Journal # 3

I think what was most encouraging for me was seeing just how open all of our resources were: Maria, Mr. Medina, Mr. Francoeur, etc. They were always willing to provide their guidance about anything we needed. Having trouble doing research? Not doing well in a class? Just want to have a pleasant conversation? They were all very willingly supportive, which makes me very comfortable with going to them to draw upon their expertise for anything I need. I am very thankful Mr. Medina helping me set up my schedule for the next semester and Maria giving our learning community a whole class dedicated to running through our presentations to give us helpful critiques that led to a very successful day of presentations! (Congrats to everyone for doing a great job by the way!)

I remember the first college paper I had ever written in my history class I received a C+. And this was just a smack in the face for me screaming that I should seek out some help! Specifically the BEAUTIFUL writing center! I took a few workshops there and had my second history paper worked on with one of the writing center professionals… and HOORAY I got my first A in college on my second history paper! I also plan on visiting the STARR career development center in the future to help me look for internships and possibly going to the SACC tutoring center for classes I may struggle in. So far it’s just been the writing center though.

I have joined Baruch’s FUSION Club (Filipinos Uniting Students in Other Nations) because I wanted to continue embracing my filipino culture. I have found several new friends there whom I feel strongly connected to, and I’m always looking forward to club meetings. I am also going to try and go about forming some kind of ensemble of students with musical instruments to hone our performing arts skills. If elementary schools can support having a band, I don’t see why Baruch College cannot!

I think the notion of humbling myself and accepting the responsibilities that come with my privileges as an honors student are what give me an edge in my other courses. This is because these characteristics influence me to want to learn for the sake of learning; not just to get a good grade (which of course is important!). It also helps make school much more enjoyable and worth going to.

My understanding of community service through this project has really gotten me to think about WHY I do the things I do. It makes sense to perform community service I am passionate about and want to follow through with rather than just trying to fill up credit requirements. I hope this way of thinking stays with me throughout my college years as I discover what I want to do with my life. I hope to see myself graduating with a sense of understanding in myself and a plan for the future created through the help of my resources at Baruch.



And a big shout out to the rest of my BEAUTIFUL learning community!


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