The handover of Hong Kong

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On July 1, 1997, the United Kingdom returned the power and governance of Hong Kong to China. This was the first change of power since Hong Kong became a British colony in 1841. After 156 years, China finally took back the management rights of Hong Kong. However, due to the influence of the long colonial period, the Chinese government has not been eager to change the policies implemented in Hong Kong. Instead, it has chosen the one country, two systems approach to control this area. Today’s Hong Kong is a city full of cultures from both countries, which has promoted the development of tourism and also promoted the development of the entire economy.

Concept map of Hong Kong’s handover ceremony

When I was a child, whenever my mother talked about Hong Kong, she would always be very proud and proud. She said:”在那个电视机都不算普及的年代,我们大家为了看到这一幕都聚集在整个村子唯一一台电视机前面,即使那时候很拥挤,但是我们还是怀着激动的心情看完了整个仪式.” ( translation : In that era when televisions were not even popular, we all gathered in front of the only television in the whole village to see this scene. Even though it was very crowded at the time, we still watched it with excitement. The whole ceremony.)Although I wasn’t born yet, from my mother’s description, I can see what an exciting moment it was. She also described the ceremony saying:“当英国的国旗缓缓落下的时候,我们的国旗慢慢的上升上去,这一下在电视前的每一个人都安静了下来。“(translation : When the British flag slowly fell, our flag slowly rose up. At this time, everyone in front of the TV became quiet.)It wasn’t until long after the ceremony that everyone left one after another.

Golden Bauhinia Square

”当那面紫荆花旗冉冉升起的时候,我们都喜极而泣,感叹到终于回来了“(translation: “When the Bauhinia flag was rising, we all cried with joy and sighed that we were finally back.”)The red flag represents the motherland, and the white bauhinia flower represents Hong Kong. The red flag with bauhinia flower means that Hong Kong is an inseparable part of the motherland and will thrive in the embrace of the motherland. The five stars on the stamen symbolize the Hong Kong compatriots’ love for the motherland. The flower and flag are in different colors: red and white respectively, symbolizing “one country, two systems”.

Cargo ship at Hong Kong pier

The return of Hong Kong has also brought significant development to China’s economy. My father is a sailor. He told me that since Hong Kong’s return, he has had more job opportunities because many cargo ships have begun to sail in Sailing the seas to conduct trade. The developed maritime transportation has brought the good things that the mainland needs to Hong Kong, and it has also brought the better medicinal materials and commodities from Hong Kong to the mainland. When I was a child, I often got some snacks or toys that were only available in Hong Kong. I still feel very happy when I recall it.

Overview of Hong Kong’s economic development in the past ten years since its return to the motherland ( In ten thousand U.S. dollars

From here we can see that after the return, the local economy began to decline, but by the tenth year it had surpassed the original economy by US$0.06 million. All in all, this is very helpful for domestic development. This allows us to better develop trade and learn from each other and make progress. This is also the ultimate goal of the one country, two systems policy.

Video of Hong Kong’s handover ceremony