Frank’s Playlist

Frank’s Playlist

1. Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2. Innuendo – Queen

3. Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn

4. Hyperballad – Bjork

5. Push and Shove – No Doubt

6. Bounce – Calvin Harris

7. Pyramids – Frank Ocean

8. Charlie Brown – Coldplay

9. Born Free – M.I.A.

10. Bulletproof Heart – My Chemical Romance

I have no idea what my classmates think about me. I love to laugh in general. I can laugh at anything, and I love to make people around me laugh, that is what makes me happy.

I listen to music in Spanish and English, but I was careful on choosing this playlist because nobody is going to understand Spanish songs. I still remember listening to “Zero” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and falling in love with the song. I do believe is one of the best songs I have ever heard and one of my favorites, every time I hear it is like the first time, and it’s the song that started my love for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. “Innuendo” by Queen just resumes what’s so amazing about Queen, and when I listen to the song it makes me feel alive, like I have no time to waste. “Call Your Girlfriend” is a party song and I love it, not because of the message of it– actually the message is pretty awful – but because of the tune, it makes me want to go to a club a dance all night. “Hyperballad” by Bjork is a good song when you are feeling suicidal (that was a joke, I have learnt sometimes you have to point out what is a joke and what’s not).  I love “Push and Shove” by No Doubt ever since I heard it on their new album, I’ve loved them for a long time and that song did not disappoint. “Bounce” by Calvin Harris is a song I have danced to many times in clubs in Peru, and even today when I hear it I still can see myself with my Peruvian friends rocking it on the dance floor. “Pyramids” by Frank Ocean is a song I felt in love with when I listened to the whole “Channel Orange” album, it’s almost like a story divided in two parts, and it’s pretty relaxing to listen to. “Charlie Brown” by Coldplay is a song I don’t particularly love but it just resumes the sound I like in a Coldplay song, somehow it resumes their whole repertoire. “Born Free” by M.I.A. is a very political song and by the name it may seem like this freedom anthem every single artist has been releasing these few years, but it is more than that, and you can see that in the controversial video. “Bulletproof Heart” by My Chemical Romance just happens to be one of my favorites in the last album and that is why I thought many of you would like it.

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