantly ways I can help. I am excited to see what I can accomplish. I hope my involvement will inspire the students around me to get involved in this amazing club as well. It may be an investment, but I believe this investment is worth it. Not only will I be helping those children on the other side, but they will be helping me. In my opinion, when you help someone, you end up helping yourself. I will begin to appreciate my childhood more and become more sensitive to those around me who didn’t necessarily have the proper support from a young age.

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the online extension of our class!

As a student enrolled in First-Year Seminar, you are required to submit a total of 3 blog posts throughout the semester as a way to document your steady transition to Baruch and its community. This is a wonderful first step to getting involved and finding out about all the great activities Baruch offers its students.

As I already mentioned, there will be 3 (short) blog posts you’ll be posting right here to this site. These posts will be categorized as either Academic, Career, or Student Life, and you will need to complete one of each. In addition to at least 300 words, I want to see you there! Make sure to get some pictures at the event (including a selfie!), unless you attended a career workshop, in which case a signature in your handbook will suffice.

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I hope you all have fun exploring the many opportunities students have here at Baruch to get involved. I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences!