Insight Into my Career Path: An Introductory Blog Post

I want to be an accountant since I decided it is my primary interest to study. So, when I applied for Baruch College, I chose the Accounting major. First, I realize I am good at math problem solving and strong ability at data analysis. Also, I am interested in finance because it is also a very detail-oriented area. During my senior year in high school, my guidance counselor helped me to analyze each major. I realized I have a great ability and interest in accounting. Accountants gain the type of knowledge which I can currently use in my future life anywhere. Accounting curriculum includes courses in areas such as micro and macroeconomics, business and tax law, corporate finance, spreadsheet analysis, banking and finance, management, and supervisory skills. I not only want to learn the knowledge I can apply to work or job requirements, but I also think that accounting can help in our life. I know other majors also are very helpful or useful. Still, I believe studying in an accounting major can be most useful during my college life, such as self-finance management, future personal plans, and economic analysis. I am gaining a better understanding of taxation and law. As many people said, if you want to live in the U.S, you have to know the tax and legislation. The accounting major provides the best opportunities for business students who are aspiring to enhance the quality of products and services that businesses offer for customers. I like studying accounting, which can give me a great chance to help me know more about America and help me manage myself, either personal finance or future company, to serve.