“But thats none of my business”

I think everybody in this seminar can relate to this meme like I can.  There are just some things that you hear that you know you can’t respond to but in your head your just like “but that none of my business”.   I think the picture of kermit itself is great itself, but the caption makes the meme.

Didn’t change

I thought i was going to change when i get into college, but I’ve been doing the same thing the whole semester. I really don’t want to lower my grades like this but every time I had a paper or an assignment to do, I always finished it a few hours before the class and stayed up all night. What makes it worse is that even though i know i have to start working on it, i just don’t have the energy to face the reality and spend my hours typing 1000 words about a topic that i have nothing to talk about. And in general, it’ a bit more boring than i thought. I thought it was going to be more fun and less work. But it’s not bad.

So relatable!

image  I think every college student experiences being broke every now and  perhaps even every week! Especially in the first semester, freshman students get so overwhelmed with buying texbooks and all kinds of goodies and clothes for new classes that they end up spending all they have(speaking from personal experience) ! Espcially , if youre an international student,you have to pay for your housing and the highest level of tution at the school. So it becomes a pretty difficult situation at times but there’s always a way to  manage ! so its a matter of learning to manage your expenses along with your coursework .

The entire semester- Anika


This was me the night before every deadline of any paper that was due for every class this entire semester. I need to stop doing so from the upcoming semester and get myself together instead of waiting until the last minute. My grades will suffer!!



I chose this meme because it sums up my life in a nutshell. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I am a lover of all things music. My friend actually recorded himself singing this Gotye song, so it reminds me of him and makes me laugh…hysterically. Also, I was searching for a very long time to ffind the perfect meme and I was getting irritated, so this is close enough.

On the way


Life in college is like a a self-drive tour for me. The destination is fixed (A bachelor degree) but it’s up to me to pick up which route to get there. The first semester is the first 1/8 part of the journey, which is full of  excitement, enthusiasm and uncertainty. By far I still don’t have a clear mind about my major and minor, yet I acquire a lot of things far beyond my expectations. There is still sometime when I am faced with great stress because I always procrastinate till the last minute! All in all, for my first semester freshman year, I have great acquisition but also get several bad habits to work on. Enjoy the road trip but never get distracted!



Doge Meme

baruchdoge <https://imgflip.com/i/kektm>

Despite being in a college where most students take workload serious, I find myself preserving the ‘youth’ most abandon once they enter Baruch. That doesn’t mean that I see education as a joke, or see myself as any better than all the other students (in a weird comedic sense) but, rather, see it as a coping mechanism for the stress that has been following me these past few months upon entering school (and all that will soon follow as well). I do see it all as a bit of a relief, knowing I’ve survived so far with only a few of my hairs pulled. I have learned a few things that I know will help, not only in later classes (such as note taking, time management, etc.), but in life as well. Huzzah to college! I can deal without the stress though. Overall, my time here in Baruch has been awesome and I hope it stays that way. Juan so smrt nao, wow

That was fast (Jimmy)


The semester went by really fast. This may be a cliche but it seems like it was only yesterday the semester started. Now it is only a few more weeks before it is over. So thinking back over my first semester, i feel like it wasn’t bad. I made friends and is doing really well in all my classes. Yet at the same time the semester doesn’t really feel real, perhaps because i was sleepy for most of it. Just when i was getting use to the sleep schedule, spring break came and ruined it. Now i’m back to coming to school with six hours of sleep, which to some of you may seem like a lot, but for me i need at least 8hrs a day (and that is with a whole lot of coffee). Coffee. Where would i be without it, probably in my bed running late for school. I think this is enough for a post. Oh by the way I’m lazy.

Monologue Poem With Haiku Stanzas

The free flow of words
Thoughts into vivid stories
To write was to live

Now, I am dying
No thoughts, no words, just empty
Mind: blocked and ruined

Put downs and drama
Consume my every being
I want to be free

Not about nature
So is it still a Haiku?
The nature of me!

Monologue by Max

If I could be a super hero, I think my super hero name would be “Comfort Man.” With the power to get comfortable anywhere at anytime. Let’s say if I was on a plane and it was about to crash, I would activate my super power and immediately feel my butt cheeks start to relax and my mind drift to frogs hopping to lily pads as the wings peel away and we plummet quickly to the ground. I’d have the ability to crush ice extremely fast so I can make that seven fruit daiquiri before the big game starts. The ability to stop a bead of sweat from falling down my forehead and suck itself back into the pore from which it came. The ability to make a Lazy-boy appear magically for any time I have to wait in line, especially at the DMV, so my bones could rest like a bear in the midst of winter. And most importantly when city hall would come to me to help stop that comet the size of Texas heading for the Gulf of Mexico, I would merely say “at least all of our cars will get washed.” Yes, I would be Comfort Man. So back ache and time crunching stressors beware, because Comfort Man is on the recline.

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