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To my fellow classmates I think I am viewed as a serious guy determined to achieve success. In this blog post I have created a playlist of songs to introduce my classmates to who I am. My name is Vinchienso Cupidore and I am a future multi billionaire philanthropist. Dubstep to me is more than just music; it portrays the ever changing, wild and creative nature of my imagination, which allows me to have a fun view of the world. I view life as a movie in which I am the star character watching from a first person view. The songs in this list are some of the background music played in the movie as I walk on my journey to success. When I ride the train to school or work, these song tracks allow me to envision my future but also remind me of the concepts I live life by.

The first song is the Glitch Mob’s remix of “Derezzed” by Daft Punk. This song starts my day with excitement and as I listen, I feel my body become engulfed in armor to face the obstacles of the day ahead. As I walk out my front door the second song on my list begins to play “Reptile Theme” by Skrillex. This song gets me hype and ready to battle the day and fills me with confidence that it will be great. The third song is “Must be the feeling” by Nero and Flux Pavilion. This song reminds me to control my emotions and not allow my feelings to cloud my decisions. The forth song is “Everyday” by Rusko. This song reminds me that the sun shines everyday so I should be positive and happy everyday also. The fifth song is “Guilt” by Nero. This song reminds me to have faith in myself rather than always relying on others.

The sixth song on my list is “Breakin A Sweat” by Skrillex. This song allows me to think of the hard work I will do in order to achieve success and smile in anticipation. The seventh song is “Imma Try It Out” by Skrillex. This song reminds me to always have an open-minded attitude in life. The eighth song is Flight Facilities’ remix of “Crave You” by Adventure Club. This song reminds me of how much I crave success and achieving my goals in life. The ninth song is “Keep Em Bouncin” by Pretty Lights. This song inspires me to keep moving in my journey and never give up. The tenth and final song is the Skrillex remix of “Levels” by Avicii. This song makes me think of the great feeling I will enjoy when I finally achieve my goals in life. This playlist is the best way I can describe myself to my fellow classmates. I hope that after listening to it they can begin to understand me better.


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